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what does po mean in baseball

To read statistics and monitor a baseball game, an avid fan should be aware of multiple abbreviations in its system. PO is among the major credits that demonstrate the high level of complexity of some scoring moves of the sport.

So, what does PO mean in baseball? The thing is, PO can stand for two things in baseball, which are Pitcher Only and Putout. We will focus on the latter meaning, which is more commonly used in baseball metrics.

What Does PO Stand for in Baseball?


1. PO as Pitcher Only

If you look it up in Urban dictionary, you will notice that PO mean pitcher only, which is also defined as baseball’s most difficult position to play.

The player assigned to a PO position in baseball, as the name implies, is in charge of pitching in the official game.

Therefore, there is no PO hitter in baseball, since the player will not bat or hit as he is not included in the batting order created by the team’s manager.

POs must master only one craft and concentrate entirely on this one skill, which necessitates specialized and rigorous practice. Besides the usual training with team members, PO players must also have separate practices for running, long toss, and bullpens.

2. PO as Putout

Putout in baseball is given to a player, usually, a defensive team fielder, who completes an out on the other team’s batter or baserunner. There are multiple ways that a player can be credited with a PO.

Here’re some of main scenarios that brings the fielder his PO:

  • Catch a strikeout (K)- Happens when the fielder, assigned as a catcher, catches three strikes during a batter’s at-bat. As stated in Rule 6.05, when the player catches the ball before it hits the ground, then the batter is out.
  • Catch an in-flighted batted ball (or a flyout) – The batter is out when the ball is batted and flies through the air without touching anything before being captured by the fielder.

It is required that, other than the fielder (who catches the ball) and his gear, the ball cannot touch anything in the field, even the pitcher’s rubber or a wall, etc.

  • Score a tagout – The fielder can out the base runner if he touches the baserunner with the ball or the fielder’s glove that holds the ball.
  • Score a forceout – When a fielder catches a thrown or batted ball in mid-air while reaching a base before a baserunner.
  • Score a doubling-off – This is similar to the forceout feat; however, it should be performed after a flyout.
  • A putout can also occur during an appeal pla It is when a player of the defense team tells the umpire about a baserunner’s rule breaching. In this situation, if the fielder tags the runner with the ball and the umpire agrees with the fielder’s appeal, a putout will occur.
  • Also, when interference happens, such as when the runner disrupts the intended path of play, the fielder nearest to the runner is credited with a PO.

What Does Po Mean in High School Baseball?


PO means the same thing in high school baseball as in major leagues. However, PO, which stands for pitcher only, is often used among high school baseball players because it is often the important period when they begin specializing in pitching as instructed by their coach.

While kid players are encouraged to train in different positions, players who enter high-school and college games are driven into a more specialized path.

Many coaches believe that intensive training to play one role based on each player’s talent will benefit the whole team’s tactics.

What Are the Mlb Leaders Putout Records?

Here’re some of the MLB baseball leaders with the highest putouts recorded throughout their careers:

  • Jake Beckley, also known as “Eagle Eye”, is a first baseman with the highest putouts – 23,743 of them.
  • Cap Anson, one of the greatest players of his time, also a first baseman – 22,572 putouts.
  • Ed Konetchy is an MLB and National League (NL) first baseman – 21,387 putouts.
  • Eddie Murray, or “Steady Eddie,” is a legendary designated hitter and first baseman – 21,265 putouts.
  • Charlie Grimm, a Chicago Cubs’ first baseman with a record of 20,722 putouts.

It’s thrilling to know that putouts can be credited to any defensive position as long as the player manages one of the feats listed above. Therefore, it’s understandable that the records for this metric include iconic players in all positions.

Here’re some famous names with high season records that you might recall:

  • Left fielder: Joe Vosmik with 432 putouts
  • Center fielder: Taylor Douthit with 547 putouts
  • Right fielder: Babe Ruth with 392 putouts
  • Shortstop: Donie Bush with 425 putouts
  • Pitcher: Dave Foultz with 57 putouts
  • Catcher: Johnny Edwards with 1135 putouts
  • First baseman: Jiggs Donohue with 1846 putouts
  • Second baseman: Bid Mcphee with 529 putouts
  • Third baseman: Denny Lyons with 255 putouts



Do strikeouts count as PO in baseball?

Yes, as noted above, a strikeout achieved by the fielder will out the batter of the opposing team, thus crediting him with a PO.

Putout vs pitcher only in baseball: what is the difference?

As previously said, there is a world of difference between these two terms. While PO meaning “pitching only” refers to a position in the field that concentrates on pitching and is excluded from other positions, PO meaning “putout” refers to an act of a fielder – outing the opposing team’s batter or baserunner.

So, the first refers to a baseball position, and the second to baseball statistics.

Is putout important in baseball?

The correctness of baseball accounting also relies on PO or putouts. In all professional games, with nine innings, the winning side will always score 27 putouts.

As a result, as a fielder or any defensive player, putouts contribute to the player’s overall performance, as indicated in the box score. This box score will provide all of the statistics that demonstrates how well a player performs in a game.

What does PO mean in baseball FanDuel?

Unlike in real-life games, the PO baseball slang in FanDuel means Probable Opener.


So, what does PO mean in baseball? You already got all the possible implications behind this abbreviation through our explanation. Indeed, it’s necessary to evaluate the situation wherein PO is used, so you can interpret it the right way.

Putouts, when counted as a baseball metric, are important to all positions. You can check out the impressive records throughout MLB history above. Have fun!

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