Wilson A2K vs A2000: Which is the Best Baseball Gloves?


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wilson a2k vs a2000

If you’re in the market for classic Major League Baseball (MLB) gloves, the Wilson A2K and the A2000 are likely already on top of your list. Both of these models belong to the brand Wilson, which has captured the heart of baseball enthusiasts since 1957.

Suffice to say, the brand has revolutionized the baseball game by designing its gloves based on actual professional players themselves rather than what the masses think they need.

But which one is better: Wilson A2K vs A2000? Together, we’ll discover the differences between the two most popular products from the brand, so read along!

Comparing the Wilson A2k vs. A2000 – What Are They?


The Wilson A2k and A2000 are both products of Wilson – one of the top brands manufacturing sportswear, especially for baseball. Between the two, the A2000 was introduced sooner – way back in 1957.

Through working with MLB professional players, the A2000 became the standard for glove manufacturers around the world. It became even more famous when Vernon “Lefty” Gomez used Wilson A2000 between 1930 and 1943, quickly making it a classic for MLB and baseball enthusiasts.

The A2k entered the scene in 2007, marketed as A2000 – but better. In fact, it’s considered one of the most premium baseball gloves now available. It’s favored by famous players like Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia, and Tony Kemp.

Can this be true? How can there be a better glove than the A2000?! Instead of spending hours on Reddit, you can read everything you need to know here.



Right off the bat (see what we did there?), we’re telling you both baseball gloves are fantastic! Check out our comparison below if you want the nitty gritty comparison.

1. Leather and Make

The Wilson A2k is made from Pro Stock Select Leather. Each piece of leather used in making the A2k is triple-sorted for consistency and flawlessness. Not only is the selection process thorough, but the brand used only the top 5% of their hides.

The A2k is also equipped with Spin Control Technology. The dimpled texture in the A2k increases friction, helping you gain a better grip and precision when playing.

On the other hand, the A2000 is made from Pro Stock Leather. The sorting may not be as meticulous as the A2k with fewer batches, but considering Wilson, the leather used in A2000 is still premium-quality.

2. Break-in

Another factor to consider in comparing the A2000 vs A2k is how easy, or hard they are to break in. For that, we need to look at each glove’s welting – or how two leather pieces between the thumb and finger area of the gloves are sewn together. Gloves can either have rolled dual or split welting.

Some A2000 gloves may feature the softer rolled dual welting, but the standard A2000 is made with split welting. Breaking into these gloves may not be very easy since they’re stiffer.

The A2k features rolled dual welting, which makes breaking into the gloves a more effortless experience for new users. This comes as no surprise, considering it’s shaped 3x in the factory, unlike the A2000.

And if you’re very particular with the glove shape, you can opt to customize a Wilson A2k catcher’s mitt!

3. Technology and Other Features

With the A2k infield glove being the newer one, Wilson put more technological improvements into creating it. Earlier, we mentioned the Spin Control Technology and the Pro Stock Select Leather for the A2k. What else is there to know?

The A2k is equipped with a double-palm construction, making it more durable and stable than the A2000. However, the thickness of the A2k may take away the ‘feel’ of the ball in your hand.

4. Durability

We have to give the durability award to the A2k, considering all the improvements made compared to A2000. But this does not in any way mean that the A2000 is fragile. Both gloves are crafted to withstand years of use!

5. Cost

Both Wilson A2k and A2000 are worth for money. MLB players use them, so there’s no need to question that.

The A2k costs about $400, whereas the A2000 requires a budget of around $300. That’s a $100 price difference. In addition, it’s impossible to see a cheap a2k baseball glove that’s brand new, so you’ll have to settle with a used Wilson A2k if you want to save money.

Still, both gloves are less expensive compared to Rawlings Pro Preferred and the Heart of the Hide gloves, which can set you back between $100-200 more a piece.

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Wilson A2K: Pros and Cons



  • Utmost durability and can withstand extensive use since it’s made from the creme of the top leather from Wilson.
  • The Spin Control Technology in the A2K will give you a better grip and more accurate precision when catching and throwing the baseball.
  • It’s moisture-resistant and weighs lighter than traditional leather.
  • Inclusive and offers specialized A2k for left-handed


  • Has fewer designs available compared to A2000 though both models are customizable?
  • Cost around $100 more than the A2000. It’s hard to find a cheap Wilson a2k without having the risk of buying a fake one.

Wilson A2000: Pros and Cons


It’s crucial to know both the pros and cons if you’re looking to purchase the A2000 gloves. Check these out before you decide to add them to your cart.


  • The deep pockets, Finger Tip Lacing, and tapered heel allow players to catch and hold the ball easily.
  • The Snap Action feature helps in swiftly transferring the ball from the glove to the throwing hand.
  • Impressive durability made possible by Pro Stock Leather.
  • A classic look that has revolutionized baseball gloves since its introduction.


  • The A2000 is stiffer than the A2k, making the break-in hard for other players.
  • Considering its wide range of designs, there’s still no youth A2000 or A2k for young players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still buy Wilson A3000?

The Wilson A3000 has been discontinued, but you can still purchase them from a few collectors online; just be careful in choosing a store to avoid getting fake ones.

Is there a Wilson A1k glove?

There’s no Wilson A1k glove, but there is a Wilson A1000 glove that is far less expensive than the A2000 and A2k that you can check out! The Wilson A1000 is available for all positions and costs roughly $150 apiece.

Is it okay to buy cheap A2k gloves?

It will be risky to buy cheap a2k gloves online because there are plenty of frauds around. Therefore, you should do extensive research and check the reputation of the website/retailer you’re buying the baseball gloves from.


Now that you know the difference between Wilson A2K vs A2000, which one are you going to buy? Do you want the classic and durable A200o, or are you ready to spend a little more purchasing the A2k for the top-of-the-line craftsmanship?

Whichever you choose, you’re sure to get a great baseball glove in the end!

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