How Many Gold Gloves Does Buster Posey Have?


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how many gold gloves does buster posey have

Buster Posey is a household name among baseball followers with his 12-year career with the San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball.

His strong performance at both catcher and first baseman positions has helped the club win many victories, including 3 World Series titles, and earned him many individual awards.

Seeing such a strong player, you might wonder, how many gold gloves does Buster Posey have? Up until his baseball career retirement, Buster Posey was awarded one Gold Glove in 2016.

Read on for more interesting facts about this remarkable baseball player.

Who is Buster Posey?

1. Early Life


The star player of the San Francisco Giants was born in 1987 in Leesburg, Georgia, United States. He played baseball in high school and already has had great pitching and hitting skills since then.

Notably, he set a school record of .544 for his batting average, 46 for Runs-Battled-In, and 14 home runs, proving his potential towards a professional route.

2. College Baseball


After enrolling at Florida State University, he played for the Florida State Seminoles baseball team, and during the offseason, he joined the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox. In both teams, he joined as a shortstop and then went on to play as a catcher in his second year.

Buster Posey also achieved good results, as shown by his ACC Baseball Player of the Year, Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year award, and Johnny Bench Award in 2008.

3. Debut and Success in MLB


His professional baseball career with the MLB started in 2009, nearly a year after he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants.

He has spent nearly twelve years of his professional career with the team, becoming its historic member who played for 1000 games. He was with the team through 3 World Series Titles.

Buster Posey’s retirement happened after the 2021 MLB season ended. He has now become the Giant franchise’s ownership group.

Buster Posey Gold Gloves and Other Achievements


The outstanding catcher of the San Francisco Giants earned one Gold Gloves in 2016 with his season statistics as follows:

  • 14 Home Runs
  • 80 Run Battled In
  • 288 batting average

Indeed, it’s not his only great achievement as he won multiple awards since high school, college, during his rookie day and a decade-long MLB career. Check out the long list of Buster Posey awards here to admire this league leader’s talent:

Year Achievements
2008 Golden Spikes Award

Dick Howser Trophy

2010 National League Rookied of the Year

World Series Champion

2012 Silver Slugger Award

National League batting champion

National League Hank Aaron Award

National League MVP

National League Comeback Player of the Year


World Series Champion

2013 All-Star
2014 Silver Slugger Award

World Series Champion

2015 All-Star

Silver Slugger Award

2016 All-Star

Gold Glove Award

2017 All-Star

Silver Slugger Award

2018 All-Star
2021 National League Comeback Player of the Year


Silver Slugger Award

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Buster Posey’s salary?

Buster Posey net worth is estimated at $150 million, definitely among the world’s highest-paid athletics.

Check out Buster Posey career earnings throughout his highest-paying years playing in MLB.

Year  Salary ($ Million)
2014 10.5
2015 16.5
2016 20
2017 21,4
2018 21,4
2019 21,4
2020 21,4

Who has the most Gold Gloves at catcher?

The record of the player winning the most catchers gloves belongs to Ivan Rodriguez. As a matter of fact, he was considered the best baseball catcher in the history of MLB, with 13 gold gloves.

Who are San Francisco Giants gold glove winners?

The Giants has a total of 16 gold glove winners, with Buster Posey included in the list. They have 39 gold gloves, and Willie Mays, the team’s center fielder, has won the most with 12 gloves.


We have now given you the full details to the question, “How many gold gloves does Buster Posey have?”

It’s true that despite his incredible performance at defensive play for many seasons, the catcher only won 1 gold glove in 2016. However, it’s undeniable that Buster Posey has been an outstanding professional baseball player and a history long-tenured player for the San Francisco Giants.

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