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best bat for 8 year old

The best bat for 8 year old kids should allow youngsters to go through the youth baseball developmental stages easily and progressively. More importantly, the correct youth baseball bat is crucial for ensuring 8-year-old kids create the brightest and fondest memories for the future.

Selecting age-appropriate baseball bats is intricate and challenging. Although bat choice is personal, our research involving parents with eight-year-old kids showed three essential factors to consider when shopping for a bat for their respective youngsters.

The bat’s length is crucial for targeting the “sweet spot” at the batting plate. Many think a bat that extends to the plate’s outermost edges is better. However, it may off-balance your kid’s center of gravity, leading to a missed swing. Aim for a length of 25 to 28 inches instead.

Just as an extended bat can make an eight-year-old miss the ball, so too can hefty weight.

Too heavy, and the youngster cannot execute a fluid swing motion because the bat’s heft pulls the child’s arm down. Too light, and the eight-year-old kid will swing very fast, but the ball won’t go very far because of reduced inertia.

Aluminum bats are durable, require no break-in, and are affordable. Unfortunately, alloy or metal bats are susceptible to vibration feedback.

Meanwhile, composite bats are flexible and more forgiving against mishits-related “stings” and vibrations. Sadly, they’re pricey and cannot withstand low temperatures.

Other factors also influence buying decisions, including league standards, barrel size, design, price, and durability. We will discuss these parameters in our buying guide. Moreover, we will highlight some factors in the following reviews of the best baseball bats for eight-year-olds.


Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches

Length: 26 inches

Weight: 16 ounces

Best Value

Rawlings 2022 Raptor USA

Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches

Length: 27 inches

Weight: 15 ounces

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 28 inches

Weight: 17 ounces

7 Top-rated Bats for 8-Year-Old Kids

1. Rawlings 2022 Raptor USA Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece aluminum alloy and polyurethane grip

Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches

Length: 26 inches

Weight: 16 ounces

Weight drop: -10

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A best-seller in many e-commerce platforms, the Rawlings Raptor 2022 edition makes its case as the best baseball bat for eight-year-old hitters. Its design and performance on and off the field can make this bat a favorite of young batters.

Although I’m a fan of composites, I cannot deny this USA Baseball-approved bat’s performance. It still sends vibrations through the body but at significantly reduced levels. This observation is due to the product’s ingenious barrel design. Mishits won’t “sting” youngsters’ hands.

I also appreciate this baseball bat’s X-Tended Sweetspot Technology. To put it in layman’s terms, this innovation allows eight-year-olds to improve plate coverage during their turn to bat. Hitting the baseball should be a cinch, further minimizing mishits.

The barrel size might be wide, but the bat’s handle is uber-slim. The tiny hands of 8-year-olds should wrap easily around the bat, while its high-tack wrapping guarantees non-slip handling. Such a design helps improve control.

I love the bat’s balance for a number of reasons. First, its weight drop is perfect for eight-year-olds, enabling them to lift and handle the bat as effortlessly as possible. Second, the company shaved the heft off this bat’s leading edge, allowing youngsters to swing it easily and fast.

However, one drawback is that the Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) considers this USA bat for 8 year old kids illegal. The organization “outlaws” all 2.25-inch diameter bats in IESA-sanctioned games. Other youth baseball leagues might have similar rules.

Still, this youth baseball bat isn’t only a delightful tool for eight-year-old ball players. It can also be the best baseball bat for nine- and ten-year-olds. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any family who loves their baseball-adoring youngster.

  • Advanced X-Tended Sweetspot Technology for more accurate hits
  • Less “sting” and vibrations
  • Comfortable polyurethane grip for better control
  • Great balance for faster swings
  • USA Baseball-approved
  • Some youth baseball leagues might consider this bat illegal

2. Easton TYPHOON USA Baseball Bat

Material: Military-grade ALX100 aluminum alloy and polyurethane grip

Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches

Length: 27 inches

Weight: 15 ounces

Weight drop: -12

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Easton’s TYPHOON product isn’t brewing a storm, but it sure can ignite the baseball-loving fire in an 8 year old boy. It looks like other baseball bats, but this product performs splendidly. It has some aces to make transitioning to higher youth baseball levels a breeze for any 8-year-old.

Like the Raptor, this baseball bat for 8-year-olds has a slimmer barrel, resembling Senior League Division bats. Some folks might not like the 2.25-inch diameter, but I love it. It’s perfect for training youngsters to hit the ball with a slim-profile tool.

The handle is less tacky than the Raptor. However, it still provides an excellent grip on the bat, ensuring 8-year-old batters won’t send this bat flying toward the dugout or across the field after they swing.

Controlling the bat is easy, too. Its weight drop is perfect even for seven-year-olds. Lifting the bat from the plate and swinging it to meet the lobbed ball are a cinch, increasing batting accuracy.

I like this baseball bat for its exceptional balance. Eight-year-olds moving to the plate and playing baseball can swing their arms in one solid motion, maintaining an even swoop with the bat.

Unlike other USA baseball bats for 8-year-olds, this product costs less than a hundred dollars. And since it has the USA Baseball sticker on the handle, parents can bring this bat to their kids’ USA Baseball-sanctioned games.

That said, I don’t recommend this bat for heavy hitters and highly competitive games where pitchers can throw uber-fast lobs. A fastpitch bat would be more suitable.

Nevertheless, this bat earned my respect for its balance, speed, and suitable weight for eight-year-olds at a friendly price. It’s the best USA bat for many.

  • Ideal for transitioning to intermediate peewee baseball
  • Comfortable and easy to control
  • Commendable balance for a more level swing
  • Can be used in USA Baseball-sanctioned games
  • Good value
  • Not recommended for heavy hitters

3. Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 28 inches

Weight: 17 ounces

Weight drop: -11

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Rawlings returns to our list with its 2019 version of the Model 5150. It’s an impressive youth USA Baseball bat that’s been making the rounds in Little League games and friendly neighborhood competitions for at least four years.

Like the Raptor, this USA bat for 8-year-old youngsters features one-piece aluminum construction. That said, the bat is ideal for kids below 15, allowing them to enjoy the product a little longer.

I like the bat’s Pop 2.0 system, increasing its sweet spot while retaining the ideal barrel size. This innovation helps 8-year-old kids build confidence in hitting the baseball, giving them a sense of accomplishment. It also minimizes the chances of mishits.

For kids, this baseball bat’s balance is a huge advantage, despite having a lighter end cap. Eight-year-olds won’t have issues swinging it in its natural arc, ensuring better chances of hitting the baseball. And when kids hit a flyer or a grounder, they will find more reasons to continue playing the sport.

This USA bat is also designed with improved control in mind, thus giving eight-year-old kids transitioning into more serious competition an edge. The aerospace-grade construction, aside from enhancing performance, also provides clearer feedback without hurting kids’ hands.

I only wish this baseball bat for 7-8 year old kids featured a tackier, moisture-resistant grip. The bat handles well when it’s dry. It’s a different story with sweaty palms.

This USA Baseball bat is the best baseball bat for 8-year-olds. It has a balanced swing weight and exceptional performance. It’s also ideal for parents who want a budget-friendly investment that lasts several seasons. Who knows, youth players might even use this bat until age 14.

  • Uber-quick swing speed and control thanks to an aerospace-grade design
  • Reengineered Pop 2.0 technology for an extended sweet spot
  • HyperLite speed end cap for faster swings
  • Exceptional balance
  • Approved for USA Baseball games
  • “Slippery” handle when sweating

4. Marucci CAT8 USSA Junior Big Barrel Bat

Material: One-piece aluminum alloy

Barrel diameter: 2.75 inches

Length: 25 inches

Weight: 15 ounces

Weight drop: -10

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The Marucci CAT8 is a top-rated baseball bat for eight-year-olds, enjoying glowing reviews from past customers. Its weight and length are perfect for the youngster transitioning from tee-ball or advancing to more technical baseball competencies.

I love this baseball bat’s ingenious design featuring a multi-variable wall. This innovation increases its sweet spot, allowing youngsters to hit the ball with better accuracy. Moreover, the feature ensures fewer mishits, to the delight of parents watching from the sidelines.

The bat’s wall design minimizes “stings” and vibrations during mishits. Eight-year-old kids will still feel the feedback, but the intensity will be lower than products without the wall innovation.

I drove by our local ballpark one morning, where kids as young as seven were playing a game. One player, an eight-year-old (I think), went to the plate holding a CAT8. The way he swung the bat was clean, smooth, and fast. It was consistent, too.

Unlike the 5150, this baseball bat’s handle doesn’t slip from kids’ hands, regardless of how much they sweat. The micro-perforated grip guarantees better control and contributes to the baseball bat’s fast speed and consistent swing.

Although eight-year-old kids cannot use this bat in USA Baseball-sanctioned games (it’s bigger than the allowed 2-5/8-inch bat), it remains ideal in US Specialty Sports Association (USSSA)-approved competitions.

Some folks might find this USSA Junior big barrel bat for 8 year old kids a bit overpriced. For example, it costs tens of dollars more than the TYPHOON, and parents could buy at least three Rawlings Remix bats for this product’s price.

However, I personally don’t mind paying extras if I could guarantee a more explosive batting performance for my eight-year-old kid.

  • Ensures better coverage of the baseball
  • Clean, smooth, and consistent swing speed and motion
  • More forgiving against mishits
  • Tacky yet comfortable to hold with the micro-perforated grip
  • BPF 1.15 standard-compliant
  • Less affordable than other baseball bats for 8-year-old kids

5. Rawlings Remix USA Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece aluminum alloy

Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches

Length: 26 inches

Weight: 16 ounces

Weight drop: -10

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Affordability is the Rawlings Remix USA Baseball Bat’s most significant advantage over other bats for eight-year-olds on this list. And though its price is friendly on the pocket, this product still manages to impress many parents for its performance.

Most parents consider 26 inches and 16 ounces the right size bat for 8 year old kids. I find these dimensions and its overall construction essential for helping beginner baseball players learn and master the basics of the game.

This USA Baseball bat is light enough not to weigh down kids’ arms yet robust enough to withstand repeated hits of balls lobbed. I consider this one perfect for farm games and coach-pitch sessions, allowing eight-year-old youngsters to get a feel for the game.

I appreciate the X-Tended sweet spot of this USA bat, a standard feature in many youth baseball bats. Ensuring fewer mishits is a guarantee. More importantly, the ample coverage allows 8-year-olds to appreciate the joys of sending a ball flying over the field.

Balancing this baseball bat shouldn’t be challenging for eight-year-old players. The weight distribution is impressive, allowing kids to swing the equipment in a fluid motion and hit the baseball dead center. Its -10 drop weight is also crucial for ensuring the bat stays within the zone, underscoring its controllability.

I’m not surprised that this bat for 8-year-old kids has issues. After all, it’s one of the cheapest on this list. Its most significant flaw is bat handle durability, which often bends after only several training sessions and even with a timid swinger.

For all its worth, this baseball bat remains an excellent buy for families with baseball-loving eight-year-olds. They can master the fundamentals for several years without buying another bat. Eight-year-old kids will love this baseball bat’s feel and performance.

  • Recommended for beginner baseball players
  • Ensures better baseball coverage
  • Proper weight distribution for better balance
  • -10 drop weight for ease of control
  • Good value
  • A few concerns with durability

6. Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619 USA Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece hyper alloy composite

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 28 inches

Weight: 17 ounces

Weight drop: -11

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I love the name “Slugger” because it underscores the 2019 Louisville Slugger Solo 619’s hard-hitting design and construction. The only composite baseball bat for eight-year-olds on this list, this product never fails to impress.

I love a composite bat because it’s more flexible and forgiving when the baseball hits the bat off-center. Vibrations won’t spoil the fun in baseball, allowing eight-year-olds to practice all they want and even play in competitions.

The material might be less durable than aluminum, but this bat’s performance is almost unbeatable. The “pop” this composite bat creates can drive baseballs farther and higher than any aluminum alloy, allowing 8-year-olds to revel in their accomplishments.

I appreciate the Louisville Slugger Solo bat’s SBC-speed ballistic end cap, enabling youngsters to swing it at incredible speeds without losing control. Parents can watch their kids go to the plate brimming with confidence.

The handle’s feel differs from other baseball bats on this list. It’s comfortable, regardless of how tight the batter grips it. And when 8-year-old kids swing this tool, they can be confident it stays in their hands (unless they let go).

I like this bat because eight-year-old kids can use it in different leagues, including the Little League, AAU, Dixie Youth Baseball, Babe Ruth baseball, pony baseball, AABC, and Cal Ripken baseball.

Like the Marucci CAT8, this baseball bat for 8 year old kids can be pricey. However, I must point out that its composite construction makes this product a great bargain. Moreover, kids won’t complain about “stings” and hyper-vibrations when they mishit the ball.

I cannot fault this bat for 8-year-old kids, and I would get one for my nephew, who is aspiring to make it big in Major League Baseball.

  • Light swing for maximum speed
  • Unmatched “explosiveness” for its price
  • Superb bat control
  • Improved grip for optimum comfort
  • Approved for different youth baseball games
  • Slightly pricey

7. Easton SPEED USSSA Baseball Bat

Material: One-piece ALX50 aluminum alloy

Barrel diameter: 2.625 inches

Length: 26 inches

Weight: 15 ounces

Weight drop: -11

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The Easton SPEED might be less impressive than the TYPHOON series, but it can be a worthwhile investment for training eight-year-olds in the essentials of the sport. Like many coach pitch bats, this baseball bat is perfect for harnessing beginner baseball skills off a competitive field.

I like the 2-5/8-inch barrel diameter, ensuring the younglings have a larger bat surface area to hit the ball. It should make training and practice more engaging and fulfilling for these youngsters, allowing them to develop essential youth baseball competencies.

The design lends the baseball bat better control, enabling 8-year-old children to learn the ideal swing. It’s neither too heavy nor too light, allowing youngsters to swing the bat as fast as possible. It won’t wobble midflight or strain kids’ shoulders and arms.

I also appreciate this kiddie bat’s concave end cap, shaving a fraction of an ounce off its tip. The balance is great for bats at this price range and technical specifications.

Surprisingly, the handle is comfortable, thanks to a 2.2-millimeter Flex Grip technology. Eight-year-old kids won’t complain about how much their hands hurt after holding the bat and attempting to hit the baseball.

Ideally suited for coach pitch sessions, this baseball bat complies with the standards set by the US Specialty Sports Association. It enables kids to participate in competitions sanctioned by the organization.

I’m surprised some parents complained about this bat’s sturdiness, mentioning that it’s easy to dent after only a few games. Moreover, some buyers were upset their kids couldn’t use the bat in Little League-approved games.

This baseball bat might be prohibited in USA Baseball-sanctioned games, but its performance still makes it an excellent training tool for eight-year-olds who are newbies. It’s lightweight and well-balanced, allowing kids to enjoy the game as they learn more about it.

  • Lightweight construction for better control
  • Fast swing speed
  • Good balance
  • Comfortable handle
  • USSSA-approved
  • Some issues with sturdiness
  • Not for Little League games

What to Look for When Buying Bat for 8 Year Old

The market offers many 8u baseball bats, and choosing the best bat for your kid can be challenging, if not intimidating. So, how do you pick the right bat? Please consider the following.


Bat length is a crucial parameter to take into consideration since it’s one of the most crucial elements for determining the correct bat size.

You cannot have the youth bat too long for an eight-year-old because the extended length moves the bat’s center of gravity away from the child, making it feel heavy. Moreover, swinging too-long equipment increases the chances of missing the baseball.

On the other hand, a too-short baseball bat size increases the chances of producing mishits. The baseball will hit the bat’s end cap instead of the barrel. You won’t see that in the best youth baseball bats.

So, how do you choose the correct bat size relative to its length? You have two options to determine the right size baseball bat.

  • Chest-to-fingertip Method – Let your eight-year-old child raise his arm to the side, ensuring it’s parallel to the floor or ground. Take a tape measure and place its tip on your kid’s centerline (right over the breastbone. Extend the tape measure to their middle finger. The measurement approximates the bat length.
  • Floor-to-knob Method – Let your 8-year-old kid stand firmly on the floor and place the baseball bat on his side so that its end cap rests on the floor. Your child’s palm should rest on the bat’s knob.
  • Arm Length Method – This method is a combination of the first two techniques but with a few modifications.

    Position the baseball bat’s knob in your kid’s breastbone and ask him to extend his arm forward. Let him grab the bat with his extended arms. The baseball bat is the right size if your child can reach the bat’s barrel.

Alternatively, you can check online resources for the recommended baseball bat length for 8-year-olds corresponding to their weight and height. These tools can help ensure the right youth baseball bat for your child.

For example, a child who stands three feet six inches and weighs 63 pounds should consider a 27-inch-long youth baseball bat. Meanwhile, a 4’5” eight-year-old weighing 84 pounds must select from 30-inch-long youth baseball bats.

The best bat for 8 year old kids (bat length) is 24 to 27 inches, although everything still depends on your kid’s height.


A good bat must be easy for an eight-year-old to lift, control, and swing.

Too heavy, and your child will give up baseball because the kid baseball bat strains his arm muscles. Swinging saps his energy and increases the likelihood of missing the ball. It also compromises bat speed.

A lighter bat (or too light) can impede baseball movement, causing the baseball to not go very far. Your 8-year-old will be disappointed because he cannot even reach first base. He might be better off with a foam bat.

You can determine a bat’s weight better by relating it to length. That’s why bat manufacturers rate the best baseball bat according to its length-to-weight ratio. Baseball enthusiasts call the length-to-weight ratio “weight drop” or “drop bat.”

Determining a bat’s weight drop (or drop weight) is as easy as subtracting its length value from its weight to get a negative number. For example, a 27-inch-long bat weighing 16 ounces has a -11 length-to-weight ratio (16 – 27 = -11).

Experts recommend a weight bat drop of -8 to -12 for young players aged seven to ten. The best bat for 8-year-old players is between -10 and -13. As for the weight bat, the recommendation is 14 to 17 ounces.


The best bat for 8-year-old youngsters features one of two materials: metal alloy (mostly aluminum) or composite.

Most parents buy an alloy bat for their 8-year-old kids because it’s more affordable and durable. These usual bats can be wielded straight out of the box without any break-in periods.

Sadly, mishits often produce a “stinging” sensation that travels through the kid’s body. Vibrations and other tactile feedback are more pronounced because aluminum bats are less flexible. Eight-year-olds might also not get the “pop” they want from a bat.

On the other hand, composite baseball bats address the alloy’s shortcomings. They send fewer vibrations through the body in case the youth players hit the baseball off-center. Swinging the bat is also faster and lighter, and its larger sweet spot ensures more accurate hits.

Unfortunately, composite baseball bats are pricier than their alloy counterparts. They are also less durable, especially when exposed to low temperatures.

Youth League Standards

Buyers must also learn existing youth baseball league regulations. However, this factor isn’t necessary if your child will not play in any baseball organization-sanctioned game (only backyard, farm, or neighborhood matches).

Most little leagues adopt USA Baseball (USA Bat) standards, such as Dixie baseball, Babe Ruth baseball, and Cal Ripken baseball. USA bats must have the organization’s sticker or stamp on the baseball bat’s handle between the barrel and the grip.

On the other hand, the US Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has a different standard. It requires all baseball bats to have a performance factor of 1.15 (equal to 115% of the performance of wood bats) to gain approval. After all, a great bat should outperform a wooden bat.

Please note that USSSA bats are legal only in travel ball and USSSA-sanctioned competitions.


Two things can influence a baseball bat’s price: technological innovations and brand.

Understandably, the latest technologies integrated into the design and construction of a bat for eight-year-olds will command a premium price. After all, research and development isn’t a cheap endeavor.

For example, improvements in materials can transform a lightweight bat into a highly durable bat.

Some brands have been in the business of making high-quality baseball bats for youngsters for more than a century, while others are relatively newcomers.

Sans technological innovations, an old company with a proven track record for excellent bats can demand a premium price compared to a newbie brand.

We recommend researching the baseball bat’s history and technologies and evaluating them against the product’s price. The ideal baseball bat should offer exceptional value.

Tips to Choose the Right Size Bat for 8 Year Old

For your 8 year old, baseball bats will be more beneficial if they’re the right size. Consider the following tips to ensure you get the right baseball bat size for your eight-year-old.

  • Bring your child to the sports supply store when buying a slowpitch or fastpitch bat. Start with one appropriate for your kid’s weight and height.
  • Encourage your eight-year-old to swing as many bats (with different weights and lengths) as he possibly can. Ask him to note how the bat feels when he swings it.
  • Watch your kid how he swings the bat. Parents familiar with the sport will easily recognize a bat as perfect for the player by how he holds and swings it.

How Do I Teach My 8 Year Old to Bat?

Teaching eight-year-old kids how to bat starts by giving them the right bat, not a cricket bat. Children can learn more if they play in a real baseball field instead of the backyard. Moreover, motivating and encouraging kids to learn batting essentials are crucial.

  • Be patient in describing and explaining to kids the essential batting skills. Ask questions and demonstrate how to hold and swing the bat, including the proper posture on the plate.
  • Assess their understanding of your instructions (and demonstrations) by allowing them to practice batting balls. Please don’t be too strict. Be their guide.
  • Incorporate throwing and stretching exercises in your sessions, including fly balls and ground balls. Teach them how to hold and throw the baseball with their bare hands before moving to gloves.
  • Show them how to run bases and hit circuits after gaining enough confidence in the preceding activities.
  • Arrange small games or competitions and incorporate fun activities to keep eight-year-olds interested in baseball.

Composite Vs. Alloy Bat: Which is Better for 8 Year Old?

The choice between alloy and composite bats for eight-year-olds is a matter of the batter’s preferences.

An aluminum alloy slowpitch or fastpitch bat is more durable and less expensive than composites. They also don’t require a break-in period. The downside is more significant vibrations and “stings” with each mishit. Alloy bats’ explosiveness is also less than a composite.

Despite their hefty price tags and durability concerns, serious and well-meaning baseball players pick composite bats over alloys due to their larger “sweet spots”. They also offer a flexible swing feel, almost whip-like. Moreover, they’re more forgiving with mishits.

So, a composite baseball bat is better for an eight-year-old who aspires to become the best baseball player. On the other hand, an alloy bat is more suitable for families who prefer durability, affordability, and straight-off-the-box functionality.


The best bat for 8 year old kids has a length between 24 and 27 inches, weighs 14 to 17 ounces, and has a bat drop of -10 to -13. It also has the appropriate “stamp” or sticker, underscoring its compliance with league standards.

Ultimately, your kid will decide which baseball bat feels best on the plate. You can help him choose the right bat with our buying guide. And if that doesn’t help, you can always narrow your eight-year-old kid’s selection to the seven baseball bats for 8-year-olds we reviewed.

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