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What is a showcase?

The high school market uses this term frequently and in many cases it's only a word and means nothing more than a more expensive tournament fee.  But the term "showcase" is used to imply players are being showcased for college coaches and/or professional scouts.  So the idea behind showcase events at the youth ages obviously is not to showcase them for college coaches or professional scouts.  They aren't interested at this point.  So how can this be a showcase event?

College coaches and professional scouts look at metrics and projectability to make decisions on players.  Getting those metrics at an early age can do two things.  First, it gives the history of a player and shows the improvement or lack of over time.  Second and more importantly, it gives the players an idea at an earlier age, where they stand on certain key metrics and challenges them to focus on improvement of those deficient areas earlier in their careers.


There are many things that could be used to determine the projection of a player.  One universal metric is the 60 yard dash time.  Throwing velocity, spin rate or ball exit speed off the bat are others.  Of course the most acccepted metrics are statistics like batting average, field percentage, etc.

Player Profiles

For the showcase events, Nations Baseball will be creating player profiles that will house all metric data on each individual player.  Profiles are also assessable to the user and can also be used to upload video and post other basic information by the user.

Official scoring

Each game will have an official scorer.  The scorer's responsibility is to score the game so that statistics can be complied by Nations on that player.  They would also be responsible for resolving disputes regarding batting order, etc.

High School Tournament Affiliate Organizations

All the showcase events are done in conjunction with 2D Sports, VTool and Prospect Central.  These tournament hosts are coming together to create a nationwide organization that will be in over 20 states this summer.  Player profiles powered by Nations Baseball will be used by all of these organizations thru the high school age process.  So the information and metrics received will be available to the player throughout his high school years.

So What are the Key Differences?

First, the central focus of the personal profile complete with all the metric data on a player, as well as video (when available) provides any college coach or pro scout with a much better picture of the current talent level and upward projection of a player enabling them to target players that are more likely to fit their needs.

Second, metrics tell a particular story, but there are still intangibles on every player that many times are the key to any decision made on him as a player.  The Prospect Central Scouting team will now be an advocate for the player and is actively trying to fit the player with the school that needs him.