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how much do triple a players make

In Minor League Baseball, Class AAA, also referred to as Triple-A, is the highest level, including two leagues: the Pacific Coast League and the International League.

Therefore, it might not be surprising that they earn relatively more than rookie, low-class A and high-class A players, not to mention benefits and bonuses.

How much do triple A players make, then? An estimated figure for their standard salary as of 2023 would be around $17,500 to nearly $36,000. Read on to know more.

What is the Triple A Player Salary?


Many might not know that there is a significant increase in pay that Triple-A players see in the 2023 season. The new agreement between the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) and MLB nearly doubles their wages.

That’s why the average Triple-A salary is recorded to be nearly $36,000 instead of around $17,500 in the last season.

Per week Per month Per year Bonus per year
Average/base salary $700 $3000 $35,800 and higher $500 – $55,000
Minimum $500 $2150 – $2800 $17,500

The minimum salary that a triple-A player makes per week is around $700. This is, of course, an estimate, as the pay scale is not made public. However, it’s known that they are the highest earners among Minor League baseball players.

While the average earning AAA players make a year range from $17,500 – $35,800 as of 2023, lower classes such as Single-A and High-A (A+) or Double-A (AA) make less than $27,000 annually. These classes’ wages often start from $11,000 – $13,000 as the minimum, and the salary for rookies is around $5000 per year.

Also, all Minor League players, including those at the AAA level, are entitled to a weekly stipend of $250 for off-season home self-training and $625 for designated paid retroactive spring training.

Additional Bonuses and Benefits

Besides the earrings they make a month, there are extra benefits for AAA players and high bonuses during game season.

1. Benefits


As previously stated, following the deal reached between the MLBPA and MLB, all players, including those in AAA, will receive an off-season salary.

Housing is among the guaranteed benefits for AA and AAA level players, as every player is assigned their individual room.

They will also receive good health insurance and training facilities, and their travel expenditures and meals will be covered by the club.

Furthermore, famous AAA players who have the potential to enter the Major Leagues can have endorsement deals, which will indeed raise their yearly income compared to other lower-class players.

2. Bonuses


The signing bonus for a star player, especially at the Triple-A level, can be as high as $747,500. This number rises as the player advances in ranking in the minor leagues. However, it still starts at a significant number over the typical $20,000 signing bonus for a rookie.

Factors That Affect Triple-A Salaries


  • When a Triple-A player is added to the team’s 40-man roster, the annual salary rises to $46,000.
  • Suppose they maintain their position in the 40-man roster in the second year of their Triple-A contr In that case, their yearly payment can double, bringing the contracted salary to almost $90,000.
  • Experienced and high-ranking players can earn much higher, as much as $100,000 annually, especially when they have a successful season.
  • Regarding the impact a player’s position has on their income, it is true that pitchers will be paid more because of the demand for their skills for the team’s win.

While being the highest paid players in Minor League, not everyone makes the same money. AAA baseball salary for each player varies depending on a variety of factors, especially experience and performance.


How much do triple A players make? Their salary could be greater than $36,000 now that they are paid off-season and have received a pay raise as a result of a contract between the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) and MLB.

Also, as the highest-level players in the Minor League, they are entitled to additional incentives and bonuses besides the good pay.

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