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Let’s go, Mets!

Whether you’re a baseball superfan or a New Yorker at heart, you must at least once wonder who owns Citi Field. To no one’s surprise, the Citi Field Stadium, which is home to the New York Mets, is actually owned by the New York Mets themselves.

However, there are still a few things you need to know about the history of ownership of the New York City Field stadium so read along!



Before we tell you more about this world-class stadium’s ownership, let’s quickly dive into Citi Field’s History.

Shea Stadium’s architecture and purpose serve as a multi-purpose stadium that made way for the Citi Field Stadium to be built. It was not working for baseball fans.

It’s safe to say that New York City was not satisfied with watching Major League Baseball (MLB) in Shea Stadium and wanted a dedicated arena to celebrate their blue and orange hearts.

It was in December 2021 when former Mayor Rudy Giuliani promised the New York Mets and New York Yankees a stadium.

This initial plan cost $1.1 billion. However, when Michael Bloomberg took the position of Mayor, the plans were revised, and the Mets Stadium was given a more significant portion of the budget, which amounted to $600 million.

The Mets announced their plans for a new open-air ballpark on April 6, 2006, and the groundbreaking activity happened on November 13, 2006. The stadium was planned to be located adjacent to Shea Stadium.

But why did they name it Citi Field? Citigroup Inc. has the naming rights for the stadium, so it was named after them. These rights will take on until 2026, and who knows what would be the new name of the stadium till then.

Who Owns It?


With subsidiary ownership of the Queens Ballpark Company, the Mets Citi Field is currently owned and operated by The New York Mets.

You might ask, ‘Who owns the New York Mets? Does he have ownership of the stadium?’ It’s safe to say that even if there’s no data that directly states that Steve Cohen owns Citi field, he is a big part of the stadium’s construction and operations, as well as the areas nearby.

All this aside, it’s important to note that more than $164 billion of the funds used in building Citi Field came from public funding (capital funds and rent credits).

Dimension and Capacity

Since it was built as a replacement for the Shea Stadium, you might expect that the Citi Field’s capacity should be larger, but it’s not. As of 2022, Citi Field can accommodate 45,000 baseball fans.

Since it opened in 2009, some areas in its dimension have changed to cater to the lack of home runs. It changed from 384 to 385 feet in the left center and went from 378 to 375 in the right center.

The rest of its dimensions stayed the same: It now stands 335 in left field, 408 in center field, and 330 in right field.

Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s answer some FAQs about Citi Field!

How much does Citi pay for Citi Field?

The naming rights to the Met’s Stadium came at an enormous cost, which Citigroup Inc., or simply CitiGroup, is willing to pay under a 20-year deal.

Since the official announcement on November 13, 2006, CitiGroup has been paying $20 million every year.

Is Citi Field bigger than Shea Stadium?

Considering the capacity of Shea Stadium and the more recently built Citi Field, Shea Stadium is more enormous, holding 57,000 seats. That’s 12,000 seats more than Citi Field’s.

Yet, the difference in dimensions of both stadiums is not drastic. Before it was demolished, Shea Stadium’s dimensions were 338 feet in left field, 371 feet in left-centre, 410 in center field, 371 in right-center, and 338 in right field.

Is Citi Field Better than Shea Stadium?

Since Citi Field was built specifically for baseball, you can say that it’s better for MLB fans. As of 2022, the stadium offers the following features to its visitors:

  • Mets Team Store for shopping the newest New York Mets Merchandise
  • Mets Hall of Fame and Museum for die-hard Mets fans

Also worth mentioning is the wide variety of foods and drinks you can enjoy while watching a game at Citi Field.

Ultimately, the Shea Stadium was demolished in 2008 to serve as additional parking space for Citi Field visitors.

RIP Shea Stadium!

How old is Citi Field?

When did Citi Field open? It opened its doors to baseball fans on April 3, 2009. It’s still standing strong at 13 years old.

Where is Citi Field Located?

Anyone who wants to watch the Mets can visit Citi Field in Queens, New York, specifically at 41 Seaver Way, Queens, New York, United States.

Who Owns the Mets?

Since 1962, the New York-based baseball group has worked with different managers, coaches, and staff. As of 2022, the current Mets owner is Steve Cohen, with 95% ownership and 5% held by the ​​Wilpons and Katz families.

Steve Cohen bought the group for $2.4 billion in 2022.


Now that you know who owns Citi Field, we’re sure that your love for the New York Mets had deepened before you read this article. The stadium’s history and dedication to giving baseball fans a place to watch every big game and celebrate the wins is genuinely touching.

Citi Field is truly one of the landmarks every New Yorker should be proud of since it opened in 2009. It’s a million-dollar real estate that shows the world how serious New York is in sports.

With its vast capacity and dimension to give both players and audience the best game every time, there’s no reason not to get tickets for the next season, so get ready to wear your baseball caps!

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