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Nations Baseball has come up with some of the most advanced technology to try to ensure teams are playing at the appropriate level. Along with technology and rules comes complexity and with complexity comes confusion, so here is a detailed series of the rules and examples to help everybody understand. We understand that some players may have been trying this level and found themselves outclassed, but, by the parent and manager/coach trying the child at this level, they are saying that this player should be no less than one grade behind. All players are allowed to play down one grade from what their LY grade is, but there can be no more than 4 players playing down on any one team. For the purposes of this page, the Metro Class is excluded until post season play, which is play that occurs outside of your local league (These would be Zone, State, or National Events). We encourage leagues to make decisions at the local level to make the league work for their situation. If a local Metro league needs to combine ages or allow Premier or out of class players Nations Baseball will support the decision of the local league, but regular class play rules are in effect for any Zone, Regional, State, or National events at the Metro Class.

Nations Baseball's principal driving factor is the use of what we call a grade. A grade is similar to what you find in school and the objective of the average ball player is to advance one grade a year. A grade is determined by adding the team's age plus class, where Metro is 1, Select is 2, Elite is 3, Premier is 4. So, if a player plays in 11U Elite, that player would be playing at a grade 14 (11 + 3). Please keep in mind that grade takes into account that a team consists of players and that cumulatively they reach an outcome as a group, so the individual is graded on the group performance. We make an assumption that when a manager/coach and a parent agree for a player to play on a team in a game, of which we only can assume if they are on the roster, that the child would at a minimum not hurt the teams performance.

Equivalent Classes

Grade 5

4U - Metro Division

Grade 6

4U - Select Division
5U - Metro Division

Grade 7

5U - Select Division
6U - Metro Division

Grade 8

6U - Select Division
7U - Metro Division

Grade 9

7U - Select Division
8U - Metro Division

Grade 10

7U - Elite Division
8U - Select Division
9U - Metro Division

Grade 11

8U - Elite Division
9U - Select Division
10U - Metro Division

Grade 12

9U - Elite Division
10U - Select Division
11U - Metro Division

Grade 13

10U - Elite Division
11U - Select Division
12U - Metro Division

Grade 14

10U - Premier Division
11U - Elite Division
12U - Select Division
13U - Metro Division

Grade 15

11U - Premier Division
12U - Elite Division
13U - Select Division
14U - Metro Division

Grade 16

12U - Premier Division
13U - Elite Division
14U - Select Division
15U - Metro Division

Grade 17

13U - Premier Division
14U - Elite Division
15U - Select Division
16U - Metro Division

Grade 18

14U - Premier Division
15U - Elite Division
16U - Select Division
17U - Metro Division

Grade 19

15U - Premier Division
16U - Elite Division
17U - Select Division
18U - Metro Division

Grade 20

16U - Premier Division
17U - Elite Division
18U - Select Division
19U - Metro Division

Grade 21

17U - Premier Division
18U - Elite Division
19U - Select Division

Grade 22

18U - Premier Division
19U - Elite Division

Grade 23

19U - Premier Division

When a player is added to the Nations Baseball system, our staff is looking through various locations to determine what team a player played on last year and how successful that team was in their performance. All teams would fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Up 2 Grades - Teams who had an exceptionally great season have proven that a group of players have built on their skills and are ready to face a more talented group of players to continue their growth. For these few teams, we ask them to not just move up an age, but a class as well. This promotes an opportunity for this group to continue to grow and develop as well other groups of players to have an opportunity to have a great season.
  • Up 1 Grade - This is the majority of teams. These players continue to compete against each other and continue to build on their skills. Hopefully as the year moves along, they will have the opportunity to grow and be pushed up to the next level for the next year.
  • Up 0 Grades - This group of players spent the year and either were never able to qualify in an event or if they did qualify, it was only by default and they had a very difficult season. This group of players will have an opportunity while moving up an age, but may move down a class, so they stay at the same grade.
  • If you see a player with a LY of 0, it is hyperlinked, this is because we couldn't find any information in our research on this player, so please feel free to tell us where this player played last year and any links that may help us assess a grade on this player.

How about a few examples to see how this works. Please keep in mind that many factors come into play, no single factor is determining where a team will play, but these examples should help a team understand how they got on what list.

  • In younger teams, the continued play at the select level puts these players at a distinct advantage over the group of players just being introduced into select baseball. Those players who already have select ball experience and training should logically succeed over teams who are just forming and starting to build that skill set. That being said, in ages 9 and down, we take the vast majority of teams who have any success within select baseball and push them up to compete with other teams with experience. So, if a team played in 6U or below in a select division, we will ask them to start in our highest class through 7U. From 7U to 8U to 9U, we take the vast majority from the top level and keep them there, the teams who had exceptionally rough seasons (and please remember, winning is just one factor of a difficult or successful season), we will let them return to Elite the following year. We also look at Elite and move teams who had great success up.
    • Last year Johnny played on the XYZ's as a 6U tee ball all-star team who played in a couple of tournaments. Even though the team only achieved a 3-10 record, Johnny is graded 10 going into 7U since his experience will still carry him over those who have not played select ball before.
    • Last year Johnny played on the ABC's as a 6U tee ball all-star team who played in a couple of tournaments. Since Johnny's team compiled a record of 0-9 and were run ruled in 7 of the games, Johnny is graded 9 going into 7U since they have proven that they are not yet ready to compete with the more experienced teams.
    • Last year Johnny played on the PDQ's as an 8U select equivalent team. As a team they had a very successful season, they didn't win a tournament, but achieved a record of 22-10 and played some very competitive games and run ruled some teams. Johnny is going to be a grade 12 going into 9U and playing at the highest level as they have proven that they are ready to move up.
  • 9U is one of the toughest years of a young ball players lives. They are introduced into kid pitch and this is where you find out if players are afraid of getting hit, they have the mental toughness to pitch, and if they can keep focused and pay attention to the much slower paced game. After the 9U season, Nations Baseball branches into 4 divisions and the breakdown is such that the majority of the players playing at the top level in 9U will move to 10U Premier, grade 14, the bottom of the top and the top of the Select level or equivalent will move to 10U Elite, grade 13, and the bottom middle and bottom of the Select or equivalent class will be put into the 10U Select class, grade 12.
    • Last year Johnny played on the XYZ's as a 9U top level team who played in a couple of tournaments. Even though the team only achieved a 6-10 record, Johnny is graded 14 going into 10U since his team has proven that they are in the top group of athletes at the age in the nation.
    • Last year Johnny played on the ABC's as a 9U top level team who played in a couple of tournaments. Since Johnny's team compiled a record of 0-9 and were run ruled in 7 of the games, Johnny is graded 13 going into 10U since they have proven that they are not yet ready to compete with the more experienced teams, but should mix in fine with the upper select equivalent teams coming into the market.
    • Last year Johnny played on the PDQ's as an 9U select equivalent team. As a team they had a very successful season, they didn't win a tournament, but achieved a record of 22-10 and played some very competitive games and run ruled some teams. Johnny is going to be a grade 13 going into 10 and playing at the Elite level as they have proven that they are ready to move up.
  • From ages 10-13 as they move up, generally you will see that the top 10-20% of each class will move up and the bottom 10-20% will move down.

How does this affect my team? Each team is allowed 4 players that are playing down from their LY grade. The basic principal behind this is that each team that is moved up will have a few kids that may not be ready for the transition to the next level, but as a whole they have proven that they need to at minimum try the next level. Those players who are disbursed may not be able to find a team at that level in their area, so to be able to play, they may have to drop back. There is no problem with this, but to prevent a mischievous manager from saying that he lost his stars and needs to stay back, we have simply said that each team is allowed 4 players playing back one level from their LY mandate. Managers, you will find the number of exemptions that you have used in your login window. You may also visually view this on your roster by looking at your team grade and then the LY for each of your players. Here are a few examples.

  • A new team is formed and the new team desires to be an 11U team. They hold tryouts and have a variety of players show up, but who does the manager select and what becomes of the status of the team?
    • 10 grade 14, age 11 players - The team is 11U Elite
    • 10 grade 13, age 11 players and 1 grade 13, age 12 player - The team is 12U Select, a team must play in the age of the oldest player
    • 10 grade 13, age 11 players and 1 grade 16, age 11 player - The team is 11U Premier, a team may play back 1 grade from the highest graded player
    • 5 grade 12, age 10 players and 5 grade 14, age 11 players - The team is 11U Elite, a team must play at a grade if they have 5 or more players of that grade on the team
    • 10 grade 18, age 11 players - The team is 11U Premier, players may always return to their age at the highest level.
  • My team fell apart, but I have a few players that want to remain together, what do I do. The XYZ's are on the mandate list for Elite.
    • I bring back 5 players, but it's my weakest 5. Your team is playing Elite, any time you have 5 players of a higher grade, your team is moved up.
    • I bring back 2 players, pick up 2 other Elite players, and fill out the team with Select players. Your team is Select as you only have 4 players from the higher level.

During the course of a year, parents and managers will make decisions that will impact the eligibility of a player. The TY of a player is only impacted by what a player does on Nations Baseball Rosters. TY is this simple, a player may play down 1 grade from their highest non-qualified roster appearance, a player may not play below their highest qualified roster appearance. Exception: A player may always play their own age at the highest level. One thing that goes along with this is what happens if I have a player playing on more than one team. As long as rosters remain unqualified, players may be on as many rosters as they like. They can be on every roster spanning 4 ages in 5 states at the same time, we encourage players to find the home that fits them and try the next grade up at any age they desire, but once teams begin qualifying, things get sticky. A player may play for only one qualified team in an age (Metro Excluded), but may play for one qualified team in each age for that grade. Now for the examples:

  • A 10 year old player is added to a Premier roster for 1 weekend and dropped on Monday, the team does not qualify, the player is eligible to play Elite, but not Select as they may only move down 1 grade from their highest roster appearance.
  • A 10 year old player is added to an 11U Premier roster for 1 weekend to help out a sibling. That player may not play below 10U Premier for the remainder of the year.
  • A 10 year old player is playing with his age for the most of the time on a 10U Elite team, but due to having a summer birthday, plays on the off weekends with an 11U Select team. What can happen?
    • The 10U Elite team finishes in the top 25% of a Premier Class Qualifier and becomes qualified at the Premier level. The 10U Team is reclassed to Premier and the player is now illegal on the 11U Select Team.
    • The 11U Select team adds an 11U Premier player to their roster and is reclassified to 11U Elite, the player is no longer legal on the 10U Elite team, they must drop the player or move to Premier.
  • A 10 year old player is playing with his age for the most of the time on a 10U Select team, but due to having a summer birthday, plays on the off weekends with an 11U Select team. What can happen?
    • The 11U Select team adds an 11U Premier player to their roster and is reclassified to 11U Elite, the player is no longer legal on the 10U Elite team, they must drop the player or move to Premier.
    • The 11U Select team qualifies by finishing in the top 50% of a qualifying event, this player is now illegal on the 10U Select team since the player is now qualified at grade 13.

Qualifying events are tournaments or leagues which give berths to zone, state or national events. While playing fall events may be required to be eligible to participate in a fall Zone, State or National event to ensure the appropriate play level of a team, the first date to start qualifying your roster is the Fall State Tournament each year. For the Fall State Tournament thru April 1st, all team managers will have the option to decline an earned berth in a qualifier and no roll down berths will be awarded. NCI tournaments held after the Fall State tournament, reward National berths to teams that qualify. NCI tournaments held before April 1st will award berths, but teams will not be frozen until April 1st. From April 1 through July 31 of each year, berths will be awarded and are mandatory to accept for all Elite and Premier teams finishing in the top 25% of an event, 50% of Select teams will receive berths. During the mandatory period, if a team enters an event and is already qualified, the berth will be offered on a pass down basis, but a team must win a game to receive a berth. Pass down berths may be declined even from April 1 - July 31. Once a team receives a berth, they are now qualified which means that they are eligible to register for the event they qualified for, but it also means that the players on that team no longer are eligible to play down 1 grade and the team is now allowed to add only 3 players from that date through July 31.

We at nations baseball understand that this is a very difficult process to understand. These rules are to help encourage growth, yet protect class play. The reason a Premier player is not allowed at the Select level is to allow select level players to have a chance. We understand that some manager/coaches will recruit top talent from the next level with the intent of beating a group of less talented or experienced players, but by placing restrictions on who is eligible to participate on a team, we have greatly reduced the exposure and given more players a chance to play more competitive ball and have the opportunity to grow and succeed. The underlying principal that Nations Baseball is founded on is that parents, players, coaches, and managers will work together through natural selection to tell us a great deal about a players ability by where they chose to play. If parents know that by appearing on a Premier roster, their child is now ineligible to participate at the Select level at that age again, the parent will think long and hard about this decision and are saying that their player is at a minimum an Elite player at that age. Likewise, a coach or manager adding a player to a roster is saying that this player is at least worth a chance which tells us a great deal about a players ability, we don't believe managers will pick up players that will hurt their team. Many other organizations will allow players and teams to self-classify their teams because "Teams will do what is right," but experience tells us that there is a percentage of teams that will do whatever it takes to get a win or trophy. We want teams to feel confident that by forming a team based on a group of players that meet a certain criteria and by publishing not just the criteria, but the information required to make a decision, then the system will work.

We know it may be convenient to pick up a little brother or neighbor because it is convenient, but when this happens, we don't know if you picked them up because of their ability or convenience. We also don't have the ability to watch hundreds of thousands of children play millions of games each year, so we have to assume the player will be competitive. We have a great number of rules that allow a team to pick up a player for the weekend and there are thousands of players available to you each weekend, you just must make intelligent decisions, you can pick up players a year younger at the same grade and carry them on your roster all year long, you can pick up players a grade up or down in the same age or below as long as you aren't qualified. With this wealth of available players in your area, please keep in mind that if you make the wrong choice for a pick up player, you may be jeopardizing their eligibility for a year or more.

Featured Tryouts and Camps

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    Looking for (3) 9U - (3) 10U & (2) 14 U Select Players CUB Baseball, a division of Catchers University, with locations in Katy Texas and Fulshear Texas is specifically looking for (3) 9 U select (3) 10 U Select and (2) 14 U select players to begin our 2020 Spring roster. Coaches at CUB baseball are THSBCA (Texas high school baseball coaches association) and ABCA (American baseball coaches association) certified and have backgrounds as Master Instructors, College or MLB background. CUB baseball represents 8 teams presently with over 100 players from 9 U - 14 U. CUB players recieve monthly: 8 Field Practices ( 2 per week) 4 Facility Practices (1 Per week) 2 Tournaments per month (Bi-weekly) Unlimited facility usage (Fulshear or Katy Facility) CU Developing Farm System Mizuno Sponsorship Rawlings Sponsorship Unlimited usage (Workout area) Field Level Access Discounted Professional Instruction (All positions) Accomplishments: 2018 WBA Runners up 2019 12U NWB March Madness Champions 2019 HSBT Fall Finale Runner Up 2019 Lucky Charm Runner up 2019 HSBT 13 U Elite Champion 2019 End of School Runner up 2019 Spring Klein Semi Finalist 2019 Summer sizzler Runner Up 2019 July Bat Attack 10 U Champion 2019 End of Season 12U Championship 2019 End of Season Blowout 9U Champion 2019 Fall Nations Championship Tournament Champions 11U Call to set up your private tryout at 713.875.6880 (Coach Jeff) Check out our monthly newsletter Facebook - 2018 Award winning organization

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    Team Rawlings 15U Summer Showcase

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  • Be Elite Baseball Development

    Be Elite Baseball Development is looking for 10 and 11u SS/P for 2020 season. Players will have open workouts with the team 6-8pm. All teams will have Strength and Conditioning powered by B.A.S.E.S Baseball. We're located at HIT Indoor Training. Vincent Blue 832-878-0296 [email protected]

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  • CU Developing Farm System

    CU Developing Farm System (First ever presented by Catchers University) Catcher's University has recognized that many players enter Select, Travel, or League play without knowlege of what this new world and culture requires of them. Because of this, many are rejected and inturn their confidence in themselves and their ability takes a major blow, not to mention the mental anguish the parents endure. Catcher's University is offering a first of its kind answer for all incoming Select, Travel, Rehabilitating, Cut or League play families to get answers and the tools required for their perspective needs. The CU Developing Farm System offers players of need a professionally coached and managed instructional farm system for all players no matter their choice of organization or team. The CU Developing Farm System will meet every week during the month to develop and educate players and parents in the culture, rules, drills and tools required to succeed. You will work as the pros do, utilizing the best of techniques and mechanics taught by high school, college and pro coaches nationwide. You will be assisted in meeting the goals needed to impress your coaches and learn the beauty of the game. You will be addressed as an individual in search of success and you will be respected as a player accepting a challenge. There are no expectations of CUB baseball that you commit to our team. CU Developing Farm System is a stand alone service provided by Catchers University as a tool for growth and understanding. Call or Text your interest to 713.875.6880, all players accepted. CU Developing Farm System will be coached by Jeff Wilson, President of Catcher's University along with guest coaches from college, High school and MLB backgrounds. Player Cost: First month - $200.00 (Includes Farm League Shirt) Monthly Dues: $175.00 Professional Coaching - Professional Coaching - Field Practice per week - Facility practice per week - Unlimited facility usage (Katy or Fulshear) - Guest Instructors Instruction Provided: - Throwing mechanics - Receiving mechanics (Infield & Outfield) - Outfield route running - Hitting mechanics - Hitting approach - Leadoff and secondary leads - Sliding techniques - mental aspects of the game "Baseball language" - Drill repetition - Catchers drills - PFP's - Bullpens - Situational drills Check out our monthly Newsletter Thank you Catcher's University

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  • CUB Baseseball Prospect Days

    CUB BaseballTryouts Ages 9 - 14 U Decision time is here and a new season of select baseball is about to begin. Catcher's University Baseball (CUB Baseball) is an organization that has been proud to serve the west side for 7 years. All of our coaches are of Professional, College or Master Instructor background. We are proud to be certified by THSBCA (Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association or ABCA American Baseball Coaches Association certified). Those wishing to set up a private or Team tryout should call 713.875.6880 Please call/text Coach Jeff at 713.875.6880 for more information and to reserve your spot. Visit us on Facebook at See our team accomplishments at Accomplishments 2019 2019 WBS Runner up 2019 NWB March Maddness Champions 2019 HSBT Fall Finale Runner up 2019 Lucky Charm Runner up 2019 HSBT Elite Champion 2019 End of School Runner up 2019 Spring Klein Runner up 2019 Summer Sizzler Runner up 2019 July Bat Attack Champion 2019 End of Season Champion 2019 End of Season Blowout Champion 2019 Fall Championship Champions Instructional and Coaching Awards

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    FURY BASEBALL ACADEMY TRYOUTS!Looking for 7U-18U. 9U has sponsorships available. 10U has amazing opportunities for the right people. Indoor facility available to all Fury Players with unlimited use SPRING 2020 FURY BASEBALL 25 YEARS AND COUNTING! Looking for 9U players for Sponsored team! Over 250 Championship games, National titles, State Championships and World Series appearances Join a growing Organization Fury 11U Runner Up USSSA Super State FURY 12U World Series Champs in Gulf Shores FURY 13U team was runner ups in Gulf Shores USSSA World Series, along with All or Nothing Champs Private Instruction & Showcase Teams We Focus on fundamentals & development = best ball players! ***************************************************** Tournaments March-July 2020 around Southeast Texas FURY BASEBALL BENEFITS: ADVANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL, SKILLED AND TRAINED COACHES PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, NATIONAL AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS! SHOWCASE TALENT TO COLLEGE SCOUTS! Fury Baseball of Woodlands/Spring/Conroe is holding our Spring 2020 Try-outs. All age groups from 7 to 18 are invited to tryout. Come, be a part of a growing organization that focus'on developing kids of all ages and helping them become the best ball players they can be to advance them to the next level. FURY MINI-SLUGGERS AND SLUGGERS PROGRAMS AVAILABLE! AGES 4-12 CLASSES EACH TUESDAY AFTERNOON 936-756-7881 Fury players enjoy paid coaches & professional training, Indoor Hitting Facility, participating in best tournaments throughout Southeast Texas. FURY SPORTS ACADEMY 936-756-7881 Contact us at [email protected] 832-887-7881

    Posted on 01/06
  • 6U-14U TRYOUTS! 832-483-9878

    COACH PITCH - 6U 7U 8U YOUTH DIVISION - 9U 10U 11U 12U HIGH SCHOOL PREP - 13U-16U OPENINGS BELOW FILLING NOW! 832-483-9878 TEXT FOR INFO ***Updated 1/23/2020*** COACH PITCH 6-8U OPENINGS! 6U Coach Pitch - 2-3 Openings - Looking for players desire to play and learn the game and suppotive parents! 7U - Coach Pitch - 2-3 Openings - Looking for more advanced players ready to take next step in Baseball! 8U -Coach Pitch - 2-3 Openings - Looking for players interested in combination of coach pitch and kid pitch! YOUTH DIVISION 9U-12U OPENINGS! 9U Select - 1 Opening - Looking for Primary Catcher and/orconsistent pitcher. 9U Elite -2-3 Openings - Looking for 1-2 solid elite level 9U pitchers. Middle Infeild a plus.Primary Catcher! 10U Select - 1-2 Openings - Looking for 1-2 solid select level 10U pitchers. 10U Elite -2-3 Openings - Looking for Primary Catcher and/orconsistent pitchers. SS or 3rd are team needs. 11U Select -2-3Openings -Looking for pitchers and/or above averaged bats. Catching is a plus! 11U Elite -1 Opening Looking to add solidify pitching 12U Select -1 Opening Looking to add solidify pitching 12U Elite - 1-2Openings - Looking for Elite level 12U age players that want to compete in National Tournament next summer. Cooperstown Dreams or other major tournament! HIGH SCHOOL PREP 13U-16U OPENINGS! 13U Select -1 Opening - Looking for 1 select level 13U player. Pitching is a plus!Primary Catcher is a wanted! 13U Elite -2-3Openings - Primary Catcher is a wanted! looking for 2-3 elite level Infielders or Outfielders... Pitchingis a plus! 14U Elite -1 Looking Primary Catcher Opportunity available! 832-483-9878 TEXT FOR INFO ROSTER OPENINGSFILLINGNOW! WHY US? TALENT - WE HAVE PLAYED IN OVER 80 CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES IN LAST 4.5 YEARS! DEVELOPMENT - PRACTICES ARE CONVENIENT, FAST PACED, AND FUN - PLAYERS GET BETTER! BALANCE - YOU DON'T HAVE TO MORGAGE YOUR LIFE SO YOUR SON CAN PLAY COMPETITIVE BASEBALL! ORGANIZATION - ALLPRACTICE AND GAME DATESARE POSTED WELL IN ADVANCE OF EACH SEASON! YOUDON'THAVE TO SETTLE FOR: WONDERING, EVERY SEASON, WHETHER YOUR SON'S NEIGHBORHOOD TEAM WILL MAKE! WAITING FOR YOUR SON'S TEAM TO GET THIER ACT TOGETHER! DIS-ORGANIZATION AND/OR UNRELIABLE COACHING! TEXT FOR INFO: 832-483-9878 TEXT FOR INFO: 832-483-9878 Click on the Baseball Below to Seeour Facebook Results Page!

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  • Lynx Baseball

    6U - 14U Lynx Baseball is looking to complete rosters for the following age groups: 6u, 7U/8U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U We will be holding make-up tryouts on Sunday January 12, 2020 at: Location: The Farm League Park 19717 Stuebner Airline Rd Spring, TX 77379 Time: 12:00pm - 3:30pm Please arrive by 11:30 for check-in To register, please CLICK HERE As a member of Lynx, you will have two field practcies per week and access to our climate contolled indoor cages as well as access to our fields when not in use. Each team will play a full tournament schedule. Our coaches will focus on the fundamentals needed to ensure your child will continue to develop and to advance to the next level.

    Posted on 12/31
  • HOUSTON WARRIORS BASEBALL *UPDATE - 14U - 16U - 18U TRYOUT DATE* 2020 SPRING/SUMMER TEAMS SUNDAY, JANUARY 12th STRAKE JESUIT COLLEGE PREP 8900 Bellaire Blvd., HOUSTON 77036 2:00pm - PITCHERS & CATCHERS 3:00pm - ALL POSITION PLAYERS ===================================================== *UPDATE - 9U & 10U TRYOUT DATE* Thursday, JANUARY 23rd @ 6:30pm WARRIORS BASEBALL ACADEMY 1763 Upland Dr. - HOUSTON 77043 ===================================================== *UPDATE - 13U TRYOUT DATE* Thursday, JANUARY 23rd @ 7:00pm WARRIORS BASEBALL ACADEMY 1763 Upland Dr., HOUSTON 77043 ================ 11U / 12U SPRING TRYOUTS Final roster spots LIMITED. Must contact for private tryout evaluation @ Warriors Baseball Academy. TEXT or CALL (832) 867-6265. ============================================ PLEASE E-MAIL [email protected] tryout DAY/TIME UPDATES! ============================================ If unable to attend, please e-mail [email protected] for make-up workout opportunities. Weekly indoor and field workouts. No lapse in training due to weather with Warriorsprivateindoor facility. *We are in need of more qualified instructors to motivate and teach our kids. If you area current coach looking to fill your team AND you don't have enough players, please call. Looking for WARRIORS that are searching a baseball family to call home. We welcome the opportunity to share how our program has a PROVEN track record since 2009 of getting kids to that "next level". That "next level" is not a $4 ring (though we get plenty of those too). Houston Warriors Baseball is a proud member of TEXAS PREMIER BASEBALL. All players and families will be explained of the high-level expectations within our program. CONTACT [email protected] or(832) 867-6265 for info. Instagram - @warriorsbaseballacademy Twitter - @warriorsbb Facebook - Warriors Baseball Academy web

    Posted on 12/31
  • Team Houston Baseball

    Team Houston Baseball Tryouts Ages 9u- 14u. Scrapyard Sports facility 29607 Robinson Rd. Iron Field #4. Please register online [email protected] 832-202-4747 Saturday, January 4, 2020- 12:00 noon Wednesday, January 8, 2020- 5:30pm Saturday, January 11, 2020- 1:00pm Wednesday, January 15, 2020- 5:30pm All practices will have multiple professional coaches that will include options for 1 on 1 instructions. All teams will have an end of the season World Series. World Series Options include: Cooperstown, New York- (Already confirmed). Gulfshores, Alabama Jupiter, Florida Kentucky, Tennessee Omaha, Nebraska Among others....

    Posted on 12/30