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What is a Dinger in Baseball

If you’re a baseball fan, there’s a 100% chance that you’ve heard the term ‘dinger.’ Often, you’ll hear comments like, “I can’t believe the pitcher threw a fastball right down the middle – that was an easy dinger for the batter.”

But what is a dinger in baseball? Well, a dinger in baseball means a home run. If you want to know what’s behind this baseball slang and how you can use it the next time you’re watching a game, keep reading!

Dinger Definition in Baseball: What Does Dinger Mean?


As mentioned above, “dinger” is another way to refer to home runs in baseball. This occurs  when a batter hits the ball over the outfield fence and lands in fair territory. Alternatively, a home run can be scored if the ball is hit inside the fence but then bounces out of play.

In either case, the batter must circle the base and score a home run without being stopped by the opponent’s defense. When the batter successfully crosses home plate, they are awarded a point.

There are different kinds of home runs. We have solo, two-run, three-run, grand slams, inside-the-park, back-to-back home runs. No matter what type of home run happens during a game, fans and commentators can refer to it as a dinger.

As such, we can say that the definition of dinger can be used as long as the batter executes an impressive home run.

Origin of the Term “dinger” in Baseball


The history of using the term dinger in sports, especially in baseball, is unknown, except for the fact that it was likely coined in the 20th century.

Like other baseball slang, it’s possible that the term “dinger” originated from within baseball players and gradually became more widely used among fans and commentators.

It’s also likely that the term may have originated from the word “humdinger”—an adjective describing something remarkable and extraordinary.

Another popular theory for the term’s origin is that it comes from the sound the ball makes when hit hard with a wooden bat, which sounds like a loud “ding”.

So, how to pronounce the word “dinger?” The word sounds similar to “singer.” It’s pronounced like “ding-er,” with the first syllable emphasized and pronounced like the sound of a bell ringing (“ding”), followed by the second syllable, which sounds like the word “er.”

The Importance of the Term “dinger”


In general, “dinger” is a term that is easy for fans and players to understand. As the word is an informal term, it comes across as a more playful way to discuss home runs without getting bogged down by complicated jargon. If anything, it helps to add a sense of fun and excitement to the sports.

What’s more, “dinger” has become so popular that it’s now an integral part of the game’s culture and lexicon. As such, one should understand this word to connect with other sports fans and participate in the excitement when a batter scores a home run.

Although it originated from baseball, other sports have now adopted ” dinger “. Some notable examples are softball and hockey. In the former case, dinger retains its original meaning, whereas in the latter case, it refers to chewing tobacco that hockey players consume in the locker room.

How Do You Hit a Dinger in Baseball?


If you’re a newbie batter, here are a few tips you can do to improve your performance and score more dingers:

  • Control Your Power

At the most basic level, a strong hitting power is required to hit home runs. In most cases, the batter must be strong and skillful enough to send the ball out of the field.

However, not all pitches can be hit with full force, and sometimes players need to hit the ball to certain areas of the field.

The goal is to be able to hit every pitch close to the strike zone and wait for the right opportunity to hit for real power. It’s important to have a good approach and not just swing for the fences every time, as that can lead to missed opportunities for base hits.

  • Use The Lower Half of Your Body

Your core and your legs are equally essential when it comes to generating power in your swing.

Having strong hips and legs means you can support yourself when making a swing without losing your balance. Additionally, stable legs can help you easily transition from the batting position to the running position, which is essential for scoring dingers.

  • Choose Your Bat

It’s also critical to be picky with your bat. While a light bat seems to be a great choice, it can’t provide the same force as a bigger, heavier bat. Additionally, make sure that you get a good grip on your bat and aim to swing into the zone and not down the ball.

  • Eyes on The Ball

Like they always say, you have to keep your eyes on the ball. Aim to hit the ball with the “sweet spot” of the bat, which is the area near its center. This will help you hit the ball harder and farther.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any other sport, consistent training can help you improve your skills. Practicing your swing and seeking help from a qualified coach is a good idea to master your swinging method and can potentially make you score more dingers!

Notable Players Known for Hitting Dingers in Baseball


When talking about MLB dingers, there are a few legendary players that made home runs their signature move. Here are the top 10 home runners in MLB history.


Player Name

Years Active

Home Runs


Barry Bonds

1986 – 2007



Hank Aaron

1954 – 1976



Babe Ruth

1915 – 1935



Albert Pujols

2001 – 2022



Alex Rodriguez

1995 – 2016



Willie Mays

1951 – 1973



Ken Griffey, Jr.

1989 – 2009



Jim Thome

1991 – 2012



Sammy Sosa

1989 – 2007



Frank Robinson

1956 – 1976


Now, if you’re interested in the best team dinger baseball, the Minnesota Twins took the title, scoring up to 307 dingles in the 2019 season. Up until now, the team is still holding the top position for the team with the most home runs in one season.

Other Slang in Baseball Besides “Dinger”

Below are some popular baseball slang that you should remember. Otherwise, you may have to use a dictionary the next time you talk to a baseball fan:

  • Batter’s eye: The clear area beyond the center-field wall that helps the batter easily see the pitch.
  • Cookie: A pitch that is not difficult to hit.
  • Curtain call: The moment when a player returns from the dugout to acknowledge the crowd’s appreciation after a remarkable performance.
  • Five-tool player: A player who possesses multiple skills such as throwing, running, fielding, hitting for average, and hitting for power.
  • High cheese: A term for a high fastball, usually pitched inside.

Importance of Understanding These Terminologies and Slang


Why does it matter that we understand the meaning of baseball jargon and slang? For starters, these help us communicate more effectively with other fans, players, and coaches.

In addition, it allows us to experience the rich culture of baseball by being able to relate to other fanatics. Ultimately, having a grasp of what baseball slangs mean will help us understand the mechanics of the sport better, understand the nuances of the game, and appreciate the skill required to play it at a high level.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Dinger the Rockies’ mascot?

The Dinger Rockies mascot, a purple Triceratops, was chosen by the Colorado Rockies because Triceratops fossils have been found in the state, and they are a well-known symbol of the region’s natural history. Therefore, the Dinger mascot was made official on April 16, 1994.


From now on, you don’t have to wonder what is a dinger in baseball. Since you now know dinger baseball meaning simply refers to home runs, you can impress your friends with your newfound knowledge. Also, don’t forget the other baseball slang we mentioned!

And who knows, maybe you’ll even hit a few dingers of your own on the field through our tips. Just remember, hitting a home run takes more than just knowing the terminology. It requires skill, practice, and a bit of luck.

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