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Nations Baseball sanctions teams and provides rules for league and tournament play. Nations Baseball does not organize teams, select or approve coaches, players or volunteers for these teams. Nations Baseball strongly recommends that all parents of youth participants, as well as league officials, thoroughly check into the background and character of anyone (coaches, volunteers, or other individuals) that has contact with any minor participant or volunteer of their team or league.


Nations Baseball does not in any way allow or tolerate the abuse of children. If you know or suspect any child abuse (including sexual abuse or molestations) you must report it immediately to Nations Baseball at (877) 259-1150. Nations Baseball will conduct an investigation, keeping the safety of the children as the first priority. Knowing of instances of abuse and not reporting them may be grounds for dismissal and may result in legal liability. Nations Baseball will then notify the proper authorities regarding the allegations. Nations Baseball has the right to immediately suspend the accused party from participation in any Nations Baseball activity pending the outcome of the investigation.

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    8U KID PITCH OPPORTUNITY!!! 832-483-9878 TEXT FOR INFO OPENINGSFILLINGNOW! We are looking for the next round of Starz players! Our futures program focus on training 8U & Under players what the need to know to move up to 9U in the fall! 10 2.5 hour kid pitch scrimmage games! 5 sanctioned tournaments (May-July) Coach with 20 years of experience teaching: -Pitching the right way -Lead offs -Pickoffs -Steals -Controlling running game -Signals -Plate approach -The catching postion Players can still finish league or Finish season on current select team while they get ready for next season gaining valuable training for kid pitch starting in Fall this year! GET YOUR PLAYER READY FOR THE JUMP NEXT SEASON TO FULL ON BASEBALL! Open base experience and pitching or catching experience huge plus! Opportunity to advance with a winning program with pro coaching and development! TEXT FOR INFO: 832-483-9878 Click on the Baseball Below to Seeour Facebook Results Page!

    Posted on 04/16

    HOUSTON WARRIORS BASEBALL ACADEMY ***UPDATE - TRYOUT DATES!!! 15U / 16U / 17U / 18U SUMMER TRYOUTS SATURDAY, APRIL 20th @ 3:00pm Westbury Christian HS - Mark Chapman Field 10402 Fondren Rd., Houston 77096 ========================================================== SUNDAY, APRIL 28th @ 3:00pm Jersey Village HS 7600 Solomon St., Houston 77040 PLEASE E-MAIL to be included ON UPDATES! CALL (832) 988-2914 RAINOUT WEATHER HOTLINE! ======================================================== 7U THROUGH 13U SUMMER TRYOUTS ONGOING - CALL OR E-MAIL FOR DETAILS If unable to attend, please contact (832) 867-6265 to possibly schedule private workout evaluation. HIGH PREFERENCEFOR MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES. Weekly indoor and field workouts. No lapse in training due to weather with Warriorsprivateindoor facility. *If you area current coach looking to fill your team AND you don't have enough players, please call. We are in need of more qualified instructors to motivate and teach our kids. PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL IMMEDIATELY FOR INFO / RSVP Houston Warriors are proud members of TEXAS PREMIER BASEBALL. All players and families will be explained of the high-level expectations within our program. CONTACT or(832) 867-6265 for info. Instagram - @warriorsbaseballacademy Twitter - @warriorsbb Facebook - Warriors Baseball Academy web

    Posted on 04/09
  • 9U 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U TRYOUTS!

    8U9U 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U 832-483-9878 TEXT FOR INFO SELECT/ELITE/PREMIER PLAYERS! 2019 SPRING SEASON OPENINGS! TEXT FOR INFO: 832-483-9878 ROSTER OPENINGSFILLINGNOW! ***Update 4/22/2019 12:15PM ROSTER OPENINGS THAT ARE FILLINGNOW!!! *** SPRING2019 Openings*** 8U- 7-8 openings -Furtures program! Looking for 8U age players that want to play up in 9U togain experience in kid pitch. 8U Elite - Furtures program! Looking for 8U age players that play up in 9U this season.ideally these players have priorpitching/catching/select baseball experiance. 9U - 1 Opening - Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching)that want a team to grow with. 9U Elite - 2 Openings - looking for Primary catcher, a shut down pitcher, middle of order big bat is a plus. 10U - 1 Openings - Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching)that want a team to grow with. 10U Elite - 2 Openings - Looking for 1 Top level pitcher, or a shut down catcher, big bat is a plus. 11U - 1 Openings -Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching)that want a team to grow with. 11U Elite - 3 Openings - 1-2 Top level pitchers, Speed & Depth in middle infield,outfield or an athletic catcheris a plus. 12U - 2 Openings - Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching)that want a team to grow with. 12U Elite - 2 Openings - Looking for 1-2Top level pitchers, Speed & Depth in middle infield, outfieldare a plus. 13U - 1 Opening -Looking forprimary catcher 13U Elite -4 Openings - Looking forprimary catcher, Looking for 1-2Top level pitchers. 14U -1 Opening - High School Prep program. Looking for 1 well rounded player. WHY US? TALENT - WE HAVE PLAYED IN OVER 80 CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES IN LAST 4.5 YEARS! DEVELOPMENT - PRACTICES ARE CONVENENT, FAST PACED, AND FUN - PLAYERS GET BETTER! BALANCE - YOU DON'T HAVE MORGAGE YOUR LIFE SO YOUR SON CAN PLAY COMPETATIVE BASEBALL! ORGANIZATION - ALLPRACTICE AND GAME DATESARE POSTED WELL IN ADVANCE OF EACH SEASON! YOUDON'THAVE TO SETTLE FOR: WONDERING EVERY SEASON WHETHER YOUR SON'S NEIGHBORHOOD TEAM WILL MAKE! WAITING FOR YOUR SON'S TEAM TO GET THIER ACT TOGETHER! DIS-ORGANIZATION AND/OR UNRELIABLE COACHING! TEXT FOR INFO: 832-483-9878 TEXT FOR INFO: 832-483-9878 Click on the Baseball Below to Seeour Facebook Results Page!

    Posted on 04/08
  • CUB Baseball 10 & 11 U Tryouts

    CUB Baseball, a division of Catchers University, with locations in Katy Texas and Fulshear Texas is looking for 9 U select - 10 U Select - 11 U select and 12 U select Players to complete our 2019 Spring roster. Coaches at CUB baseball are THSBCA (Texas high school baseball coaches association) and ABCA (American baseball coaches association) certified and have backgrounds as Master Instructors, College or MLB background. CUB baseball represents 8 teams presently with over 100 players from 9 U - 15 U. CUB players recieve monthly: 8 Field Practices ( 2 per week) 4 Facility Practices (1 Per week) 2 Tournaments per month (Bi-weekly) Unlimited facility usage (Fulshear or Katy Facility) Unlimited usage (Workout area) Field Level Access Discounted Professional Instruction (All positions) Call to set up your private tryout at 713.875.6880 (Coach Jeff) 2019 Award winning organization

    Posted on 04/06
  • Be Elite Baseball (Houston)

    Be Elite Baseball Development Summer tryouts May 5. 11u, 13, & 14AAA. Registration Only

    Posted on 04/05