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what size baseball bat for 8 year old

What size baseball bat for 8 year old kids? Many parents and guardians ask this question when their little All-Star player reaches this age.

Especially if they’re into sports like baseball, you want to provide them with the right equipment that will help them enhance their skills as a batter and a catcher.

The recommended bat size for 8-year-old kids is between 26 – 29 inches in length and between 15 – 19 ounces in weight. To learn how to shop for the correct bat size, keep reading.

Bat Size Chart

Often we hear questions like “What size bat does my son need?”. We understand that it could be confusing to pick one certain bat when you have hundreds of options available.

There’s no need to use a bat size calculator to determine the correct size of bat for your young player. Refer to the batting chart above to determine the right equipment for your kid.

Bat size for kids Lenght in Inches/Size in Oz
Child Age
Child Weight (lbs) 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
<60 26″/14oz 27″/15oz 28″/16oz 29″/17oz 29″/18oz
61-70 27″/15oz 27″/15oz 28″/16oz 29″/17oz 30″/18 30″/19oz
71-80 28″/16oz 28″/16oz 29″/18oz 30″/19oz 30″/19oz 30″/19oz
81-90 28″/17oz 29″/17oz 29″/18oz 30″/19oz 30″/20oz 31″/21oz
91-100 28″/17oz 29″/18oz 30″/18 30″/20oz 31″/21oz 31″/21oz
101-110 29″/18oz 29″/18oz 30″/19oz 30″/20oz 31″/21oz 32″/22oz
111-120 29″/18oz 29″/18oz 30″/19oz 30″/20oz 31″/21oz 32″/22oz
121-130 29″/18oz 29″/19oz 30″/19oz 30″/20oz 31″/21oz 32″/23oz
131-140 29″/19oz 29″/19oz 30″/20oz 31″/21oz 32″/22oz 32″/23oz
141-150 30″/19oz 30″/20oz 31″/22oz 31″/22oz 32″/24oz
151-160 30″/20oz 31″/21oz 31″/22oz 32″/23oz 32″/24oz
161-170 30″/21oz 31″/23oz 32″/24oz 31″/26oz
171-180 31″/26oz 32″/27oz
Over 180 32″/27oz 32″/27oz

Learning how to pick a bat for a kid is rather easy using the chart above. Your 8-year old kid weighing under 70 pounds will benefit from praticing with a 27-inch bat.

As your kid grows to 9-year-old and 10 years old, a longer bat measuring 29 inches will be the best choice if they weigh around 80 – 90 pounds.

Bat Size for 8 Year Old Follow Websites


If you want more information on the right bat to purchase, you can visit reliable websites, including:

  • Bat Size Chart – They will show fitting examples for the bat and explain the swing weight, total weight principle, and other factors influencing your decisions.
  • Just Bats – This website will offer information about the bat construction material, weight, and length to choose the right product for your kids.
  • Marucci Sports – Another place for a correct pick of baseball bats of the correct size for kids is Marruci, as they feature the weight, barrel, size, type, and material categories of all the bats.

How to Determine the Size of a Baseball Bat for an 8-year-old

We know that not every 8-year-old is the same. Some may be taller, and some may weigh less than others. That said, there is no one-size-fits-all when it’s time to choose a bat for a kid.

Although we have mentioned the average baseball bat size for an 8-year-old, you can do a few more things to make sure you pick the perfect size.

1. Height and weight


In determining what size a baseball bat for an 8-year-old should be, you should consider their height and weight.

First, we’ll give you a baseball bat length guide. Generally, the maximum bat length you can pick is the height of your child plus a few more inches.

In terms of weight, some sites would require you to determine bat drop weight by age.

Bat drop is the difference between a certain bat’s weight and length. We already did the computation for you, so you can quickly determine the proper bat weight you should look into.

2. Batting kill


In terms of skill, you can pick a longer bat (30″/20 lbs or even (31″/21bs) for kids with excellent baseball skills. Meanwhile, it’s safer to go for shorter and especially lighter bats (15-17 lbs) for kids that are still at a lower level of batting.

The Benefits of Choosing the Correct Bat Size


Choosing the right sporting goods can make a difference in the field. For instance, picking the correct bat size for a youth player can benefit them, especially when they’re still honing their skills.

1. Improve speed and control

Choosing the right size of baseball bats for your child can improve their speed and control when hitting a ball. In terms of bat weight, a bat that’s not too heavy for your kid will allow them to generate more power when swinging.

In addition, it will help them have more control and speed when using the baseball bat.

2. Improve Swing Mechanics

In baseball, a bat that’s too long can affect the player’s swing mechanics, while one that’s too short can limit plate coverage.

When you choose the correct bat length by height for your kid, trust that it can improve their swing mechanics while making sure they maintain the perfect hitting zone. Plus, they will have more accuracy in batting.

3. Reduce risks of injury

Although, indeed, baseball is not a contact sport, running, catching, and hitting can still cause injuries. Choosing the right USA bat will reduce the risk of injury by ensuring your child does not use a bat that’s too long or heavy for them.

4. Boost Confidence

Picking the best baseball bats for them can help them feel more comfortable using them in the game. With more comfort comes more confidence, and soon enough, there’s nothing to stop them from being the MVP of the season!

5. More Cost Effective

Choosing the correct size of a baseball bat is a one-time investment. For one, you don’t have to worry about buying another one after a few months because your child won’t outgrow a perfect kids bat size immediately.

Tips to Know the Bat is Suitable for My Kid

How long should my bat be? If your child has asked you this question, here are some tips you can keep in mind to make sure you give them a proper answer:

1. Correct length and weight


We have already included two charts to help you determine the correct size and weight of the bat, so this should already be easy for you.

2. Pick the correct barrel size


The barrel is the thick part at the end of the bat that makes contact with the ball when swung. For youth players, the recommended barrel size is about 2 ¼”. A long enough barrel can help your youth player have a larger spot in hitting a ball.

3. Ball Grip


The handle or grip of the bat can affect a player’s performance. In picking a grip, remember these tips:

  • Rubber grips absorb more shock, while cushioned handles decrease shock.
  • For a stickier grip, choose a handle made from leather or synthetic leather.

4. Bat material


Manufacturers use different materials when making baseball bats. For metal bats, you can choose alloy, composite, or hybrid bats. One-piece and two-piece bats are also available in the market, so make sure to take advantage of those.

Baseball Rules and Regulations on Baseball Bats


Now that you know what size a baseball bat for an 8-year-old should be by learning how to measure bat size for kids, what bat rules and regulations should you know as guardians?

For the Little League, a baseball bat should be at most 33 inches in length. In terms of diameter, it should be no more than 2 ⅝ “.

If the bat is made from wood, it should be at least 15/16 inches in diameter. The length should be at most 16 inches from the small end for taped wooden bats with a sleeve.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which brands make good bats for 8-year-olds?

The brands that make good bats for 6-year-old, 8-year-olds, and youth baseball players, in general, are Rawlings, Easton, and Franklin Sports. DeMarini and US Games also make good bats for kids.

Should my kid use a heavier bat?

It depends. A heavy bat can help your kid gain more speed and power in hitting a ball. However, if you pick a 200 oz bat for a 7-year-old, it may be uncomfortable for them to use and cause injury. Be sure to refer to our chart to be safe!

What happens if the bat is too long?

A bat that’s too long is difficult to control. Remember to refer to our chart to make sure you pick the proper length of bat for your 8-year-old boy or girl to enjoy in the field.


From now on, you don’t have to worry about figuring out what size baseball bat an 8-year-old should use. Our very detailed bat size chart makes it easy to shop for a baseball bat that suits them.

We hope this article has also been informative for those with 9-13-year-old players. Remember that the best way to shop for a baseball bat is to ensure they’re comfortable and confident using it.

Plus, don’t forget that every practice or match is a chance to enjoy and learn!

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