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Young players ready for the big league, where serious competition demands serious gear, should equip themselves with only the best baseball bat for 10 year old kids. They need a bat that can hit and withstand fast and powerful pitches while complying with league regulations.

Selecting a bat for 10-year-olds is easy if the child has played baseball since their younger years. Parents already know what to look for. However, if it’s your 10-year-old kid’s first time venturing into the sport, the following three factors can help you choose the right bat for them.

Bat length is one of the most important considerations when buying a bat for ten-year-olds. A short bat increases the likelihood of missing the incoming baseball.

Meanwhile, a too-long bat can upset the balance by shifting weight away from the batter’s hands. Although individual differences exist, the average length for a 10-year-old is 28 to 31 inches.

As length matters, so does weight (including weight drop or bat drop). A bat heavier than the child can manage can strain the arms and remove the fun from the game. A too-light bat can increase mishits and impact ball-hit distance. Experts recommend getting an 18- to 21-ounce bat for ten-year-olds.

Baseball bats feature alloy or composite materials and sometimes wood. Aluminum bats are affordable and durable, while composite youth bats have better vibration resistance and batting performance.

Although you already have a bird’s eye view of baseball bat buying considerations, other factors can influence the selection process. We prepared a detailed buying guide discussing these parameters and highlighting them in the following bat reviews. Please read on.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619

Barrel size: 2.25 inches

Length: 28 inches

Weight: 18 ounces

Best Value


Barrel size: 2.625 inches

Length: 30 inches

Weight: 19 ounces


Barrel size: 2.625 inches

Length: 26 inches

Weight: 16 ounces

8 Top-rated Baseball Bats for 10 Year Old

1. Easton RIVAL USA Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece ALX50 aircraft-grade aluminum

Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches

Length: 28 inches

Weight: 18 ounces

Weight drop: -10

Easton RIVAL is a USA Baseball bat that looks as impressive on paper as it does on the field. This Easton bat has enough features to let 10-year-olds compete in league games while harnessing their skills in matches and in the offseason.

These USA Baseball bats’ 28/18 configuration is perfect for most 10-year-old players, allowing them to strike the baseball with exceptional accuracy. Although 10-year-olds have a long way to go before reaching the Major League, this bat should prepare them.

I am unsure what ALX50 alloy is like, but I can only draw generalizations from real people who’ve used this bat. The material is aircraft-grade, giving the bat unquestionable strength without undermining its weight.

The combination makes this bat ideal for 10-year-old youngsters, allowing them to head to the plate with the confidence of an MLB player.

Its length-to-weight ratio is also commendable, ensuring faster and more consistent bat swings.

Despite featuring a lighter concave-shaped end cap, I appreciate this bat’s balance. Hitting the baseball dead-center should be a cinch for the well-trained youngster, creating a runner or flyer that would put basemen’s skills to the test.

Kids will also appreciate the cushioned PU grip, ensuring they won’t tire out while holding the bat at the plate and guaranteeing better control.

One user concern I learned about this bat for ten-year-olds is the paint chipping after one game. Though appearance is not the most important thing about sport gear, it’s one area the manufacturer could work on.

I like USA bats for ten-year-olds such as this one for its batting performance, handling, and affordability. It might not be a top choice for hard hitters, but any 10-year-old should have fun with this bat.

  • Ideal bat configuration for 10-year-olds to ensure accuracy
  • Durable barrel with aircraft-grade alloy
  • Excellent balance for smoother and faster swings
  • Comfortable grip with cushioned polyurethane
  • Approved for USA Baseball games
  • Paint chipping too soon

2. Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619 USA Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece SL hyper alloy

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 30 inches

Weight: 19 ounces

Weight drop: -11

What do Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, and other MLB greats have in common besides being Hall of Famers? They all used a Louisville Slugger, and the company’s 2019 Solo 619 should help prepare 10-year-olds to follow in the path of the game’s greats.

Featuring an above-the-ordinary SL hyper alloy, this USA Baseball bat for ten-year-olds offers exceptional batting performance. Although the bat feels stiffer than a composite bat, it compensates by enlarging its sweet spot.

This design allows 10-year-old youth baseball players to hit the baseball with the accuracy of an MLB player without straining their arm muscles. I guess the system’s advantage is in maximizing energy transfer.

I also like this bat’s Speed Ballistic end cap technology. I’m unfamiliar with the system but appreciate its purpose. The bat’s leading edge has a slight taper with a balanced weight, allowing batters to ensure a faster bat speed without undermining control.

Ten-year-olds heading to the plate will feel confident about controlling these USA Bats’ movements. Its lightweight construction and end cap design produce a -11 drop weight, which 10-year-olds won’t have issues handling.

I like this bat’s LS Pro handle, a system with an excellent combination of comfort and tackiness that’s perfect for playing in any baseball league game.

I’m surprised a few parents complained of vibrations and “stings” impacting their kids’ batting performance with this USA bat for 10 year old kids. Oddly, most users don’t have this experience.

I understand why this Louisville Slugger bat scores high in many customer reviews. Its hard-to-beat performance and Little League readiness make it an essential tool for 10-year-olds aspiring to be the future Babe Ruth.

  • Huge sweet spot for optimum batting performance
  • Hyper alloy design with special end cap for enhanced swing speed
  • Guarantees maximum control with a light weight
  • Reliable combination of comfort and grip
  • USA Bat Standard-compliant
  • A few complaints about bat “stings”

3. Easton SPEED USA Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece aircraft-grade ALX50 aluminum

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 26 inches

Weight: 16 ounces

Weight drop: -10

Easton makes good-quality and reliable youth bats, including those for 10-year-olds. SPEED is one of the company’s best-selling models with nearly identical characteristics to RIVAL.

Besides sporting a different style and color scheme, Speed USA Baseball bats have a wider bat barrel but a shorter and lighter construction than RIVAL. Their differences suggest this bat is more suitable for shorter and smaller-framed ten-year-old baseball players.

Varying only in physical dimensions, this light bat is as impressively well-performing as its “big brother.” Its 2-5/8-inch barrel size should make it more suitable for 10-year-olds who need a larger sweet spot to hit the baseball.

The -10 weight drop gives this big barrel bat a reliable design, allowing ten-year-olds to hone their batting skills or progress through the next stages of baseball competency development.

I appreciate its 26/16 configuration and concave end cap, ensuring a more consistent, smooth, and balanced swing. Ten-year-olds can master their control with every practice. And when it’s game time, their proficiency will shine at the plate.

Although these USA Bats for ten-year-olds aren’t as tacky as I imagined, young players should have no issues retaining the bat in their hands. Kids will never complain of hand fatigue or strain, thanks to the baseball bat’s cushioned grip.

More importantly, 10-year-old kids can use this bat in USA Baseball-sanctioned league games and tournaments.

Head’s up! I read some concerns about this bat’s durability, with a few parents noting dents on the bat after only several sessions or a season. Interestingly, I didn’t experience this issue during my games.

Regardless, I would still get these USA bats for my 10-year-old. They’re affordable, perform well, and are comfortable – perfect for Joe DiMaggio wannabes.

  • Ideal for shorter and smaller-framed ten-year-olds
  • Reliable design for young baseball players with 2 ⅝ inch barrel and -10 drop
  • Ensures a well-balanced swing for faster and better control
  • Cushioned and comfortable grip
  • USA Baseball games-legal
  • A few concerns about dents

4. Rawlings 2021 5150 Youth Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece aerospace-grade alloy

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 29 inches

Weight: 19.5 ounces

Weight drop: -9.5

With nearly seven decades of making high-performance baseball bats under its belt, Rawlings is one of the most trusted names in the sport. And its 5150 Youth Bat has the nod of 10-year-olds and their parents.

Like many baseball bats with a 2-5/8-inch barrel size, this big barrel bat features an extensive sweet spot. With its ingenious design, the bat guarantees more hits per attempt and more pronounced explosiveness than the average big barrel bat.

Ten-year-old kids walking to the plate with this product will feel confident in their goal. This bat’s weight drop is perfect for most 10-year-olds, allowing them to lift and swing it quickly, smoothly, and consistently while minimizing mishits.

Like other Rawlings baseball bats, this best youth baseball bat has a remarkable balance. Ten-year-olds swinging it to hit a deep bomb will meet the baseball dead center. It won’t stray from its curve, maximizing energy transfer to send the ball rolling toward the outfield or flying across the stadium.

I’m glad this bat has USA Baseball emblazoned on the handle, making it legal to use in USA Baseball-sanctioned games or tournaments. There’s no second-guessing whether kids can use this bat in Little League games.

I found one attention-grabbing complaint about this 10u baseball bat. Unlike what many buyers think, it’s 19.5 ounces in weight, not 18. This weight discrepancy may influence how comfortable a child will feel holding it.

However, it’s not a huge issue, at least for my nephew. What I know is that this bat enjoys significant support from happy and satisfied parents of 10-year-old kids. I cannot dispute its balance, swing speed, control, comfort, and affordability.

  • Good bat for 10-year-olds from a reputable company
  • Extensive sweet spot with a nice weight drop for better swinging and more hits
  • Balanced design for excellent energy transfer and control
  • Recommended for all USA Baseball-associated tournaments
  • One-and-a-half ounce heavier than advertised

5. SZYT Wood Baseball Bat

Material: Wood

Barrel diameter: 2 inches

Length: 25 inches

Weight: 12 ounces

Weight drop: -3

The SZYT stands out on this list because it’s the only representative from the class of wooden bats. Although it’s illegal to use this wood bat in league tournaments (it doesn’t have a USA Baseball or USSSA certification), it could be an excellent training tool for aspiring baseball players.

Its 22-ounce weight makes this bat the heftiest on this list. This characteristic makes this tool ideal for larger or stronger ten-year-old kids, allowing them to lift and swing it with less effort than smaller-framed or weaker youngsters.

Surprisingly, despite its 22-ounce heft, this heavy bat still offers a well-balanced design. That’s remarkable for a bat vying for the title of the best baseball bat for 10-year-old kids.

This attribute should make youngsters’ training sessions more productive. They will develop the correct techniques for swinging the bat at incredible speeds. The swing speed they master will ensure top-notch performance in league tournaments.

As mentioned, it doesn’t have any league certification, limiting its use to non-league-sanctioned tournaments. Having said that, this bat makes the ideal practice and game-time tool for farm, community, and neighborhood softball, baseball, and tee-ball.

My favorite is its off-label functionality. Many parents buy this bat not for their 10-year-old kids but for themselves as a self-defense tool or emergency bat. They’ll never worry about the legal requirements for such a defensive object because there aren’t any.

Its multifunctional design and practice-centric bat performance factor are a perfect combination with its low price, making this bat a wise buy.

I’m concerned about this wooden bat’s quality control. For example, a user mentioned receiving a bat with reddish-pink streaks, so there might be some staining issues during manufacture.

It’s not league-legal, but this heavy bat feels right in the hands of 10-year-olds honing their batting skills.

  • Perfect for bigger 10-year-old baseball players
  • Good balance for a wooden bat to achieve high speeds
  • Can be used for tee-ball, softball, and baseball games
  • Excellent tool for self-defense
  • Good value for money
  • Some streaks on the bat

6. Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta USSSA Youth Baseball Bat

Material: Three-piece EKO composite

Barrel diameter: 2.75 inches

Length: 31 inches

Weight: 21 ounces

Weight drop: -10

I love composite youth USSSA bats because their explosiveness on and off the field is phenomenal. And one of my favorites is the Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta, with its near-flawless design and impeccable bat performance factor.

A performance-driven design fuels this USSSA bat’s entry into this list of the best bat for 10-year-old kids. Its EKO composite is a good thing, gleaning from the experiences of real people who have used these big barrel bats.

A friend has one, and he was kind enough to let me take a few swings. Although I’m way past a 10-year-old’s skill set and physical strength, I can feel the bat’s springiness as it hits a lobbed ball. Now, imagine a 10-year-old hitting the baseball squarely on-center.

I couldn’t feel vibrations running through my hands and arms as the ball ricocheted off the bat’s side. Stings were a goner, too. If I couldn’t feel this feedback with every mishit, neither will 10-year-olds. Thank you VCX2 Vibration Control System.

I’m impressed with the lighter swing weight of this bat model. Thanks to its GT1 end cap, 10-year-olds won’t have problems swinging the bat lightning-quick.

This USSSA baseball bat’s well-balanced design will give any 10-year-old batter maximum control, ensuring consistently smooth and ultra-fast swings every time they walk to the plate. Such youth baseball bats also deliver more power and boost the batter’s confidence.

A downside of composite youth bats is their lackluster durability. This big barrel bat for 10 year old kids isn’t an exception. And with its hefty price tag, durability concerns weigh down the bat’s value.

Still, I wouldn’t worry so much about the durability of this USSSA bat. After all, 10-year-olds aren’t the power-swinging Babe Ruth. Performance counts when the game’s on the line.

  • High-performance springy bat for the 10-year-old aspiring Major Leaguer
  • Excellent vibration control and “sting” prevention system
  • Unparalleled swing speed and power with GT1 cap and a balanced design
  • Recommended for USSSA-sanctioned games
  • Less durable than metal bats

7. Marucci CAT9 USSSA Senior League Metal Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece AZR alloy

Barrel diameter: 2.75 inches

Length: 28/29/30/31 inches

Weight: 18/19/20/21 ounces

Weight drop: -10

The Marucci CAT9 is worlds ahead of my 10-year-old kid’s CAT8, making me want to ditch the latter for the former. It’s a USSSA bat that’s as elegant-looking as it is high-performing.

I like this aluminum alloy youth bat for 10u travel baseball because it has one of the most exciting designs. It features a multi-variable wall construction, leaving no dead zones in its massive sweet spot. This innovation guarantees more accurate hits.

My favorite is the youth bat’s AV2 system, minimizing vibrations, stings, and other unwanted feedback coursing through the body when hitting the baseball. My son says he could feel the unpleasant “sting” with his CAT8, something he doesn’t get from this baseball bat.

I also appreciate this USSSA baseball bat’s AZR alloy microstructure, making it nearly as explosive as a composite bat. My son isn’t a power-hungry hitter, but he could send a baseball farther with this bat than his CAT8.

The soft-touch grip is a nice addition, allowing 10-year-olds to continue practicing for hours and playing baseball to their heart’s content.

These big barrel bats’ balance is also noteworthy, ensuring more consistent, powerful, and ultra-fast swings. Its -10 drop weight is perfect for ten-year-olds envisioning themselves playing in the Majors several years from now.

I understand some folks’ misgivings about this baseball bat’s price being higher than other aluminum bats. But if I can give my ten-year-old a high-performance piece of equipment that can outlast composite youth bats, I’ll pay any price.

For me, this product is the best baseball bat for 10-year-old kids. It has a sleek look, an unparalleled feel, excellent responsiveness, and unmatched explosiveness on the plate. The bat’s technological improvements and impeccable performance make it an excellent buy.

  • More mishit-forgiving than other aluminum baseball bats with multivariable wall
  • AV2 system for less vibration during hits
  • More remarkable “pop” than other bats
  • Well-balanced design for maximum bat control, speed, and precision
  • Soft grip with -10 drop
  • Slightly expensive for an aluminum alloy bat

8. DeMarini 2022 CF USA Youth Baseball Bat

Material: Two-piece composite

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 29 inches

Weight: 19 ounces

Weight drop: -10

DeMarini makes high-performance, high-quality professional and youth baseball bats, and its 2022 CF is one of the best bats for 10-year-olds. This composite baseball bat offers consistency, comfort, balance, speed, and accuracy at the plate.

I’m impressed with this bat’s design, especially its composite construction. Composite baseball bats have an excellent “pop.” Nothing could have prepared me for this product’s explosiveness at the plate. Transferring raw power to an incoming baseball is superb.

Adding to its explosiveness is an extensive sweet spot, allowing even an eight-year-old to hit a ball (what more if a ten-year-old uses it). The design allows youth players to swat the baseball with an MLB hitter’s consistency, speed, and power, sending the ball across or over the field.

I love the ReAction end cap, improving batting performance without undermining bat control, balance, and swing speed. I suspect an MLB player can slug it out with the best if they don’t mind the bat’s 29-inch length.

I adore this baseball bat’s 3Fusion Connection system, minimizing feedback while aiding in bat balance and control. Ten-year-olds won’t have issues with stinging sensations or intense vibrations after a mishit.

This characteristic will make playing ball more enjoyable for kids, allowing them to develop a passion for the sport and bring out their competitiveness.

Like most composite bats, this product has a heftier price tag than the usual aluminum alloy bat. Sadly, its cost takes center stage when one considers that the baseball bat’s end cap falls off easily. Surprisingly, more parents don’t have this issue, suggesting that the flaw is an isolated case.

I like composite bats more than alloy units because their springiness, responsiveness, and pop are unbeatable. This bat epitomizes what a composite baseball bat should be.

  • Superb “pop” for more power
  • Extended sweet spot for better coverage and consistency
  • Excellent balance and fast swing speed with ReAction end cap
  • More forgiving against mishit-associated feedback with 3Fusion system
  • Issues with the end cap falling off

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Bat for 10 Year Old


Buying the right bat for ten-year-olds is a cinch if your kid is moving up from their previous size. However, first-timers will often find the process intimidating. We prepared this guide to help you navigate the selection of the best baseball bats for ten-year-olds.


Choosing the right bat size for your 10-year-old requires determining the bat’s ideal length. As a rule, the longer the bat, the heavier it is. Moreover, the bat’s center moves farther from the batter’s hand with longer designs, causing balance and control issues.

You will want to determine the most suitable length for your child. But how do you do that? You have three options.

  • Method 1: Chest-to-Fingertip Distance

Ask your 10-year-old kid to raise his arm sideways parallel to the floor. Place one end of a tape measure on his chest’s center and extend the tape toward your kid’s fingertips. The distance between these two points approximates the ideal bat length.

  • Method 2: Floor-to-Knob

With your 10-year-old child standing firmly on the floor, place the bat with its head touching the floor and the knob facing up. Ask your kid to rest his palm on the knob. You found the correct size if your child’s palm rests squarely on the knob.

  • Method 3: Arm Length

Let your child stand and extend his arm forward, maintaining parallelism to the ground. Get a bat and rest its knob on the kid’s chest while asking your 10-year-old to grab the barrel. You know your child has the correct length if he can hold the bat by the barrel.

Height-and-weight charts are also useful in determining a 10-year-old’s recommended bat lengths. For instance, a 5’4” batter weighing 71 pounds should consider a 31-inch-long bat. Meanwhile, a 29-inch bat is suitable for a 4’6”, 58-pounds 10-year-old.

Bat Weight (and Weight Drop)

Weight is another crucial factor when buying a bat for ten-year-olds. Playing baseball can be too tiring for kids if the bat is too heavy. Control and speed can also be issues. Meanwhile, too-light bats won’t make the baseball go very far. Too light, and your kid won’t enjoy the game.

Determining the ideal bat weight can be confusing. However, there is an objective solution to such a concern.

First, multiply your 10-year-old’s height in inches by 30.7%. Next, determine the average pitch speed your kid must counteract (in mph) and multiply it by 0.1215 or 12.15%. Then add the results together to get the weight of the bat in ounces.

Suppose your child is 46 inches tall, and his friend pitches baseballs at 40 MPH. Multiplying 46 inches by 30.7% gives us 11.052. Factoring in 12.15% gives us 4.86. Adding 11.052 to 4.86 results in 15.912 or 16 ounces.

The baseball bat’s length-to-weight ratio or bat drop is also a crucial factor. To determine the length-to-weight ratio, subtract the length’s numerical value from the weight to obtain a negative number. For instance, a 30-inch, 20-ounce bat has a weight drop of -10 (10 – 20 = -10).

The ideal length-to-weight ratio for baseball bats for 10-year-olds is -10 to -11.


You have three choices for the best baseball bat material: alloy or metal, composite, and wood.

Alloy or metal bats have a wide sweet spot, guarantee a higher swing speed, and ensure better accuracy. These baseball bats are also more durable than composites and feature a well-balanced design. They’re more affordable, too.

Meanwhile, a composite youth bat is longer and lighter than alloy bats, making them perfect for many kids. Their most significant advantages are a whip-like feel during swinging and better tolerance against vibrations and other mishit-associated feedback.

Major League organizers prefer wooden baseball bats because they are less likely to cause injuries due to their velocity. Your child can benefit from this bat material, too.


A baseball bat’s configuration describes the relationship between its length and weight. For example, the best baseball bat for kids with a 29/19 configuration is 29 inches long and weighs 19 ounces.

It’s worth noting that bat configuration depends on the child’s height, strength, and skill level.

For example, a 30/20 bat is ideal for a 10-year-old with an average height, medium strength, and intermediate skills. On the other hand, a tall and strong 10-year-old with advanced baseball playing skills will perform better with a 31/23 bat.

A beginner 10-year-old baseball player with short stature and modest strength will find a 29/19 baseball bat more suitable.

League Regulations

Youth baseball organizations observe different bat-related league rules. You can pick the best baseball bat for ten-year-olds with a USA Baseball stamp or USA Bat sticker on the handle and use it in different Little League baseball tournaments.

Meanwhile, USSSA bats have a BPF 1.15 compliance seal and are eligible for use in tournaments sponsored or approved by the US Specialty Sports Association. USSSA bats are also great for travel competitions.

You can check with your league officials to determine which organization they adhere to.



What size of bat should I get for my 10 year old?

The right size baseball bat for ten-year-olds varies, but we recommend a 28- to 31-inch-long baseball bat weighing between 18 and 21 ounces.

What material is best for a 10 year old’s bat?

Most parents give an alloy bat to their 10-year-olds because it’s more affordable and offers better balance than composites. This type of bat allows 10-year-old batters to swing the bat quicker and ensure greater speeds.

On the other hand, a composite bat is lighter and more forgiving to mishit-associated vibrations, stings, and other feedback. It also has a larger sweet spot, enabling young players to hit the baseball more consistently than alloy bats.

If you want customizability and a pro feel, wood bats are an excellent choice for 10-year-olds. These baseball bats are also ready to use, requiring no break-ins.

How often should I replace my 10 year old’s bat?

The average lifespan of the best baseball bat for ten-year-olds is two years, although bat longevity depends on several factors. Using the baseball bat only occasionally can extend its lifespan beyond two years. On the other hand, overuse can shorten its longevity.

How to tell when a child is ready to move up a size?

You have several options to tell when a child is ready to move up a bat size.

First, your child needs a longer bat if the current one doesn’t reach your kid’s fingertips when he extends his arms sideways and places the bat’s other end over the chest.

Second, let your kid stand straight and rest his palm on the baseball bat’s knob. The bat should reach the ground. If not, your 10-year-old kid needs the next bat size.

Third, ask your child to grab the barrel and position the knob over his chest. He needs the next bat size if his hand moves further toward the bat’s end cap.

Caring tips for baseball bat for 10 year old

Caring for your 10-year-old’s bat can extend its longevity. You can observe the following tips to ensure the bat retains its pop longer.

  • Read the baseball bat manufacturer’s care instructions and recommendations.
  • Please don’t use the bat in 60-degree Fahrenheit weather or lower to avoid waterlogged baseballs, which are heavier and can damage your bat.
  • Teach your 10-year-old boy to consider his bat his personal property and that he alone can use it. It might sound selfish, but some kids might not know how to handle the bat properly.
  • Use only regulation baseballs because they have the correct weight suitable for your bat. You can use leather balls instead of cage balls if you want your child to practice.
  • Teach your 10-year-old to rotate the baseball bat a quarter turn after every hit to minimize dents and uneven wear.
  • Use a soft cloth to apply and rub the baseball bat’s surface with warm soapy water for cleaning.
  • Please observe the manufacturer-recommended break-in for a composite bat model. You can play tee-ball or softball and achieve about 200 swings to break in the bat.


The best baseball bat for 10 year old kids is 28 to 31 inches long and weighs 18 to 21 ounces, although individual differences can produce other baseball bat configurations. The recommended weight drop is -10 to -11. However, buyers must also consider their 10-year-old’s unique physical attributes.

Choosing the right bat for 10-year-olds is easy if the kid is moving up the ladder. On the other hand, first-timers can use our guide to select the best bat for their ten-year-olds.

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