How to Swing a Baseball Bat? – 3 Detailed Steps for Beginners


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how to swing a baseball bat

Have you watched many baseball swing videos of professional players and wondered how to execute such a move effortlessly? Well, you need to practice the basics first, then make it better and faster over time.

Indeed, on the journey to becoming a batter, the first thing ever to learn is how to swing a baseball bat. You should not use too much force or employ the wrong technique to prevent your shoulder from getting hurt. So, follow the steps and tips below to practice with confidence.

Step-by-step to Swing a Baseball Bat for Beginners

Suppose you are just starting out to learn to swing a baseball bat correctly or you are looking for a guide to teach your little kid a proper batting swing, below are the right steps to take.

Just prepare the following first:

  • A baseball bat
  • Baseball shoes
  • A baseball
  • A helmet, knee pads, and batting gloves (optional)

Now here’s what a beginner in baseball should do, illustrated frame by frame for you to easily follow:

Step 1: Grip the bat


To properly swing a baseball bat, you need to know how to hold it first.

Grip your bat near the base with your fists’ fronts aligned well in a row, as seen in the image. Make sure your dominant hand is at the top, and right below is your non-dominant hand.

  • Hold the baseball bat using your fingers rather than your palm or whole hand.
  • Keep the grip loose at first, then tighten as you swing.
  • The bat base should be touched with the pinky finger of your non-dominant hand.

Step 2: Find the right stance


Find a proper stance for your initial swing now that you’re familiar with the feel of the bat in your hand.

If you have a plate in front of you, stand facing it.

Then, place your dominant foot behind your non-dominant foot, shoulder-width apart. Make sure your body is square, with the upper body erect, and your knees bend slightly so the center of gravity will be shifted to your feet.

  • Both your feet must stand firm on the ground
  • If you are left handed, your right side and leg should be facing the plate and the pitcher.

Step 3: Prepare for the swing


Lift the bat so that it’ll hover over your dominant hand’s shoulder. Aside from the shoulder, the bat also shouldn’t come into contact with your neck.

Your non-dominant hand’s elbow should be arched out. Furthermore, the ideal angle between the bat and the ground is 45 degrees.

When preparing for the swing, continue to keep your knees bent.

Step 4: Start the swing


Maintain your focus and keep your eyes on the flying ball coming towards you, and keep your head low so your vision is parallel to the ball.

Now, you need to step 2 to 3 inches forward with the front foot (non-dominant) for the power of the swing to be built. Make sure you do not step sideways, as it’ll ruin your posture alignment.

As you twist your body, like a spring uncoiling, the swing will begin from the ground up. In other words, you should quickly rotate your hip, followed by your shoulder, in a counterclockwise direction if you’re a righty, and vice versa.

You must maintain the action of hitting the ball, following through until your bat has passed your opposite shoulder.

And that’s proper batting technique.

How to Perfect Baseball Swing


First of all, let’s go through the anatomy of a baseball swing to give you a sum-up of all the techniques/steps happening when you execute it:

Step 1. Loading hands and striding forward

Step 2. Back hip explosions

Step 3. Hands/knob towards the ball

Step 4. Contact with the ball

Step 5. Extension of your elbows

Step 6. Follow through

To swing a baseball bat harder and faster, you need to know the right area to improve among those steps.

So, after you already master the basic techniques, here’re some baseball bat swing tricks you can try to increase the strength and speed of your batting:

  • Your barrel needs to go fast before it hits the ball, meaning the early bat speed created by you tipping it forward, turning it backward, and around needs to be faster.
  • Do not push your hands forward toward the ball from your back shoulder. To get better control and strength over the bat and your swing, keep your hands at your shoulders throughout the swing.
  • Your weight should be placed on the back leg when you stride and fall forward to swing the ball. It will assist you in grounding your body and putting your strength into the swing.
  • In the back hip explosion step, you need to keep your upper body leaning back when the lower body twists for the swing.
  • Finally, when loading for the swing, bring the elbow back and twist the leg with the back knee turned forward to create tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to swing a baseball bat?


It is not difficult to hit a baseball using a baseball bat. You can begin swinging and hitting if you follow the easy steps outlined above. But, mastering the technique to strike the ball with the appropriate amount of strength will be difficult.

How long does it take to learn to swing a baseball bat?

A baseball bat swing only takes 150 milliseconds, and it looks quite easy, but it will take you some time to learn the proper way to swing a bat.

You must first learn how to handle the bat properly, then how to load and turn your body. You should also practice with the bat before attempting to hit the ball with it.

Everyday practice is required to become a professional hitter. It might take people months of practice before they can play a game. And there is even professional advice to practice 500 swings daily to be a great hitter.

So, how long it takes depends on what you want to become and how dedicated you are.


If you want to learn how to swing a baseball bat, there are steps and lots of practice to take. However, if you follow the instructions properly, you can deliver the ball well soon. The important thing when starting out is that you enjoy the new experience.

And if you plan to teach your kids, it would help ensure they have fun in the process.

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