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how long do 44 gloves take to ship

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual enthusiast, getting your baseball gear promptly is crucial. So, how long do 44 gloves take to ship? Typically, they take about 2-5 days for US-based customers, about 4-6 weeks to land at your doorstep if you’re stateside, and up to 8 weeks for international destinations.

We’ll toss you all the necessary details on shipping timelines, processes, and what factors might speed up or slow down your glove’s journey to you! Keep your eye on the ball as we prepare to throw some enlightening facts your way!

44 Pro Gloves Delivery Timeframe Unveiled

Ordering 44 baseball gloves? What is the glove’s order status? You’re in the right place. For those residing in the U.S., here’s a breakdown of domestic shipping timelines:

1. Standard domestic delivery


If you opt for this, brace yourself for a wait. Your glove typically lands at your doorstep within 4-6 weeks from the order date. It may seem like a stretch, but remember – perfection takes time.

Also, you can always check the gloves order status on their site using your order number.

2. Express domestic delivery


Eager to get into the game sooner? This faster option reduces the shipping time, albeit at an additional cost. Yet, for the ardent baseball devotee, it might be worth it.

Understanding the nuances of the delivery process is paramount for users. Once an order reaches the “Preparing for Shipment” stage, it involves the transit time from the factory to the warehouse.

The subsequent steps involve inspection and processing for shipment at the warehouse. When these procedures are completed, a tracking number is issued directly from the carrier. Generally, the delivery within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, is accomplished in approximately 2-5 business days from this point.

International Deliveries: A Global Perspective

Internationally, the dynamics shift. Given the added logistics of crossing borders, shipping extends, and here’s what you might expect:

1. Standard international delivery


Generally spans 6-8 weeks from the moment you confirm your order. Why the extended shipping duration? Well, gloves traveling abroad undergo additional stages, like customs clearance and international logistical nuances.

2. Expedited international delivery


Craving a quicker catch? By shelling out a little more, you can expedite the delivery. It’s perfect for those moments when you simply cannot wait to flaunt your new gear.

International orders pose unique challenges and requirements.

The buyers are held accountable for all additional duties and import fees levied by the destination country. Post the carrier’s pickup of a custom order, international deliveries take approximately 5-7 business days to reach the customer. However, deliveries to international P.O. Boxes might extend to approximately 2-3 weeks.

Understanding the Factors Influencing Delivery Time


Multiple factors contribute to the variability in shipping time. Gaining insight into these aspects provides a clearer perspective for customers:

1. Complex customization

Intricate designs and detailed customization require more time, extending the production phase and, subsequently, the shipping duration.

2. High demand

A spike in the volume of orders can strain the manufacturing schedules, resulting in extended timelines.

3. Unpredicted obstacles

Variables like adverse weather conditions and carrier delays can unpredictably affect the delivery timelines.

4. Customs & international protocols

Additional time may be required for those ordering internationally due to the intricacies involved in customs clearances and importation protocols related to 44 pro gloves.

The Shipping Process for 44 Gloves


When it comes to the meticulous journey of 44 baseball gloves, every stage, from order processing to the actual delivery, is crucial in determining the final delivery time to the customer.

Order Processing

This is where the order details are verified and prepared. It’s the initial step that sets the pace for the subsequent stages.


In this stage, the gloves are created and customized according to the specifications provided by the customer. The level of customization can significantly impact the duration of this stage.


This is the final stage where the gloves are dispatched and delivered to the designated location. Whether it’s domestic shipping or international, this stage is pivotal in completing the journey of the gloves.

Where is 44 Pro Gloves Located?


44 Pro Gloves is located in San Marcos, California. The facility is strategically situated to optimize the shipping and handling processes, ensuring timely dispatch and delivery of gloves to customers.

Although not accessible to the public, this location is the hub where all the stages of order processing and dispatching unfold.

Founded in 2011 by a San Diego-based company, 44 Pro Gloves has rapidly gained popularity for offering high-quality materials and competitive pricing. The San Marcos location is pivotal in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of its services, contributing significantly to the brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction.


So how long do 44 gloves take to ship? We’ve unraveled the timeline for you. Within the U.S., it’s about 4-6 weeks, but patience is key for our international friends, thanks to logistics and customs. The heart of this operation beats in San Marcos, California, ensuring each glove’s journey to us is smooth and efficient.

Whether you’re catching a casual game or gearing up for the big leagues, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to set your glove expectations just right. Play ball and enjoy every catch!

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