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How To Buy


You may purchase ACES Nation Packages the following ways:

  • As an individual buying for your children, Click Here or go to Parent Admin and click on the "Purchase ACES Nation" button next to any of your children.
  • As a new team, Click Here or click on New Team and select a package and how many players you will have on your roster.
  • As a renewing team, Click Here or click on Team Admin and click renew next to your team. On the renewal screen, select a package and how many players you will have on your roster.
  • As an existing team, Click Here or click on Team Admin and click "Purchase ACES Nation" next to your team and select the package.
  • As a team in an NCI, UCI, State, Or National event, Click Here or click on Team Admin and click "Tournament" next to your team and on the next page you will have the option to buy ACES for your players.

Program Overview


ACES is a membership platform designed to provide benefits to student-athletes in an effort to assist in their overall growth and development and to increase their college opportunities. Separately these resources would cost well over $2,000, but we were able to package them together for the same cost of buying a daily cup of Starbucks coffee for a month!


Mental assessments, world class performance tips, sports nutrition resources, coach and parent education, plus more


Includes a College Research and Recruiting Database, Online Athlete Portfolio, and an "Every 90 Day Checklist" for student-athletes.


Blogs from four national experts, view over 3,000 athletic and academic videos, access to SAT/ACT practice tests & quizes, plus more


As a member, every eligible athlete will receive a $1,000 private college scholarship to 340 colleges. Scholarships can accumulate annually.

  • ACES Tuition Rewards - EVERY eligible athlete receives a $1,000.00 merit based scholarship in the form of Tuition Rewards points to currently 340 private colleges and universities in the United States. Our goal is that when an athlete enrolls, at an early age (i.e. 5 years old), when they graduate from high school they will have enough to cover up to one full year of tuition at any of these four year private colleges and universities. The college network consists of NCAA DI, DII, and DIII schools, as well as NAIA schools. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
  • The 5 Essentials Online Course Series - This first online course walks the athlete through the five critical conversations they need to have with their coach and their parents in order to perform their best, build healthy relationships with their coach and parents, and have the best sports experience possible! A course completion certificate is provided.
  • Sports Nutrition Guidebook for Athletes - This 136-page ebook is packed with education, tips and recommendations on what, where and when to eat to maximize your on-field performance. It also includes over 60 quick and easy recipes for athletes and parents!
  • Parent Your Best Book (digital version) - In this digital format of the Amazon Best Seller written by Jeremy Boone, he goes beyond the traditional Sports Psychology approach to parenting and gives you a blueprint that shows you HOW to be the reason that your child succeeds in sport. Your child has a coach to teach them skills and strategies in their sport, and this book will serve as your own personal coach in your efforts to parent your best.
  • Mental Strengths Assessment - Athletes in grades K-6 will take the 'Learning Styles Assessment' and athletes in grades 7-12 will take the 'Sports Mindset Assessment'. Seniors in high school may have the option to take the 'Student Life and Career Assessment'. The results focus on decision making patterns, behavioral styles and motivators as both an athlete AND as a person.
  • College Recruiting Online Software - This resource provides access to EVERY college (DI, II, III, NAIA, Juco) in the USA in every sport. Athlete's can create their own portfolio showcasing their highlight videos, educational requirements (SAT/ACT scores, grades, etc), player schedule, and a ton more. It also includes over 3,400 athletic and academic video tutorials, an 'Every 90 Day Checklist' for high school athletes showing EXACTLY what to do to get into college, plus more
  • College Admissions Playbook - This 16-page guide helps every student prepare and organize for the tedious, and sometimes overwhleming, tasks of choosing and applying to college. It covers findng your best fit, college campus visits, the application process, college interviews and essay preparation, and more.

Our Packages

Teams & Camps Teams & Individuals
College Tuition Rewards Program
including $1,000 scholarship
College Admissions Playbook
The 5 Essentials Online Course Series
Sports Nutrition Guidebook for Athletes
Parent Your Best Book (digital version)
Mental Strengths Assessment
College Recruiting Online Software

Our Pricing

Teams & Camps Teams & Individuals
1 Per Year



Entire Team
1 Per Season



Entire Team @ Tournament
Any NCI, UCI, State, or National



Nations Scout Camps
Included In Camp



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Frequently Asked Questions


What does ACES stand for?

Officially, it stands for Athletes, College, Education and Scholarships. Athletes obviously stem from sports, but also include cheer, dance and other activities. However, we are positioned to also offer benefit packages associated with Arts, College, Education and Scholarships, as well as Academics, College, Education and Scholarships. This extension of programs will allow us the opportunity to help positively change the futures of more students no matter what their passions might be.

Does ACES actually provide college schlolarships?

Yes! In order to help to change the crazy sports culture that has formed in the US and the obsession with winning, personal recognition, and having to get a college athletic scholarship, we turned the system upside down! We said "instead of playing sports to maybe get a scholarship, what if you get a scholarship just for playing sports...even if you are 5 years old?" So, that is what we did. This scholarship, provided in $1,000.00 increments in the form of a college tuition discount, is accepted within a network of private universities throughout the country.

Can the international community take advantage of the ACES Nation program?

Yes! No matter what part of the world your student-athlete is located you can take advantage of ALL of the benefits of ACES Nation. This even applies to our scholarship benefit. So for example, if you are from the UK, then you would receive the same member benefits, including the $1,000.00 private college scholarship benefit. All the same eligibility rules and regulations apply.

Does ACES Nation provide college recruiting services?

ACES Nation does not provide a recruiting service of any kind.. We provide the specific tools and detailed blueprint necessary for student-athletes to introduce themselves, or coaches to more effectively promote their players, directly to college coaches. Our platform helps to maximize efficiencies and facilitate the process for all parties involved - the players, parents, current coaches, and college coaches.

We offer the following packages:

  • Platinum Package: This includes every resource listed above and is typically for competitive athletes in grades 7 thru 12.
  • Gold Package: This package includes all resources except the college recruiting system and performance assessments. This is typically used for younger competitive athletes in grades 4 thru 6.
  • Silver Package: This package is typically used in two different ways:
    • One allows athletes and teams to participate with Nations Baseball in a variety of "sanctioned events" (i.e. camps, showcases) in order to accumulate extra scholarships and maximize their account annually.
    • This is also the typically the preferred package for younger athletes in grades K thru 4 and/or non-competitive programs (i.e. recreational leagues).

Our program can start at any age. the only restriction applies to the Tuition Rewards benefit, where a student-athletes "scholarship account" MUST be established prior to entering their junior year in high school. All other benefits will still apply for juniors and seniors. Recommended packages based o age are as follows:

  • Silver - Grades K thru 3
  • Gold - Grades 4 thru 6
  • Platinum - Grades 7 thru 12

Participating athletes receive an access code to take the assessment. The process is done online and takes between 30-40 minutes to complete.

The athlete or parent will be emailed a copy of their results immediately upon completion. It will be sent directly to the email used to register for the assessment.

We strongly suggest that the athlete shares their results with their coache(s), and possibly their teachers, as this will help them know how to best understand, communicate with and motivate the student- athlete. Our learning assesment is perfect for the elementary school player to discover under which style they are best able to process information and learn, whether it is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic style.

What are Tuition Reward Points provided by ACES?

Tuition Rewards, provided by ACES, is a unique private college savings program. Tuition Reward Points are like frequent flyer miles-but for college tuition!Tuition Rewards are discounts off tuition at participating private colleges and universities (340 as of February 2015). The Tuition Reward Points represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if and when he or she attends a member school. Schools may count Tuition Rewards as part of their normal institutional and merit scholarships.

For example, if a student has 10,000 Tuition Reward Points, he or she is guaranteed to receive a minimumscholarship of $10,000 (spread equally over four years) at a member school.

Sponsors-the Account Holders

Throughout our website and documentation we frequently use the term "Sponsor". A "Sponsor" is typically the parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who is the owner of the Tuition Rewards account that is earning Tuition Rewards. Sponsors are required to register on our website to be able to track and utilize the Tuition Reward Points. Sponsors are responsible for adding students (beneficiaries) to their Tuition Rewards account, assigning Tuition Reward Points to their students, and submitting Tuition Reward Points to member colleges and universities.

Earning Tuition Reward Points

Typically, you will earn Tuition Rewards by being a member or a participant of an organization (i.e. club, team, camp, school, etc.) that is partnered with ACES to provide Tuition Rewards as a member/participant benefit. Other ways to earn Tuition Rewards may include saving or investing with GameChangers Planning Network, or by being an employee of a company that is partnered with us to provide Tuition Rewards as an employee benefit.

Using Tuition Reward Points

Each Tuition Rewards Point equals one dollar in guaranteed scholarships at a member school. If a student receives 10,000 Tuition Reward Points he or she is guaranteed to receive scholarships and other discounts of at least $10,000, spread evenly over four years ($2,500 per year). Tuition Reward Points are typically earned by the "Sponsor" (parent, grandparent etc.) and credited to the Sponsor's Tuition Rewards account. It is up to the Sponsor to assign some or all of their Tuition Reward Points to students listed on their account. Tuition Reward Points must be assigned to a student by August 31st between the student's junior and senior years in high school (August 31st of the year prior to high school graduation). After that date, a student's Tuition Rewards account value can not be changed

When a participating student applies to a participating school, thestudent's Sponsor needs to submit the student's Tuition Rewards statement to that school. This is done by the sponsor by logging in to your designated partner/affiliate website and going to the "Account Statement" page. Tuition Rewards Statements must be submitted to member colleges and universities at the time of application. Statements submitted after an institution has prepared a financial aid package for the student may invalidate the Tuition Rewards.

The use of Tuition Rewards is limited to full-time, undergraduate tuition at participating colleges.Tuition Rewards are remitted solely as a reduction to the participating college's full tuition bill--and NOT awarded in cash. Colleges reserve the right to use the tuition reduction as part of, or separate from, any financial aid packages. Member schools are not required to accept Tuition Rewards on transfer students.

If a student does not use his/herTuition Reduction Reward--for example, if the student selects a non- participating college--the reward can be rolled back into the sponsors Tuition Rewards account or transferred to a different eligible student. Students have three years from the date of high school graduation to begin use of the Tuition Rewards. All Tuition Rewards assigned to a student will expire three years past that student's listeddate of high school graduation.

If a student enrolls in a college that is not participating in this program--but subsequently decides to participate--the college is under no obligation to honor his or her Tuition Rewards.

If any college should decide to discontinue participation in this program, it has agreed to honor rewards accumulated for any student prior to the last day of the college's participation.

The maximum discount from Tuition Rewards that a student can receive is 25% of the cost of tuition at a member college or university. Through an ACES Nation membership, the current maximumis 3,000 Tuition Rewards Points per calendar year and 20,000 lifetime maximum. The Tuition Reward must be applied evenly over the years of undergraduate education (four years). If the student completes undergraduate education in other than four years, it is up to the participating college to determine how the tuition reduction will be applied per year.

For student specific rewards (such as the Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program), students will not earnTuition Rewards after age 17, or after August 31st of the year prior to high school graduation-whichever comes first.

Students are eligible to be added to the Tuition Rewards Program from birth until the beginning of their junior year in high school (August 31st between the sophomore and junior years in high school is the cut-off date for new accounts). Students whose accounts were set up prior to their junior year in high school will be able to continue accumulating Tuition Rewards Points through their junior year.

College Admission & Transfers

Our college list keeps growing, giving your child a larger number of schools to choose from. Rewards can only be used at participating colleges.Students do NOT need to pick a particular college now --that's one beauty of this program. Students must apply and be accepted through a participating colleges' normal admissions procedures to qualify for the reward. An ACES Nation membership is not considered in the admissions process.

If students transfer from one participating college to another, the college accepting the student has the right to decide whether it will honor any unused Tuition Rewards.

If your child is a participating member,but does not attend a participating college, you may have to pay "list price" for a college education. Being part of our unique college savings program will put you closer to meeting your financial goals. In all ways, this program will help you save for college!

Tuition Rewards Points are like frequent flyer miles – but for college tuition!

The Tuition Rewards Points represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if, and when, he or she attends a member school. Schools may count Tuition Rewards as part of their normal institutional and merit scholarships. For example, if a student has 10,000 Tuition Rewards Points, he or she is guaranteed to receive a minimum scholarship of $10,000 (spread equally over four years) at a member school.

You can only earn Tuition Rewards points by being a member or a participant of a "member organization" (i.e. Nations) that is partnered with ACES to provide Tuition Rewards as a member/participant benefit. Each member organization has the opportunity to host "ACES sanctioned" events (i.e. leagues, camps, showcases, tournaments, etc.) which will enable its participants with the opportunity to accumulate additional points throughout each calendar year. Other ways to earn Tuition Rewards may include saving or investing with ACES' college financial planning partner, GameChangers Planning Network, or by being an employee of a company that is partnered with ACES to provide Tuition Rewards as an employee benefit.

ACES Nation helps increase the chances of playing in college in many ways:

Education - We make sure yu are armed with the knowledge you need to be as prepared as possible for the rigors of college admissions and the complexities of the recruiting process.

Nutrition - Sports nutrition alone can enhance your performance by up to 15%! This is and of itself may be the difference between your student-athlete getting recruited over another player.

Performance - The Sports Mindset Assessment will provide a true, deep profile of your student-athlete helping to maximize their potential. Coaches will learn the best way to motivate and communicate with the athlete, college coaches will gain a true understanding of the person, not just the athlete they are recruiting and the student-athlete will benefit from a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and what really makes them tick.

College Recruiting - With our tools and resources, the student-athlete can research colleges and their athletic programs to find the best fit before concerning themselves with finding a roster spot. They will have the ability to contact and communicate with coaches, while providing them with their complete online high school portfolio. This information will enable coaches access to everything they will want and need to know about a potential recruit academically and athletically.

College Admissions - Our palybook will walk the student through the stressful and difficult maze of choosing a school, college campus visits, college application process, campus interviews, wriiting college essays and more.

Scholarships - Our Tuition Rewards component can help to generate thousands of dollars in merit based scholarships at 340 private clleges and universities in the US. These scholarships have nothing to do with your athletic or academic performance, or your family's financial situation. They are a member benefit provided to you for your participation.

  • Did you know only 2% of all high scool athletes in the US will receive ANY form of athletic scholarship money?
  • Did you know that over two-thirds of all collegiate athletes attending four year universities attend a private school?
Therefore, even if you are good enough and willing enough to play in college, you might very-well not be able to afford to play in college!

With this program, you will enhance your "affordability factor" so you can embark on the recruiting process knowing you already have a minimum scholarship.

Quick Fact - 183,000 of the nearly 450,000 NCAA athletes play DIII. Over 80% of all DIII's are private and none of them offer athletic scholarships.

Before you automatically decide against a private university because of "sticker shock", there are many things that you must consider and compare. Most importantly, you must go all the way through the process to determine the "real cost" versus the" sticker price"in order to make a valid comparison and intelligent decision. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The average total cost of attendence (TCOA) at a four-year public university is approximately $24,000 annually.
  • Private universities provide more non-loan based financial aid than public universities.
  • The average four-year public university graduation rate in the US is 27% compared to 67% for a private university.
  • With the ACES tuition rewards program you can eliminate up to one full year of tuition expense at one of our participating universities.
  • On average, nearly 70% of all collegiate student-athletes at four-year universities attend private universities!

Cost Comparison Example: Public vs. Private College

  Public Private
Tuition (“list price”) *$8,893 $30,094
Room & Board $9,498 $10,824
Books, Misc. $2,000 $2,000
Annual Cost $20,391 $42,918
*before scholarships or discounts
Times 5 years $101,955  
Times 4 years   $171,672
Plus ‘Opportunity Cost’* $45,327 $0
Total Actual Cost $147,282 $171,672
* Opportunity Cost: Not in job market because still in school. Loss of salary (average, after taxes as of 2013)
Less: Tuition Rewards
Scholarship Example * $0 -$20,000
*only at participating private colleges
Actual Cost after
Tuition Rewards $147,282 $151,672
Assumption: ‘Worst Case Scenario’: Affluent family not qualifying for financial aid; student receives no other performance (i.e. athletic) or merit aid.

To view our current network of participating colleges CLICK HERE

Did you know?

  • 77% of all 4-year colleges & universities in the US are private
  • There is a 61% greater chance that a student will graduate in 4 years at a private school
  • There are 1,553 private colleges & universities in the US
  • $12,120 is the average net cost per year that a private college student pays
  • College financial aid packages are 3x greater at a private institutions than at public institutions
  • 67% of all schools with baseball & softball programs are private
  • On average, private college graduates annual income is 20% greater than a public university graduate
  • 76 of the Top 100 Highest Starting & Mid-Career salaries for graduates are private institutions
  • 67% of private college students graduate on time versus only 27% of public school students & 5% of community college students!

Featured Tryouts and Camps


    8U9U 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U SELECT/ELITE/PREMIER PLAYERS! 2018 FALL SEASON OPENINGS! JOIN A WINNING PROGRAM! TEXT 832-483-9878 ***Update 11/12/2018 12:15PM Fall 2018 Openings 8U-2-3 openings - Looking for advanced players that want to play up in 9U to gain experience in kid pitch. 9U - 2-3 Openings - Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching) that want a team to grow with. 9U Elite - 1-2 Openings - looking for Primary catcher, a shut down pitcher, middle of order big bat is a plus. 10U - 1-2 Openings - Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching) that want a team to grow with. 10U Elite - 1-2 Openings - Looking for primary catcher, 1-2 Top level pitchers, big bat is a plus. 11U - 3-4 Openings -Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching) that want a team to grow with. 11U Elite - 3-4 Openings - 1-2 Top level pitchers, Speed & Depth in middle infield, outfield or an athletic catcheris a plus. 12U -1-2 Openings - Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching) that want a team to grow with. 12U Elite - 2-3 Openings - Looking for Solid AAA Elite level players for fall tournaments. 13U - 1 Opening -Looking forplayers with solid skill sets (throwing, hitting, catching) that want a team to grow with. 13U Elite - 1-2 Openings - Looking for 1-2Top level pitchers, Speed & Depth in middle infield, outfield are a plus. 14U - 1-2 Openings - High School Prep program. Looking for infielder or outfielder. Pitching orcatching is a plus. TEXT 832-483-9878 WHY US? TALENT - WE HAVE PLAY IN 80 CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES IN LAST 3 YEARS! DEVELOPMENT - PRACTICES ARE CONVENENT, FAST PACED, AND FUN - PLAYERS GET BETTER! BALANCE - YOU DON'T HAVE MORGAGE YOUR LIFE SO YOUR SON CAN PLAY COMPETATIVE BASEBALL! ORGANIZATION - ALLPRACTICE AND GAME DATESARE POSTED WELL IN ADVANCE OF EACH SEASON! YOUDON'THAVE TO SETTLE FOR: WONDERING EVERY SEASON WHETHER YOUR SON'S NEIGHBORHOOD TEAM WILL MAKE! WAITING FOR YOUR SON'S TEAM TO GET THIER ACT TOGETHER! DIS-ORGANIZATION AND/OR UNRELIABLE COACHING! REDICULAS COACHING FEES FOR A PAID COACH WITH TOO MANY TEAMS AND TOO LITTLE TIME! TEXT 832-483-9878 ASK ABOUT SPONOSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR FINANCIALLY DISADVANTAGED FAMILIES! EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD SELECT BALL! TEXT FOR INFO! 832-483-9878 Click on the Baseball Below to Seeour Facebook Results Page!

    Posted on 10/22

    FURY BASEBALL ACADEMY NEW INDOOR FACILITY FOR ALL FURY PLAYERS, UNLIMITED USE! TryoutsOngoing FALL 2018/2019 FURY BASEBALL 23 YEARS AND COUNTING! Over 200 Championship games, National titles, State Championships and World Series appearances Join a growing Organization FURY 11U Elite team won the USSSA World Series in Dallas FURY 14U team was back to back runner ups in Gulf Shores USSSA World Series, along with Fall State Champs and Spring runner up Private Instruction & Showcase Teams We Focus on fundamentals & development = best ball players! ***************************************************** Tournaments Sept-December 2018 around Southeast Texas FURY BASEBALL BENEFITS: ADVANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL, SKILLED AND TRAINED COACHES PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, NATIONAL AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS! SHOWCASE TALENT TO COLLEGE SCOUTS! Fury Baseball of Woodlands/Spring/Conroe is holding our Fall 2018 try-outs. All age groups from 7 to 18 are invited to tryout. Come, be a part of a growing organization that focus'on developing kids of all ages and helping them become the best ball players they can be to advance them to the next level. FURY MINI-SLUGGERS AND SLUGGERS PROGRAMS AVAILABLE! AGES 4-12 CLASSES EACH TUESDAY AFTERNOON 936-756-7881 Fury players enjoy paid coaches & professional training, Indoor Hitting Facility, participating in best tournaments throughout Southeast Texas. FURY SPORTS ACADEMY 936-756-7881 Contact us at 832-887-7881

    Posted on 10/22
  • Fort Bend Lone Stars 11U

    The Fort Bend Lone Stars are looking for 1-2 players (high-level Select or Elite skill level) to add to our 11U Elite team. We are a competitive group, but we priortize kids having fun, learning how to play the game the right way, and being a great teammates. We practice in Sienna Plantation, and have professional coaching support. Our team has been together for 3years, and is looking to add a couple great kids/families. If you would like to discuss, please reach out for Ryan McGrenera mobile: 713-254-7566 thanks

    Posted on 10/24

    HOUSTON WARRIORS BASEBALL ACADEMY ***UPDATE - CURRENTLY HOSTING*** 14U / 16U/ 18U SUMMER TRYOUTS SATURDAY DECEMBER 15th STRAKE JESUIT COLLEGE PREPARATORY 8900 Bellaire Blvd., HOUSTON - 77036 1:30pm CRUSADER FIELD! HIGH PREFERENCEFOR MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES. Weekly indoor and field workouts. No lapse in training due to weather with Warriorsprivateindoor facility. *If you area current coach looking to fill your team AND you don't have enough players, please call. We are in need of more qualified instructors to motivate and teach our kids. PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL IMMEDIATELY FOR INFO / RSVP CONTACT or(832) 867-6265 for info. Houston Warriors Baseballproudlyaccepts theirinvitation intoTEXAS PREMIER and sponsorship with NEW BALANCE. Instagram - @warriorsbaseballacademy Twitter - @warriorsbb Facebook - Warriors Baseball Academy web

    Posted on 10/27
  • CUB Baseball 9 U - 12 U Tryouts

    CUB Baseball a division of Catchers University (Katy, Texas) & Catchers University Baseball (Fulshear, Texas) will be hosting tryouts for our Spring 2019 campaign December 1, 2018, Katy City Parks field # 1 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CUB Baseball winners of the 2016 Nations Nationals & Runner up of the SE Texas World Series 2018 will be hosting tryouts for our 9 U - 12 U teams. Catchers University and CUB Baseball will be celebrating our sixth year anniversary of teaching, coaching and helping athletes become highly recruitable players for college coaches. Catchers University and Catchers University Baseball offers 2 indoor locations in Katy Texas and Fulshear Texas which allows our teams the capability to practice continually without interuption. Mos t of our coaches are THSBCA (Teaxs High School Baseball Coaches Association) certified and now working on our ABCA certification, American Baseball Coaches Association. When joining CUB baseball you will recieve monthly; 8 Field Practices 4 Facility Practices (Offensive Hitting) 2 Monthly Tournaments Unlimited Facility Usage (Katy or Fulshear) Unlimited work out area usage Mizuno Sponsorship 10% over dealer cost of all Mizuno equipment "Field Level" Access College Recruitment Center Professional Paid Coaches We look forward to seeing you on December 1, 2018 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at the Katy City Parks Field #1. If you require further information please feel free to call 713.875.6880. RSVP appreciated but not required, show up meet our teams and compete at the level you are looking for. Thank you, Coach Jeff

    Posted on 10/29
  • Adidas BUSA 2023 - Blanton

    No content provided.....

    Posted on 11/16

    RC Elite Mizuno is a developmental organization founded by former Astro Jeremy Ryan and former Tampa Bay Ray Clayton Crum Registration for the 14u and 13u Development Teams will begin on Sunday 12/2/2018 at 3:30pm. Tryouts will run: 4:00-6:00pm Registration for the 12u and 11u Youth Development Teams will begin on Sunday 12/2/2018 at 1pm. Tryouts will run: 1:30-3:30pm. Registration for the 10u and 9u Youth Development Teams will begin on Sunday 12/2/2018 at 10:00am. Tryouts will run 11:00 to 1:00pm. Registration fee is $20.00 Tryouts will be held at our indoor home - The Edge 2733 Rayford Road in Spring. Please pre-register online For information and registration please go to

    Posted on 11/18
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