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best baseball gloves for 10 year old

The best baseball gloves for 10 year old kids can make a whole lot of difference between a sensational baseball experience and a mediocre, often uncomfortable one. You can help your child find the best baseball glove they can use in their game, one that suits their needs and style.

First-time buyers of youth baseball gloves often find selecting the right product for their 10-year-olds confusing, if not intimidating. Parents with kids playing baseball for years consider three parameters in their youth baseball glove choices, as follows.

Glove sizes depend on the child’s age and physical characteristics. Some 10-year-olds are taller and heftier than others, requiring precise glove fitting.

Most 10-year-olds will do great with an 11- to 11.5-inch glove, except for catchers who need a 30- to 32.5-inch glove). These are approximations, and you can pick a perfect-fitting baseball glove for your 10-year-old.

The glove should “embrace” the kid’s hand, allowing them to catch a fast-moving ball without feeling pain upon impact. Technological advances can contribute to baseball gloves’ comfort (i.e., adjustable straps and shock-absorbent padding).

Many first-time buyers are confused about this parameter because a baseball glove’s hand orientation is the opposite of the player’s handedness. For example, a baseball glove for 10-year-olds with a right-hand throw design fits into the child’s left hand (the right hand is for handling the ball).

Other factors can influence a buyer’s decision to choose one baseball glove for ten-year-olds over another. We will cover these parameters in greater detail in this article’s buying guide and highlight them in the following review of the best youth baseball gloves for ten-year-olds.

Rawlings Preferred

Size: 11 inches

Material: Synthetic leather

Hand orientation: Right

Best Value

Franklin Sports 2017

Size: 12 inches

Material: Leather

Hand orientation: Right

Mizuno GXC105

Size: 32.5 inches

Material: Pigskin leather

Hand orientation: Right

8 Top-rated Baseball Gloves for 10 Year Old

1. Franklin Sports 2017 Field Master Baseball Gloves

Size: 11 inches

Material: Synthetic leather

Hand orientation: Right

Player position: Pitcher

Webbing: I-web

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The Franklin Sports Field Master is the runaway winner on this list of the best youth baseball glove for 10 year old kids, considering only its impressive consumer ratings. So, why do thousands of buyers pick this baseball glove?

I like this youth baseball glove’s Contour Fit System, allowing ten-year-olds to adjust the thumb pocket for a more “personalized” fit. The Velcro straps simplify customizations, ensuring youngsters can find the ideal “tightness” to meet the other fingers.

Although I’m not a fan of synthetic or faux leather, it has advantages. And that couldn’t be more pronounced than on this baseball bat. It’s about three times less expensive than the leather Rawlings Player Preferred Series baseball glove.

Another advantage is its break-in requirement. Although product information shows this baseball bat is ready for a game straight from the package, I still think it needs at least two weeks’ worth of breaking in. Regardless, it’s ready for the spotlight faster than leather gloves.

Faux leather is also more durable than authentic leather, and this baseball glove is not any different. Parents will be happy with their investment because their kids will use these gloves for many seasons.

Although product flyers recommend this glove for pitchers, infielders and outfielders will appreciate its I-web construction. Catching a runner should be a cinch, as dirt passes through the holes easily.

I caution buyers about getting their expectations too high for this youth baseball glove. It might be excellent for a grounder, but catching a fastball could be painful to young kids because this glove is thin and light.

Despite this concern, many parents still give this youth baseball glove to their 10-year-olds. Its affordability, functionality, durability, and customizability make this baseball glove an excellent choice for young aspiring ball players.

  • Shorter break-in period than authentic leather
  • Adjustable elements for the perfect fit
  • Durable synthetic material
  • Recommended for different baseball positions, except catcher
  • Budget-friendly yet high-quality
  • Fastballs can “sting”

2. Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series Baseball Gloves

Size: 12 inches

Material: Leather

Hand orientation: Right

Player position: Any, except catcher

Webbing: Basket web

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The Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series baseball glove is as impressive as the company’s youth and professional baseball bats. This glove feels like natural skin the more the baseball player uses it.

I love leather baseball gloves because they conform to the hands better than synthetic or faux leather. And this baseball glove is no different. Its ultra-soft and flexible shell complements the thoughtfully designed lining to create a glove that sits over the hands like a natural extension of the skin.

I appreciate the adjustable wrist strap, ensuring this baseball glove won’t slip off ten-year-old kids’ hands. Sadly, it doesn’t allow thumb sleeve modification, unlike the Field Master. Still, this baseball glove feels nice in the hand.

Notably, this baseball glove is made using ZeroShock technology. Unlike the Field Master that “stings” with fastballs, this glove incorporates palm padding to minimize discomfort when catching faster-than-usual baseballs. At least, ten-year-olds will have a more enjoyable game.

I love that this baseball glove is already 80% broken in. Although it’s not 100% ready for serious competition, the feature shortens the break-in period.

Please note this youth baseball glove is more suited for recreational and slow pitch baseball. However, 10-year-olds can still use it in tournaments because their throws aren’t MLB-fast.

After all, the average 10-year-old can only throw a fastball at 40 to 50 MPH, with the change-up speed slower by 10 MPH.

On this list, only the Acadia M-Type is more expensive than this youth baseball glove, making it less appealing to occasional or recreational ball players. I could buy five Jalunth youth baseball gloves or three Field Master gloves at this price. This baseball glove is one of the best investments parents could ever make. It’s pricey but delivers an experience no ten-year-old will ever forget.

  • Ideal for slowpitch and recreational baseball
  • Zero-sting design
  • Flexible and ultra-soft shell and glove lining for effortless catching
  • Customizable fit for maximum comfort
  • 80% factory broken-in for a game-ready feel
  • Slightly pricey

3. Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Size: 32.5 inches

Material: Full-grain pigskin leather

Hand orientation: Right

Player position: Catcher

Webbing: Half-moon

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The Japanese giant, Mizuno, offers the Prospect GXC105 to families who see a brilliant baseball catcher in their 10-year-olds. It’s a high-performance mitt for children aspiring to follow in the footsteps of Johnny Bench, Mike Piazza, Bill Dickey, and other MLB catcher Hall of Famers.

This 10u baseball glove has several advantages over other catcher’s mitts. For example, its ButterSoft polyurethane palm liner guarantees exceptional comfort and an unparalleled feel. This innovation also adds to the authentic pigskin leather baseball glove’s durability.

And then there’s the glove’s ParaShock palm pad technology. Ten-year-old catchers receiving 50+ MPH fastballs shouldn’t feel any sting upon impact. Although most 10-year-olds don’t pitch beyond 50 MPH, it’s still nice to know this catcher’s mitt can absorb high-velocity forces.

Catching a fastball should be a cinch for 10-year-olds, thanks to this glove’s PowerClose Technology. Its half-moon webbing ensures a deeper pocket to secure the baseball.

I also appreciate the PowerLock system, ensuring the catcher’s glove fits perfectly over the kid’s hand. It’s effortless and ultra-fast to adjust and secure, allowing youngsters to find the best fit.

The company removed two webbing lace loops to improve the glove’s flexibility and aid in a more secure closure. This innovation complements the PowerClose technology, ensuring zero ball drops.

These technological innovations can make a 10-year-old kid’s baseball-catching adventures more exciting and productive.

I could give this five stars, no questions asked. Unfortunately, the thumb sleeve doesn’t have sufficient padding. It’s not an issue for the average pitcher. However, a player throwing the ball at more than 50 MPH could sting the ten-year-old kid’s thumb.

This youth catcher’s mitt is one of the most impressive I’ve seen, and I would buy one for my 10-year-old if only he played the position. Still, other parents can feel confident about their children’s performance with this glove.

  • Exceptionally comfortable catcher’s glove
  • Guarantees effortless baseball catching
  • Zero-sting design
  • Excellent fit with ultra-fast closure
  • More flexible than other baseball gloves
  • The thumb sleeve could use more padding

4. Rawlings Select PRO LITE Youth Baseball Glove

Size: 12 inches

Material: Leather

Hand orientation: Right

Player position: Outfielder

Webbing: Pro H web

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The Rawlings Select PRO LITE is a featherweight version of the company’s Preferred Player Series gloves. However, this baseball glove is readier for the task, especially for 10-year-old kids manning the outfield.

This youth baseball glove features authentic leather like its slightly more expensive sibling. It’s like having a second skin, provided users observe proper break-in procedures. Still, my kid can wait as we practice catching slow and fast pitches in our backyard.

The palm section is thick, although I’m unsure what padding technology the company incorporated into this baseball glove’s design. Reading other parents’ experiences with this glove, I can conclude its shock reduction capabilities are spot-on.

Some 10-year-old kids might have issues fitting the glove’s opening over their hands. However, it’s one of the best ways to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Observing the correct break-in process should make fitting this glove a cinch.

I’m surprised by how easy this baseball glove is to control. Ten-year-olds will have no problems opening and closing the glove, let alone securing the ball for a quick transfer to the bare hand and throw. Young outfielders will have a heyday with this baseball glove.

Unfortunately, this youth baseball glove is stiffer out-of-the-box than the company’s Player Preferred Series gloves, considering this product is 90% factory broken-in. I can only assume that users with this experience received a less-than-satisfactory item.

Nevertheless, this youth baseball glove should be ready for a serious game once broken in. It’s comfortable, performs well, and doesn’t send shockwaves to the youngster’s body when other players deliver a fastball.

  • Recommended for outfielders
  • Comfortable to wear when properly broken in
  • Commendable shock reduction technology
  • Small hand opening for a better fit
  • Easy to control
  • Very stiff straight from the package

5. Franklin Sports Infinite Web/ShokSorb Series Teeball Fielding Glove

Size: 10.5 inches

Material: Synthetic leather

Hand orientation: Right

Player position: Pitcher

Webbing: Infinite web

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Here’s a baseball glove for kids who prefer playing tee-ball to competitive youth baseball. Despite this, Franklin Sports’ Infinite Web/ShokSorb Series Teeball Fielding Glove still offers enough oomph to make beginner players’ ball-catching adventures worthwhile.

I like how this glove fits over a ten-year-old kid’s hand, especially at the pitcher position. It hugs the hand, enveloping it to ensure unmatched conformity. Opening and closing the glove should be effortless because kids will feel it like their hand’s natural extension.

As many parents of 10-year-olds noted, the glove’s padded palm section is something to behold. The company calls the technology ShokSorb. It’s an innovation that reduces fastball-associated impact forces. Although I don’t think pitchers need this, the system remains a worthy addition.

A favorite of many, the baseball glove’s mesh shell construction delivers unbelievable comfort. Air passes through tiny holes, allowing the skin to breathe through the glove. No more sweaty and smelly hands after a competitive tee-ball game.

Surprisingly, this tee-ball glove doesn’t feature the Field Master’s I-web design. Instead, it sports infinite webbing, allowing young players to extend the laces and expand the webbing to create a deeper pocket. It’s an ingenious solution to ensure the baseball doesn’t roll off the glove.

The company recommends this glove for tee-ball, which helps explain its lower price than the Field Master. And although the Jalunth KLS016BSKT10_5RBK Kids Youth Junior Baseball Glove is more affordable, this baseball glove remains a good buy.

My only wish for this youth baseball glove is its wrist closure. Some 10-year-olds might have smallish hands, increasing the chances of this baseball glove slipping.

For the price of about seven Starbucks tall lattes, parents can give their ten-year-old kids a glove that’s perfect for beginners, tee-ball, and slowpitch baseball. I cannot and will not complain.

  • Excellent conformity to the child’s hand
  • Good “sting” and shock resistance for more comfortable ball catching
  • Breathable and comfortable glove shell
  • Expandable webbing for improved customization
  • Good value
  • Non-adjustable wrist closure

6. Rawlings Sure Catch T-Ball & Youth Baseball Glove

Size: 10.5 inches

Material: Leather

Hand orientation: Left

Player position: Infield

Webbing: Pro

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Rawlings returns to this list with its Sure-Catch baseball glove, the Franklin Sports Infinite Web/ShokSorb Series glove’s direct competitor. It has a nearly-identical design and innovative features to other Rawlings products.

As a tee-ball glove, some might question this mitt’s suitability for 10-year-olds. However, it’s worth noting that it’s perfect for beginners because it’s lightweight and effortless to use. Kids four to ten years old should find this glove ideal for ensuring an appreciation of and passion for the sport.

Unlike other leather gloves that feature a mesh or synthetic shell, this baseball mitt has an all-leather interior. This characteristic gives the baseball glove a skin-like feel, freeing youngsters from scratches and discomfort.

I like the padding in the finger slots, protecting young digits against impact forces. This attribute makes baseball-catching more enjoyable, fueling youngsters’ commitment and dedication to learning more about the sport. Although kids might get the dreaded “sting,” it’s bearable.

The baseball glove’s overall design guarantees maximum comfort for young players (although it requires proper break-in procedures). Comfort matters to kids because they will persevere in practicing the art of catching a baseball if they don’t feel aches, pains, or discomfort during practice.

Although this tee-ball glove costs nearly twice the Infinite Web/ShokSorb Series glove, it remains an excellent choice for budget-conscious families. Parents can buy two of these gloves for the price of a Marucci Acadia M-Type baseball glove.

Despite earning rave reviews on e-commerce sites, I’m surprised some users feel the baseball glove needs improvement in closure and game-readiness. Although expected, the glove feels stiffer than other leather baseball gloves. Its closing action is also unforgiving.

Proper break-in procedures can address these issues. And once it does, the benefits of leather baseball gloves will outweigh other potential drawbacks. It makes this tee-ball glove for ten-year-olds an excellent buy for beginner players.

  • Perfect for beginner baseball players
  • All-leather shell for durability
  • Improved padding on finger sleeves
  • Comfortable to use
  • Affordable
  • Glove feels stiff out of the box
  • Sluggish closing

7. Jalunth 5RBK Kids Youth Junior Baseball Infield Outfield Glove

Size: 10.5 inches

Material: Faux leather

Hand orientation: Right

Player position: Any, except catcher

Webbing: Basket web

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The Jalunth model is one of the budget-friendliest baseball gloves any parent can give to their kids aged six to ten years. The company also offers a nine-inch glove for three- to five-year-olds and an 11.5-inch variant for older children up to 14 years old.

Although inexpensive, the baseball glove still impresses with its thoughtful and stylish design and remarkable craftsmanship for its price. The company offers six color schemes that should appeal to young kids. I like the green-blue variant, although the black with yellow trim also looks nice.

The glove’s basket webbing gives it versatility across baseball positions (except catcher). It’s perfect for 10-year-old kids who are still unsure where they should be on the playing field. They could try the three bases, the infield, or the outfield.

Who knows? These youngsters might also excel at the pitcher position. And they can do it without requiring another baseball glove.

This baseball glove doesn’t have fancy names for its elements. Everything is as straightforward as most folks want. However, just because the company doesn’t use technical terms in its components doesn’t mean the glove is a pushover.

For example, the faux leather exterior hides thoughtfully designed foam padding. It protects young palms and fingers against fastball-associated discomfort. Although I’m unsure about this baseball glove’s zero-sting capabilities, users don’t complain much.

Although the company says this travel baseball glove requires no break-ins, it’s stiffer than other synthetic baseball gloves. It’s a minor inconvenience a proper break-in wouldn’t solve.

It’s one of the most practical baseball gloves for ten-year-olds. And while big-name brands offer more sterling performances, this baseball glove can hold its own. I recommend it to families on a tight budget and with kids in the first stages of baseball skill development.

  • Ideal for young baseball, tee-ball, and softball players
  • Versatile webbing for different positions
  • Foam-padded sleeves for optimum comfort
  • Available in vibrant designs and colors
  • Inexpensive
  • A bit stiff

8. Marucci Acadia M-Type Baseball Gloves

Size: 11 inches

Material: Full-grain cowhide leather

Hand orientation: Right

Player position: Pitcher

Webbing: I-web

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Rounding up our list of the best youth baseball gloves for ten-year-olds is Marucci’s Acadia M-Type. It’s a no-nonsense baseball mitt for youngsters who want a reliable tool for catching and securing baseballs for the game-clinching out.

I like that the company prefers to let the product do the “talking” on the baseball diamond. And for that, I’ve seen this baseball glove slowly climb in its customer positivity ratings.

I’m surprised to learn this baseball glove made of real cowhide leather is more effortless to break-in. Some gloves require several weeks of daily catch-ball sessions to make the material as supple as skin. I’m glad users will spend less time breaking-in this baseball glove.

Ten-year-olds will also appreciate how the baseball glove feels in their hands. It doesn’t have foam or synthetic cushion, only skin-smooth leather. With this glove, I will never worry about scuffs, skin irritation, and discomfort on my kid’s hands.

Surprisingly, the baseball glove snaps shut when catching a baseball. Although some kids might need to practice, this baseball mitt’s suppleness is impressive, allowing ten-year-olds to secure the pocket right after ball impact.

Its 11-inch size is perfect for most ten-year-olds, although the glove could be small or big for some kids. I recommend letting 10-year-olds try these gloves to determine fit and comfort.

This baseball glove for 9-10 year old kids is about five dollars more expensive than the Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series. Folks could buy two Rawlings Sure Catch baseball gloves for this product’s price tag.

I would pay a hundred dollars for this youth baseball glove. It’s comfortable, easy to break in, fits nicely on the hand, and performs well on the field.

  • Comfortable lining for enhanced skin and tissue protection
  • Lightweight design for better glove control and comfort
  • Faster to break-in than other authentic leather baseball gloves
  • Excellent fit for young hands
  • Reliable closing
  • Slightly pricey

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Gloves for 10 Year Old


Parents who want to give their 10-year-olds only the best baseball glove might want to consider the following attributes in their buying decisions.


for 10 year old is best?” Unfortunately, no quick answer to this question exists because baseball glove sizes vary depending on the user’s attributes.
For example, some kids might have stubby and short fingers, while others might have long and slender digits. Some 10-year-olds might have narrow palms or wide wrists.
Hence, the correct baseball glove size depends on your child’s actual hand measurements. And that’s why we recommend bringing your 10-year-old to the sporting goods store to try the baseball glove in person.
A good starting point is 11 to 11.5 inches. You can ask for the next smaller glove if it’s too big for your kid (or the next larger size if the glove is too small).
Please note that a baseball catcher’s glove is larger by at least 20 inches because it serves another purpose – as a target marker for the pitcher.


Quantifying a subjective factor is challenging, although glove comfort relates to its size. Too big, and 10-year-old kids might feel the glove squeezing their hands. Too small, and young players cannot control the glove as efficiently as they should.
Although some baseball glove materials are more comfortable, parents should bring their 10-year-olds to the store to try on the gloves. Alternatively, you can read product reviews and user experiences to gauge a baseball glove’s comfort.
As a rule, the glove should be flexible for better control yet sufficiently stiff to be strong. Parents might also want to check how the glove fits around their kids’ hands.

Hand Orientation

Determining a baseball glove’s hand orientation can be confusing to many first-timers. Companies label their baseball gloves as “right-hand thrown” or “left-hand thrown.”

As the labeling suggests, players using a right-hand thrown baseball glove must wear the mitt over their left hand. This position or hand orientation allows baseball players to catch the ball with the left hand and throw it with their right hand (the dominant hand).

It’s the opposite action for a left-hand thrown glove. Parents might want to check their kids’ handedness and determine if they’re right-handed (right-dominant) or left-handed. Pick a glove with a hand orientation reflecting the child’s dominant hand.


Identifying the correct baseball glove size for 10 year old kids isn’t the only concern for first-time buyers. They must also decide between plastic, synthetic, and leather.
Youth baseball experts recommend synthetic leather gloves for 10-year-olds because they’re ready for the game straight out of the box. These gloves are light and feature adjustable and comfort-enhancing elements.
These baseball gloves are perfect for 10-year-olds because these kids will still grow upon reaching puberty. They’ll have bigger hands, making the gloves impossible to fit.
On the other hand, leather baseball gloves offer a skin-like feel that only grows more comfortable and supple with age. Unfortunately, these gloves are pricier and require a break-in period to maximize their performance and comfort.
Some brands offer oil-treated or softened leather (broken in at the factory) to shorten the user-initiated break-in. Other leather gloves are Pro or Premium series, requiring an extended break-in period.
Although plastic baseball gloves are cheap, we don’t recommend them for 10-year-olds. These mitts might be great for toddlers but not for older kids.

Player Position Suitability

Interestingly, different baseball positions demand a different glove to make players more effective at their respective roles. Your knowledge of these player positions should help determine the best glove for your 10-year-old.

  • Pitchers – The ideal size for a 10-year-old pitcher’s mitt is between 11 and 11.75 inches, although everything depends on the kid’s hand size. The most crucial aspect here is the glove’s webbing. It should hide the baseball to prevent the hitter from seeing how the pitcher will throw the ball.
  • Midfielders (or Infielders) – These players need a lightweight 11.25- to 12-inch glove to insure quick play. Depending on how your kid manages the baseball, you can pick a glove with a deep or shallow pocket.
  • Outfielders – Most 10-year-old outfielders use a 12- to 13-inch glove with a closed webbing and a deep pocket. These attributes are crucial for catching runners and flyers while shielding the eyes against the glare.
  • Catchers – These baseball players demand a larger, heavily padded, fingerless mitt to create a “target box” for the pitcher to aim their throw. The glove is also shallow, which ensures lightning-quick baseball retrievals and spoiling base stealers. A 32-inch glove is sufficient for 10-year-olds.


A baseball glove’s webbing (i.e., the section spanning the mitt’s thumb and forefinger) is another crucial consideration when buying a baseball mitt for 10-year-olds. We’ll consider them based on player positions.

  • Pitchers – Basket web and modified trap
  • Catchers – Half-moon and one-piece
  • First baseman – Single post and modified H-web
  • Fielders – Basket, trapeze, modified trap, H-web, I-web, two-piece, and single post

Pocket Depth

Youth baseball experts recommend a glove with a shallow pocket for 10-year-olds playing as midfielders. The design allows them to transfer rolling balls quicker to their throwing hand and toss it to first base before the hitter touches the plate.

Meanwhile, players in the shortstop position, outfield, first base, and third base should get a glove with a deep pocket. This design enables baseball players to secure flyers and grounders.

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Gloves for 10 Year Old


What size gloves should a 10 year old use for baseball?

The “right size” baseball glove for 10-year-olds doesn’t exist because every ball player is unique. Some kids might have a small body frame but large hands, and vice versa. Although most youth baseball experts recommend a glove size of 11 to 11.5 inches, parents should consider several factors.

For example, player positions require different glove sizes. Midfielders need 11.25- to 12-inch gloves, while pitchers can work with 11- to 11.75-inch mitts. On the other hand, outfielders need a slightly larger glove (12 to 13 inches) to catch runners and flyers.

Catchers need bigger gloves to aid pitchers in “boxing” the baseball. Most 10-year-old catchers use a 32-inch glove.

Should a 10 year old player use a synthetic or leather glove?

Youth baseball experts recommend synthetic over authentic leather gloves for two reasons.

First, synthetic materials are game-ready, allowing young players to use the baseball glove immediately after purchase. Synthetic gloves also offer adjustability, ensuring youngsters can customize the ‘s feel and fit.

Second, 10-year-olds are a few years from puberty, where they experience massive growth spurts. Buying ten-year-olds expensive leather baseball gloves they will outgrow in one or two years isn’t wise.

However, leather baseball gloves remain an excellent choice for parents and kids ready to devote time and effort to breaking them in. Money shouldn’t be a concern, too.

How do I break in a new glove for my 10 year old player?

Parents of 10-year-olds can help break in their kids’ new leather baseball gloves with the following methods.

  • Apply a commercially available “hot glove treatment” to soften the leather baseball glove and prepare it to game-readiness within minutes.
  • Use a wooden baseball mallet to pound the “stiff” leather material to “submission.” Ensure to strike only the glove’s pocket. Please don’t use any other material (i.e., metal or stone) to break in the glove.
  • Apply an appropriate leather conditioner on the baseball glove.
  • Practice catching baseballs with your kid within two to three hours of receiving the brand-new glove.
  • Teach your child to pull the baseball glove’s stiff parts before every practice or game.
  • Fill a large bucket with warm water and hold the baseball glove above the water. Get a small cup, scoop warm water, and pour it over the glove’s palm and finger sections. Try to invert the baseball glove, exposing the palm’s interior. Continue pouring warm water.

Strike the baseball glove with a wooden mallet. Place a baseball in the glove’s pocket and “close” the glove by wrapping cloth over it and securing it with rubber bands or a tie. Leave the glove for a day or two.


The best baseball gloves for 10 year old kids feature synthetic materials because they’re game-ready, inexpensive, and offer other striking attributes, such as adjustable components and thick padding.

Leather baseball gloves for young players are better if parents and kids know how to break in the mitts properly. Price can also be a crucial consideration.

As for the size, most ten-year-olds find 11- to 11.5-inch baseball gloves comfortable and easy to control. However, individual differences and baseball position requirements can influence buying decisions.

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