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how to get out of a hitting slump

Are hitting slumps normal? That must be the first question hovering in your mind when you struggle with no hit in several games in a row.

The answer is yes, it is. It happens to everyone, even professional players whose records can put you in awe. So, let’s take a deep breath and not panic too much.

Indeed, there are things we can do about it. Read below to know how to get out of a hitting slump. You can choose the right method and improve yourself to address this minor setback.

How to Get Out of a Slump in Baseball


Step 1: Practice your hitting mechanics

Indeed, when our mechanics or techniques are lacking, once we get into a no-hit streak, it is extra challenging to overcome it.

There are various ways for you to revive basic skills and improve your current conditions:

  • Consult your coachn

Coaches are there to help, maybe in different ways, but you can get the best advice regarding hitting mechanics from a professional.

Try to prepare the right questions about your situation and get at least 2-3 points for improvements from your coach. Then, work on them diligently.

  • Use a swing analyzer

Another method to improve your hitting if you are on the way to becoming a professional player is using a baseball swing analyzer.

If you have never heard of this device, know that it provides data about your swings as you attach the piece onto your bat while practicing. You can check the metrics on both android and iOS operating systems.

We never recommend you substitute this app for traditional analysis from your instructors or coaches. Still, the combination of both might help you improve faster. You can incorporate this software to gradually get out of a batting slump.

  • Practice in the batting cages

With the right analysis and helpful advice, you can practice hitting in the batting cage to build the new mechanics into your muscle memory. You might find newfound comfort and confidence holding your bat again after practice.

When you are not in the game, take your time to improve your stance and be patient while waiting for the pitch. Calm yourself down and make a perfect hit, one after another. Just like that, you can get the control back.

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  • Try visualization method

Visualization is a powerful tool used by many phenomenal athletes, including swimmers, UFC fighters, and more. It allows them to utilize the power of the mind to improve their performances.

Multiple studies have been carried out by scholars, proving the effectiveness of mental exercise and reliving the vivid experiences of actual practices.

Step 2: Keep your mentality in check

Sometimes, several failed hits put you in a mental state that is hard to get over, dragging your performance down. The mental hitting slump is severe when you feel super nervous and anxious before games instead of the usual excitement.

It’s no longer a game to you. But it’s no fun that way, nor healthy and productive.

The baseball hitting slumps psychology indicates that once you are stuck thinking about short-term statistics, you will be distracted by previous failed hits.

Getting out of a slump indeed requires a healthy mentality; here’s some advice you might want to consider:

  • Keep a long-term improvement mindset rather than focusing too much on short-term stats.
  • Calmly finding the right approach to technique and mechanics issues.
  • Communicate your worries with your coaches, instructors, and teammates to get a different perspective.
  • Keep on practicing with less pressure and more fun.

Please know that even the best players fall into a slump. The important thing is that they do not stay that way.

Step 3: Check your health and equipment

There might be something wrong with the bat that you overlooked. Prolonged use subjected to multiple hits might leave it in a worse state than before. You may need a new one because the current piece is affecting your performance.

Moreover, you might have a slight issue with your sight that prevents you from making extra accurate motions to a target. That’s why a quick eye check-up is essential. It’ll help you address any visual problems right away.

Let’s not rule out any problem regarding your health and other equipment used during your games.

How to Get a Kid Out of a Hitting Slump?


Kids have a much harder time getting out of a hitting slump because they are vulnerable in the face of pressure and failure. So, if you are a coach or a parent trying to help them, make sure you are soft and strict in the right way.

Here’re some things you might want to try:

  • Review their stance and batting technique.
  • Monitor their practices and help them in the process with batting tips baseball.
  • Tell them stories about successful players who also experienced hitting slumps.
  • Encourage them to train harder, both alone and in the team, and practice visualization.
  • Tell them to rest when they try too hard and get agitated.


Baseball, like any sport, is not just a challenge to our skills but also our mentality. We have to ensure our health, technique, mental state, and equipment are good before practicing and playing in the official games.

You can try all of the methods above on how to get out of a hitting slump to improve your performance. Just remember that it’s all temporary.

Short-term stats are not the final results of our enduring passion for baseball. So, let’s play for a long shot. Good luck and have fun always!

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