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what is a can of corn in baseball

Step onto the baseball field and encounter a fascinating world of unique terms and slang. A mysterious question lingers among them, what is a can of corn in baseball? This interesting phrase refers to a specific type of fly ball that outfielders easily catch due to its predictable path.

Let’s explore this captivating term’s origins, usage, and significance, unraveling the secrets of baseball’s colorful language and traditions.

All About the Phrase “Can of Corn”


Historical context and origin


In the late 19th century, baseball captured the hearts of Americans, reflecting the spirit of everyday life. During that era, grocery stores were commonplace, and a unique phrase emerged: “A can of corn” meaning “. Originally, it described the ease of getting canned goods, like corn, from high shelves.

As baseball gained popularity, the phrase seamlessly made its way onto the field, referring to a specific type of fly ball. Can of corn origin traces back to these humble beginnings, showcasing how language weaves into sports and culture.

This term refers to an easy catch, meaning it means such a catch is an easy out for the defending team.

Usage and examples


A “can of corn” in baseball embodies a fly ball with a straightforward trajectory that outfielders find simple to catch.

Picture a high, lazy pop-up floating gently toward the outfield, giving fielders ample time to position themselves for the catch. This type of fly ball has become synonymous with the term “can of corn,” often used during games by players, coaches, and commentators to describe routine catches with little challenge.

During the 1996 World Series, an iconic “can of corn” catch occurred. The Atlanta Braves had the tying run at third base in Game 6, with the New York Yankees leading by one run in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The batter hit a fly ball to the outfield, which Yankees outfielder Paul O’Neill easily caught, completing a “can of corn” catch that secured the Yankees’ victory and 23rd World Series title.

Why is a fly ball called a can of corn?


The association of a fly ball with a can of corn has sparked curiosity and theories over the years.

One explanation links back to the simplicity of catching a fly ball and a can of corn from the grocery store shelves. Just as the store clerk effortlessly grabbed a can of corn, outfielders snagged a fly ball labeled a “can of corn.”

Linguistic peculiarities and folklore have also played a part in adopting this unique term. Baseball, known for its rich linguistic tapestry, thrives on colorful expressions that captivate fans and create a sense of camaraderie among players.

The Evolution of “Can of Corn” and Other Baseball Slang

As baseball’s popularity grew, so did its language. The evolution of baseball terminology throughout the years has witnessed the birth and spread of numerous slang, each holding a distinct significance. From baseball terms to baseball slang, these have become essential to the sport’s identity.

Comparing “can of corn” to other popular baseball slang reveals the diverse nature of the game’s language. Each term carries unique connotations, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of baseball while honouring its traditions.

The Impact of Baseball Slangs on the Sport’s Culture


Baseball tournament slangs extend beyond the field, influencing the broader sports culture and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. These expressions foster camaraderie among players and unite diverse baseball communities worldwide.

Beyond the sport, baseball slang has seeped into popular culture, making its way into movies, music, and daily conversations. Their widespread usage highlights the sport’s enduring influence on society. It showcases the timeless charm of “can of corn” and other baseball slang.

  • The Language of Baseball: Building Camaraderie and Unity

The language of baseball transcends mere terminology; it creates a shared sense of belonging and unity among fans and players. As fans cheer for their favorite team, the camaraderie fostered by these slang cements the sport’s place as a cherished American tradition.

Nostalgia and emotional connections accompany this slang, resonating with fans who recall memorable plays and players from bygone eras. The tradition of “can of corn” and other baseball slang keep the sport’s spirit alive in the hearts of fans, regardless of their age or background.

  • Preserving Baseball’s Linguistic Heritage

Preserving the linguistic heritage of baseball becomes a duty for enthusiasts and sports lovers. Efforts to promote and maintain baseball slang in modern times ensure that the sport’s unique language continues to thrive.

As fans immerse themselves in baseball slang, they better understand the importance of language in sports and its role in fostering a strong sense of community. By embracing baseball’s linguistic legacy, fans and players help preserve a treasured tradition that will live on for future generations.


The journey into the heart of baseball’s “What is a Can of Corn in baseball” has revealed more than just a fly ball’s easy catch. It’s a testament to the sport’s ability to weave everyday experiences into its language, uniting fans and players under a shared love for the game.

As we embrace and celebrate the unique terms and slangs that enrich baseball’s tapestry, we ensure that the sport’s linguistic heritage thrives, bringing joy to countless generations of fans. So, the next time you witness a “can of corn” catch, remember the fascinating tale behind this timeless phrase in America’s favorite pastime.

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