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The best youth baseball cleats for wide feet offer maximum comfort for young sluggers, hitters, catchers, and future Hall of Famers. These baseball-centric footwears enable youth players to excel at the sport with accuracy, passion, and joy.

Unfortunately, shopping for the ideal cleats for a budding baseball player can be daunting for first-timers. The good news is that parents with wide-footed kids share three essential qualities to look for when buying baseball cleats for kids with wide feet.

Although the length of a child’s feet matters, its width is more crucial. Kids’ feet might have the same longitudinal span but vary in width.

Unlike adult baseball cleats that often come in 5e and 4e wide baseball cleats, youth baseball cleats for wide feet may come in W (wide) and XW (extra-wide) or use numbers for sizing.

Youth baseball players with sensitive ankles (i.e., ankle sprain proneness) can use high-cut baseball cleats to support their ankles. Meanwhile, low-cuts are ideal for kiddie players who want maximum speed and flexibility. Mid-cut baseball cleats offer a balance between agility and ankle support.

Like other footwear, baseball cleats for youngsters with wide feet feature leather or synthetic materials. Leather cleats are durable but pricey and heavy. Meanwhile, youth baseball cleats with synthetic materials are affordable and lightweight.

Although these factors can help narrow your choices for the best baseball cleats for wide-footed kids, knowing other considerations can further zero in on the best. We will discuss these parameters in the buying guide and highlight them in the following reviews.

New Balance J4040TB6 Kid’s 4040 V6

Sizes: Little kid to big kid

Cleat type: Molded plastic

Cleat height: Mid

Best Value

Guardian Baseball BLAZE Youth Low

Sizes: 12 little kids to 7 big kids

Cleat type: Unisex

Cleat height: Low

Guardian Baseball BLAZE Youth High

Sizes: 12 little kids to 7 big kids

Cleat type: Unisex

Cleat height: High

Top 7 Youth Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet

1. Guardian Baseball BLAZE Youth Low Top Baseball Cleats

Sizes: 12 little kid (7.125 inches) to 7 big kid (9.75 inches)

Cleat type: Unisex

Cleat height: Low

Material: Synthetic nubuck with polyurethane upper

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Guardian Baseball is a reputable brand for wide feet youngsters who want dependable, comfortable, high-performance shoes to excel in baseball. And the company’s BLAZE Low Top leads this list of the best baseball cleats for young players with wide feet.

Fourteen Fortex grip spikes complete these baseball shoes’ V-configuration cleats, ensuring optimum outsole coverage for improved performance on the field. Cutting and stopping should be a cinch, and youth baseball players will appreciate better leadoff.

Parents will love the lightly padded insole, allowing young kids to perform better on the field. The tongue also has ample padding, and its breathable design gives these baseball cleats unimaginable comfort. Also, the air holes on the cleat’s toe can add foot ventilation.

Although these cleats don’t have a steel toe, I appreciate the double reinforcement integrated into the design. Kids can whack their cleats in the ground and never worry about hurting their feet. They could run all day and dig the cleats into the grassy field, and their shoes will remain intact.

A reinforced honeycomb structure guards the heel section, minimizing impact forces when kids tap or strike their baseball bats on their cleats.

The footwear’s lacing system is easy to secure, allowing young baseball players to adjust comfort and fit. It’s also lightweight without undermining the footwear’s longevity. Running on the field or from one base to the next is a flash.

However, I’m surprised that some parents found the shoe sizes confusing. For example, the company’s shoe size chart is bigger than the child’s feet, even though they have similar values.

Still, these baseball cleats for wide-footed youngsters are for keeps. They offer exceptional stability, performance, comfort, and strength at a reasonable price. Kids can play all day, every day without complaining about hurting their feet.


  • High-performance V-configuration with Fortex spikes for maximum playability
  • Breathable and comfortable upper with air holes
  • Adjustable lacing system for optimum comfort
  • Padded insole and tongue with double-reinforced toe
  • Lightweight and durable design with honeycomb structure


  • Confusing sizing

2. New Balance J4040TB6 Kid’s 4040 V6 Molded Baseball Sho

Sizes: Little kid (4-8 years) to big kid (8-12 years)

Cleat type: Molded plastic

Cleat height: Mid

Material: Rubber outsole with synthetic upper

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The New Balance (NB) 4040 V6 is a dependable footwear for the aspiring Little Leaguer. Available in various sizes for four- to 12-year-olds, these baseball cleats could be the last pair of baseball-ready shoes youngsters will wear.

Like the Guardian BLAZE, this baseball shoe focuses on traction. Although the company didn’t put fancy labeling on its spikes, a closer examination shows the cleats are perfect for ensuring stability on almost any playing surface.

Youth baseball players can train on synthetic turf, play ball in a dirt field, or compete on a grassy diamond in a school-sponsored tournament, and they will never miss a step or hurt their ankles. The spikes on these cleats dig deep into the surface.

The cushioned midsole REVlite is a springy and comfortable design element that absorbs the user’s weight and pushes it back up for a bouncy feel. Stealing bases with the explosiveness of Usain Bolt is possible with these baseball cleats.

Like many baseball cleats for wide-footed youth baseball players, these shoes feature a synthetic upper and a rubber outsole. These materials might be less durable than leather, but they can still outlast other baseball cleats. I could imagine kids playing several seasons before ditching this footwear.

The lacing system, while not extraordinary, ensures a more secure fit. Youth baseball players won’t see their baseball cleats flying in the air when kicking the sand.

However, I found some concerns about the molded plastic cleat detaching from the footwear after only several months. Thankfully, most consumers don’t have this unpleasant experience.

Despite this issue, I recommend these youth baseball cleats for comfort, stability, and performance. It’s a good investment for future game-changers.


  • Multiple sizes for 4 to 12 year-old kids
  • Excellent traction on grass, dirt, and turf surfaces with spikes
  • Springy REVlite padding for improved performance
  • Durable synthetic and rubber construction
  • Optimum comfort and secure fit with the lacing system


  • A few quality control issues

3. Guardian Baseball BLAZE Youth High Top Baseball Cleats

Sizes: 12 little kid (7.125 inches) to 7 big kid (9.75 inches)

Cleat type: Unisex

Cleat height: High

Material: Synthetic nubuck with polyurethane upper

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Guardian Baseball returns to this list of the best baseball cleats for youngsters with wider-than-average feet with a high top version of the BLAZE. This game-ready, high-performance youth baseball footwear has identical features, except with more ample ankle support.

This footwear’s high-cut design wraps the ankles with comfortable padding, allowing youngsters to experience less frequent to zero ankle sprains and strains. This attribute should help future game-changers perfect the art of baseball while ensuring unparalleled fun on the field.

As mentioned in my review of the BLAZE Low Top, I love the ground-digging V-configuration cleats. Kids can feel confident they won’t lose their footing wearing these shoes. Sprinting across bases or over the field is easy with the excellent traction afforded by this footwear.

The heels and toes have ample protection thanks to dual reinforcements in both sections. Striking any of these parts won’t bring pain to kiddie baseball players.

Comfort is also never an issue because this footwear is lightweight and has ample padding and air holes to make the feet less hot. Durability isn’t a concern, either. The shoes feel sturdy without sacrificing flexibility.

Like the BLAZE Low Top, these extra wide youth baseball cleats also suffer from sizing inaccuracies. For instance, these baseball cleats are either too large or too small for youth baseball players, despite accurate feet measurements by parents.

Regardless, these baseball cleats for youngsters with wide feet are superb. These baseball shoes are ready for today’s future game changers, ensuring maximum comfort, ankle support, and performance in every game.


  • Recommended for youth baseball players with sensitive ankles
  • Advanced cleat configuration for excellent traction
  • Air holes to release heat
  • Excellent heel and toe protection
  • Lightweight yet durable and flexible construction


  • Questions about size accuracy

4. Adidas Boys’ 10009090 Icon V Mid Leather Baseball Cleats

Sizes: Big kid (8-12 years)

Cleat type: Boys

Cleat height: Mid

Material: Nubuck upper with rubber sole

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Adidas is one of the most respected footwear brands worldwide. And its Icon V boys wide baseball cleats make a striking case for the best baseball cleats for wide-footed youngsters.

Unlike other baseball cleats with inaccurate sizing, this shoe has its sizes to the tee. Every pair should fit perfectly on the child’s feet, provided buyers take the most accurate measurements.

Properly-fitting footwear is the foundation of a high-performance baseball cleat. Advanced technologies and innovative systems don’t mean anything if the baseball shoe is too small or too big for the young player.

I like this shoe’s mid-cut design, allowing young baseball players to move fluidly on the field without putting too much stress on their ankles. It’s the perfect combination of ankle support and speed, enabling wearers to play a competitive game.

Surprisingly, I don’t see any technical or fancy detail in these baseball cleats. It’s a no-nonsense footwear delivering an admirable bounce, suitable for springing from a base and sprinting towards the next.

The spikes on the molded cleats dig deep into almost any surface, enabling players to establish and maintain a stable stance. They guarantee improved agility on the field, allowing youngsters to make split-second turns to evade a game-ending tag or ensure a homer.

The synthetic materials might not speak volumes about this footwear’s quality. However, these components make these baseball cleats lighter and more comfortable.

I don’t have anything against this footwear’s conservative styling. However, my kiddie baseball player prefers colorful and more stylish baseball cleats. I’m sure other parents would agree.

Style preferences aside, this baseball shoe is perfect for kids with wider-than-usual feet. It feels nice warmly hugging the feet, allowing future Hall of Famers to enjoy the game before they start getting Pro-level competitive.


  • Ensures dependable traction and stability
  • Synthetic materials make the shoes lighter and comfortable to wear.
  • Springy and responsive performance
  • Accurate sizing with a mid-cut shape
  • Balanced design for ample speed and ankle support


  • Limited styles and colors

5. New Balance TY4040K6 Unisex-Child Dynasoft 4040 V6 Turf-Trainer Baseball

Sizes: Little kid (4-8 years) to big kid (8-12 years)

Cleat type: Turf trainer, unisex

Cleat height: Low

Material: Rubber outsole with advanced synthetic mesh upper

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NB offers many youth baseball cleats wide width models, and the TY4040K6 Dynasoft 4040 V6 is just one of them. It might not look as “competitive” and vibrant as others, but these baseball cleats offer so much more than a comfortable footwear.

Unlike other baseball cleats, this shoe is more suitable for artificial playing surfaces. That’s great news because our local ballpark has synthetic turf. My child can practice all he wants at the place.

I’m impressed with this shoe’s spiked outsole. The protrusions aren’t as extensive as the J4040BK6, BLAZE, or Icon V, which is fine with me. However, the stubby spikes are perfect for improving traction on synthetic surfaces, allowing kids to sprint without losing balance.

I love the DynaSoft midsole, giving the baseball cleats a springy attribute. Transferring raw power from the legs to the feet should be a cinch with these shoes, enabling young baseball players to blitz bases or bang basemen to knock the ball off their hands.

Surprisingly, the company calls its unique tongue design “burrito.” It only opens on one end, allowing young baseball players to secure their feet. Flying shoes are history with the “burrito” tongue, further safeguarded by a dependable lacing system.

The mesh upper and ample cushioning contribute to improved foot comfort, allowing young baseball superstars to play and train for hours.

I’m surprised a few users complained about the shoe’s toe lip separating after only one use. It did not happen to me, though this is something to keep in mind.

NB never fails to surprise even its most ardent fans. And these baseball cleats can make acolytes out of youngsters.


  • Ideal for training and playing on artificial surfaces
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh upper for extra comfort
  • “Bouncy” midsole for added boost
  • Unique tongue design for better fit
  • Plush padding and spiked outsole


  • Issues with early toe-lip separation

6. Adidas ZD693 Unisex-Child Afterburner 8 Md Baseball Shoe

Sizes: Big kid (8-12 years), little kid (4-8 years), and toddler (1-4 years)

Cleat type: Molded rubber, unisex

Cleat height: Low

Material: Textile upper with rubber sole

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Like NB and Guardian, Adidas returns to this list with the ZD693 Afterburner 8 Md. It’s more stylish than the Icon V, making these baseball cleats suitable for young players who want footwear that stands out on the field.

While most brands only offer youth baseball cleats for children at least four years old, this design caters to really young ones. Families with one-year-olds can start preparing their babies for future MLB success with these baseball cleats. They don’t have to play the game, only wear these.

I’m uncertain who would allow an infant (who can barely walk steadily) to play baseball. Still, I commend the company for thinking outside the box, including the youngest potential MLB superstars in their sizing.

As a shoe for kids with wide feet, this footwear has dependable spikes on its molded cleats. Playing on dirt or grass shouldn’t be an issue, enabling youngsters to dash for the next base without losing balance or control.

The thick padding complements the breathable mesh upper, offering unparalleled ventilation to kids’ feet. These baseball cleats don’t have NB’s “burrito” tongue, but their extended lacing system is sufficient to ensure a snug and secure fit.

I appreciate the brand’s friendlier-than-most pricing scheme for these baseball cleats. And with a strong brand reputation, it’s easy to see the value of such a product.

Comfortable baseball cleats are essential to ensuring continuous baseball enjoyment by young players. Unfortunately, I found a few complaints about these baseball shoes’ being one size smaller than they should be.

Still, these youth baseball cleats for wide feet make excellent gear for future game-changers. Their stability, security, and performance are impressive for shoes that cost half the price of other kiddie baseball cleats.


  • Wide sizing range
  • Dependable traction and stability on almost any playing surface
  • Sufficient padding with mesh for support and ventilation
  • Extended lacing system for a better fit
  • Good value


  • Buyers should go up one size.

7. Mizuno 320673 Child Wave Lightrevo Jr. Baseball Shoe

Sizes: Big kid (8-12 years)

Cleat type: Molded rubber

Cleat height: Low

Material: High-quality TPU with EVA midsole

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The Mizuno Wave Lightrevo rounds up our list of the best youth baseball cleats for kids with wide feet. It’s a commendable footwear, perfect for aspiring sluggers and game-changers.

Many like these baseball cleats’ Mizuno Wave system, allowing young players to maximize performance without feeling the strain on their feet. They could run bases all day or blitz to the end of the field to catch a fly ball. Young baseball players won’t complain of aching feet.

Although I’m uncertain of the Wave technology, I appreciate its benefits. Comfort is necessary for any footwear. And if this system reduces pressure on the feet, I’m all for it. I’d be a happy parent watching and cheering my kids on the sidelines.

Notably, the thermoplastic polyurethane outsole is mated to rubber-molded spikes. The material is sturdy and dense enough to create glue-like traction on any playing surface. Unlike DynaSoft, which is only suitable for artificial turf, kids can bring these shoes on dirt and grassy fields.

Surprisingly, these youth baseball cleats are lighter than other brands. This characteristic improves comfort and enhances on-field performance. Baseball is strenuous enough for young kids. I wouldn’t want to weigh them down with heavy footwear.

The shoe’s fit and form are spot-on for kids with wide feet. They’re comfortable, and the lacing system won’t let these baseball cleats fly off the user’s feet.

I couldn’t fault these youth wide baseball cleats, except for their limited style options. I wish the company offered more styles to complement the footwear’s impeccable on-field performance.

I wouldn’t blame parents for giving these baseball cleats to their young kids. The footwear guarantees optimal playing performance without undermining comfort, stability, and durability.


  • Durable thermoplastic PU and rubber materials
  • Sturdy and versatile cleats for all field types
  • Innovative pressure-reducing system for improved performance
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Lightweight design


  • Limited style selection

What to Look for When Buying Youth Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet

Buying youth baseball cleats for children with wide fat feet is easy if buyers know the attributes or features to consider. Although our product reviews highlighted most of these factors, we deemed it necessary to expound on them.


Buyers can look at standard sizing charts to determine their kids’ shoe sizes. Alternatively, you can look at the shoe manufacturer’s sizing guide to determine the ideal footwear for your young player.

For instance, NB has three shoe widths for kids – standard, wide, and x-wide (extra-wide). The company also recommends trying on the footwear in the early evening or late afternoon to account for normal feet swelling.

Shoe size matters because you don’t want the footwear to be too small for your child. It can cause cramping, blisters, and callus formation. Too big, and the baseball cleats might fall off during games.

A vital element of shoe size for kids with wide feet is extra depth. The footwear must accommodate the foot without rubbing the toes and topmost part of the foot against the shoe’s inner surface.

Here’s how to measure your child’s feet to determine the correct baseball cleat size.

  • Let your child stand on a piece of paper and mark the end of his heel. Do the same for the “longest” toe.
  • Add ¼-inch as an allowance between the toe and the cleat’s tip. Please don’t put an allowance on the heel-cleat part.
  • If you’re unsure about the measurement, you can take the baseball cleat size that’s slightly smaller than the measurement. After all, baseball cleats tend to loosen with repeated use.

We recommend letting your child wear his favorite baseball socks when measuring his shoe size.

Cleat Type

Two popular kids wide baseball cleats are metal and plastic.

Metal cleats are sturdy, grippy, and durable, allowing them to dig in grassy terrain and playing fields with compacted dirt. These baseball cleats are perfect for batters, allowing them to ensure stability at the plate.

Although a favorite of professional baseball players, metal cleats are not advisable for kids. Accidents can happen because these cleats grab the playing surface like glue. Sudden movements can cause the young player to fall.

Meanwhile, plastic baseball cleats are also strong and stable. They also have the added benefit of better wear resistance than metal cleats. Molded plastic cleats are suitable for almost any playing field, especially in muddy terrain.

Sadly, plastic cleats are not as grippy as metal cleats.

Turf and trainer cleats are another classification. As the name suggests, these baseball shoes are suitable for artificial playing surfaces (turfs). Their spikes are less pronounced than molded plastic and metal cleats to avoid damaging the playing surface.

Cleat Height

This parameter depends on the child’s preferences. For example, a high-cut baseball shoe is ideal for maximum ankle support. It prevents ankle sprains, strains, and other insults or injuries to this body part.

On the other hand, low-cut baseball cleats optimize the ankle’s range-of-motion. These baseball shoes allow for speed and utmost mobility on the field.

Meanwhile, mid-cuts strike a balance between ankle support and on-field agility.


Most kiddie baseball cleats feature synthetic materials because they are lightweight, reducing strain on young feet and improving overall comfort. Polyester, polyurethane, nylon, and other synthetic products are also cheaper. Unfortunately, they are less durable than leather.

Professional baseball players prefer leather cleats because they adjust to the wearer’s feet with continuous use. Leather is expensive and heavy, making it unsuitable for young players.

Stud Length

The spikes or studs on youth baseball cleats vary in length, and buyers must know their child’s playing field to determine the correct stud length.

For example, young baseball players playing in fields with uneven and soft terrain must use baseball cleats with long studs. Meanwhile, artificial turfs, concrete, and other playing fields with hard surfaces require shorter studs.

Kids playing baseball in different locations might want to use baseball cleats with interchangeable studs.

Overall Quality

Baseball cleats for kids with wide feet must be of the highest possible quality without being too expensive. Hence, buyers must be diligent enough to examine the cleat’s craftsmanship, materials, style, and finishing.

Check for shoe components that peel easily (i.e., toe lip) or show color fade within a few months. Are the paddings thick and dense? Or are they the typical foam? How about the glue and other fastening systems? Do they work?

Unfortunately, most buyers shop online, robbing them of the opportunity to scrutinize the products before buying. We recommend reading customer experiences and comprehensive product reviews (like this one) to gain insights into a prospective youth baseball cleat’s overall quality.


The youth baseball cleats we reviewed cost between $20 and $130, depending on the brand and size. Their synthetic materials contribute to these shoes’ affordability. You can always pick a leather baseball cleat for your kid with wide feet if you don’t mind paying more.



Are there any specific brands that make cleats for wide feet?

Besides the brands we featured in this review and buying guide, Nike makes baseball cleats for wide feet. For example, the company’s Phantom GT offers an extra-wide accommodation for oversized feet.

You can also check out Under Armour shoes for wide feet.

Can I wear regular cleats if I have wide feet?

No, you cannot wear regular baseball cleats if you have wide feet. It’s worth pointing out that wide-footed cleats have a deeper and broader cross-section to accommodate larger-than-usual feet. Although you can wear regular cleats, they might be too narrow for your foot’s widest section.

How do I measure my child’s foot to ensure a proper fit?

Let your child step on a piece of paper and mark his heel’s outermost edge. Do the same for the kid’s longest toe. Use a ruler or tape measure to determine the distance between the two lines (heel line and toe line).

Alternatively, you can place the ruler or tape measure on the floor and let your child stand beside it. Read the measurement.

Repeat this procedure for the other foot. Compare the two measurements and take the one with a longer reading (if you get different results).

Should I buy cleats with metal or rubber spikes?

If you’re buying for an adult baseball player, metal cleats are better because they have excellent traction. On the other hand, plastic cleats are perfect for children because they are lighter. They also have less grip than metal cleats, ensuring kids won’t suffer an accident when moving.

How do you widen baseball cleats?

You have several options to widen baseball cleats, although wearing them as often as possible often does the trick. You can squeeze, turn, twist, stretch, and bend the baseball cleats, mimicking natural shoe movements on the field. Alternatively, an appropriate conditioner can help.

Some baseball players soak their cleats in hot water for ten minutes. They then wear the shoes with socks and walk or play with them.


The best youth baseball cleats for wide feet are comfortable, allowing youngsters to enjoy their favorite sport and inch closer to their dream of making it big in the world of baseball.

The best baseball cleats can accommodate the widest feet without causing unnecessary harm or impairing performance on the field. Plastic cleats are the best for young players because they are comfortable and lightweight.

And if you’re still clueless about where to start, the tips we shared in the buying guide can complement the comprehensive product reviews. It should make the selection process more straightforward.

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