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Now there’re three things you can do in a baseball game:
You can win or you can lose or it can rain

Charles Dillon

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Nations-Baseball was created as an online guide to every baseball player’s needs.

At Nations-Baseball, we will share with you the baseball rules, some tips, and tricks to take out to the field, and we will help you find the best baseball bats, batting gloves, protective gears, training equipments, and other baseball accessories.

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leo hagenes


Leo was a baseball player during his school days, and his love for the sport drove him to become a baseball coach for kids later. He now focuses entirely on Nations Baseball, sharing his knowledge and experience to get more people excited about baseball. Leo wants to shorten the baseball learning curve for everyone and help baseball lovers get the best baseball products for their journey.

Zora smith


Smith met Leo during a charity baseball game, and since then, the two have bonded over the shared connection for baseball. Smith teaches baseball to young adults and adults in her area and works part-time at a baseball gear store. As a co-founder of Nations Baseball, Smith particularly hopes to relate and connect with female baseball players. Her goal is to make baseball even more inclusive.

Michael Rogers


Rogers is a hardcore baseball enthusiast. He plays with a team in his neighborhood three days a week and spends the rest either watching baseball games or reading the news about it. He joined Nations Baseball as a writer to share his knowledge and help others realize their passions for the sport. Roger is striving towards becoming a coach at his local baseball club.

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I try to find the training equipment for my son for a long time. It’s hard to know the most suitable but your guide seems really well written and easy to understand.
Thank you so much your information was certainly helpful.

Devon Stokes


I am a baseball player for my high school team. I am a freshman in JV and I’m playing shortstop. Thank you for your marvelous blogging!

Jonathan Kris


You are a great resource! Your research has saved me hours of frustration….
Thank you so much!

Everett Cartwright