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where are wilson baseball gloves made

Wilson A2000 USA gloves proudly took the number one spot in the most famous baseball gloves in 2022. The brand offers top-notch quality materials and constructions tailored to specific positions in the fields.

Now, if you’re wondering where are Wilson baseball gloves made, you’ll be surprised that it’s not only made in the USA but in Vietnam and Japan too!

Read along to find out where these champion gloves are made!

Where Are Wilson Baseball Gloves Made

The actual manufacturing of Wilson gloves often takes place in either Vietnam or Japan, depending on the model.

To be more specific, the Wilson A2000 gloves are made not just in the USA, and its manufacturing plant is found in Vietnam. The same goes with the A2k which is a newer baseball glove that has its factory in Japan.

Although Wilson takes pride in producing baseball gloves made in the USA, only product development and designs are being made here, specifically in Chicago.

In terms of distribution and selling, the A2000 gloves are shipped to multiple warehouses in the USA and are only sold by Wilson inside the country. Online stores and international deliveries bring A2000 worldwide!

Even if the standard models and Wilson customizable baseball gloves are not purely made in the USA from start to finish, the history of how it was first developed makes it safe to say that American baseball geniuses are behind each player’s dinger.

Wilson Baseball Gloves History


It was in 1921 when Wilson entered the sporting goods market. They were famous for supplying everything a baseball team needs to play professionally, especially men’s baseball gloves. But the real homerun happened when Wilson released the A2000.

The Wilson A2000 glove history started in 1957. What made these gloves historical was Wilson’s initiative to create the glove that professional players need – not what the masses think they do.

Imagine going to an architect who tells you everything about your dream home – its dimensions, where each room should be, the aesthetics of it, and all. Imagine that house being built as you’re talking to your architect.

That’s what Wilson did for the best professional players in the game. They traveled to 30 Major League Training Camps with their leather-working kits and started creating gloves for the players on the spot.

Since then, the first A2000 gloves were handed out to professional players to use, and the following seasons just became more cutthroat.

This was so historical that an annual holiday was created to celebrate it. Yep, the A2000 made way for Glove Day.

What Are Wilson Baseball Gloves Made of?

To give you an idea, the A2000 is made from Pro Stock Leather, a top-notch leather material for flexibility and strength. Japanese factories of the brand included the Pro Stock Select Leather where they sort and select the factory’s stock three times to make sure only the cream of the crop is used to create the A2k.

How to Make Wilson Baseball Gloves?


Have you ever wondered how baseball gloves are made? We don’t need to travel abroad just to see the magical process because Wilson gives us a sneak peek at their glove-making process.

There are ten steps a Wilson glove maker takes to create their world-famous A2000:

  • The first step in creating the best baseball gloves is choosing the best leather. Wilson is very particular about the leather they use in making gloves.
    For the A2000, they use their Pro Stock Leather. This step ensures that only the best leather from the batch is used for your A2000s. For the A2k, the brand uses Pro Stock Select Leather after sorting the leather three times to get only the very best.
  • Wilson then carefully cuts the leather using a cutting die and a hand-operated machine, making sure that the direction and position of each cut are perfect.
  • Wilson accurately punches the holes into the cut leather. Each hole is double-checked before being placed to create a smooth palm for the finished glove and a nice pattern for lacing.
  • A baseball glove without the ‘Wilson’ stamp in the palm may just be a typical one. Thus, stamping each glove in the center is a crucial step for the A2000.
  • The Wilson brand is only complete with the classic embroidery, which takes us to the 5th step of this process.
  • The pieces of leather start to come together in this step. This is when the stitching happens. We all know that Wilson gloves are known for their durability, and this process contributes a lot to it.
  • Once stitched, each glove is turned back, and the shaping begins. Hand-shaped irons and rods are used in this step to ensure consistency in all manufactured gloves.
  • Wilson then creates the lace from high-quality leather strips.
  • The lacing is the step that almost completes a Wilson glove. But the next step is what actually perfects each one.
  • Before you even put your brand-new Wilson gloves to work, the manufacturer pounds and shapes them to perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s answer some FAQs about Wilson gloves!

Prices of Wilson baseball gloves

The price of each Wilson glove varies from $19.95 to $399.95. Prince depends on the category of each glove, its model, and even the position (infield or outfield gloves).

Read more: Cost of baseball gloves.

How to choose a toddler baseball glove?

You don’t have to be an expert to purchase the perfect youth glove for your young Babe Ruth. Here are some tips for choosing a toddler baseball glove:

  • Choose the proper size of the glove – don’t purchase a glove that’s too big.
  • Go for a durable glove with every part made of quality materials.
  • Consider if your toddler is left or right-handed, and pick the appropriate glove.

Can Wilson create a special glove just for me?

If you want a unique glove only you can have, you can purchase a Wilson a2000 custom glove. You can choose from over 90 glove patterns!

Is Wilson baseball gloves worth the money?

Yes, Wilson gloves are worth every penny. You can visit our Wilson A2000 vs. A2k blog to learn more about it!

Where are Nokona gloves made?

Nokona gloves are proudly made in Nokona, Texas, USA. They’re one of the few remaining glove manufacturers that operate in the country.


Hopefully, we answered all your questions about where are Wilson Baseball Gloves Made. The manufacturing may be in Vietnam or Japan, but the craftsmanship to it still stays American. Remember that Wilson only distributes gloves inside the USA!

The history and inside look at how each Wilson glove is made tell us more about the brand’s integrity and desire to supply each baseball player with a truly durable glove that’s worth every penny.

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