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Texas Seminoles - Club Tryout

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Club: Texas Seminoles
Ages: 10,12,13
Contact: Sam English
Magnolia, TX

Texas Seminoles are going into their 12th Fall Season.  We are Magnolia's oldest and most successful organization, both High Schools endorse our program and work with our players.  Our mission is simple, we specialize in 9-14u and get our players into their respective high school program.  Every team is coached with a Paid Coach that has no child on the team. 

Our 14u team wrapped up in early July, that roster had been together for over 3 years!!!  6 Seasons!!  We strive hard to make players not only better players but better team mates as well.  We want every player to enjoy this game as much as the coach's who played at the higher levels did, thats why we do this!  The Seminoles want coachable kids, so they can be the most prepared player on the field when they go to try out at any level of this game.  It is crucial that every player have the most tools to get to whatever next level they desire.......

If you have any questions regarding our program, fee's, schduleing, location, track record, players that have succeeded, or anything else, please feel free to call us.  We also have our own private facility and field, so practices are NEVER missed.  


Sam English 936-648-1477