Kendrick "K J" Williams
Birth Certificate On File
Playing Age 10
Fall 2014 Grade TY 13 LY 14
Spring 2015 Grade TY 13 LY 14
Spring 2014 Grade TY 12 LY 10
Fall 2013 Grade TY 10 LY 10
2013 Grade TY 9 LY 10
2012 Grade TY 8 LY 8
2011 Grade TY 7 LY 7
2010 Grade TY 9 LY 10
2009 Grade TY 8 LY 0
Team Year Add Date Drop Date
TSB (13) Fall 2014 08/12/2014
8:45 PM
TSB (13) Spring 2015 12/15/2014
7:10 AM
A+ Drillers RED (11) Spring 2014 12/27/2013
8:54 AM
8:36 AM
A+ Drillers Black (12) Spring 2014 01/28/2014
8:36 AM
1:42 PM
TSB (11) Spring 2014 05/23/2014
3:01 PM
8:36 PM
Surge (9) 2012 12/31/2011
4:36 PM
7:33 PM
Texas Blasterz (9) 2012 03/01/2012
11:24 AM
3:02 PM
SKSA Cubs (7) 2011 02/22/2011
11:51 AM
SKSA Braves (6) 2010 03/01/2010
5:35 PM
SKSA Astros (8) 2009 04/23/2009
9:09 PM

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    Texas Blasterz 7U Select are looking for Select Quality players for the upcoming 2015 Spring Season.
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  • Lynx 14u Elite/Premier Tryout:


    The Lynx 14U Elite is a looking for elite/premier players to complete it's spring 2015 roster. Pitching a plus but you must be able to Read more

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